[Doctors advise] blood Diseases steatosis is dangerous?This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. - ecobeautyguide.com

[Doctors advise] blood Diseases steatosis is dangerous?This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Blood condition steatosis can lead to the more dangerous disease such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or even stroke. However, you can minimize the risk on if you know how to control the disease.

Disease, blood steatosis, there is no danger is depending on how you control the disease and health care. You can lessen the danger of disease if you know how to eat healthy, exercise regularly and take medication as directed by your doctor.

Blood steatosis what is?

To understand the dangers of the disease, blood steatosis, you find out what is this disease, there are signs and usually affects any object.

1. Blood condition steatosis

In the body there are many types of grease, but blood condition steatosis usually due to cholesterol and triglyceride levels high cause.

• Cholesterol: This is a type of protein, fat, due to the liver produces. There are two types of cholesterol is HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Cholesterol is essential for the health of cell membrane, the activity of the brain, the production of hormones and storage of vitamins but the level of bad cholesterol is too high can be dangerous.

• Triglycerides: this Substance is stored in fat cells and is the main energy source of the body. However, if you eat too much fat, the body will not burn the amount of excess fat, which can lead to triglyceride levels high.

If the amount of triglycerides in the body it can cholesterol levels are also at a high level.

Blood condition steatosis can cause fat accumulation gradually forms plaque on the arteries and blood vessels. The blood vessels will narrow, leading to blood flow is not stable. In addition, tim will also have to work harder to pump blood through the blood vessels is narrow.

2. Case prone to blood steatosis

Blood steatosis is a common disease can occur in people with a family history of disease and who have diets high in fat. In addition, those who have problems about the ability of regulators such as diabetics, obese people or elderly people also have the risk of disease is higher than normal.

The stimulant and addictive as alcohol or tobacco also increases the likelihood of getting symptoms blood steatosis.

3. Signs blood diseases steatosis

Disease, blood steatosis often do not have signs or symptoms. The disease often detect this disease when a blood test when the periodic health examination, or after suffering a heart attack or stroke.

For case, triglycerides high, the pancreas will swell causing symptoms of sudden abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and fever.

Fat high blood be dangerous?

High blood fat, increases the risk of other diseases depending on the blood vessels are narrow or blocked. A number of diseases may be mentioned are:

1. Coronary heart disease: If the cholesterol level is too high, the amount of cholesterol this excess will accumulate on the walls of arteries and cause coronary heart disease. This condition causes the arteries become narrow and reduce blood flow to the heart. You may be angina due to insufficient blood flow to the heart or a myocardial infarction when blood vessels are completely blocked and the heart muscle begins to die.

2. Stroke: You can stroke when a blood vessel carrying oxygen and nutrients to the brain is congested or broken. Therefore, the brain does not get blood and oxygen required should start to die.

3. Peripheral arterial disease: high Cholesterol, also affects the peripheral arterial blood vessels located outside the heart and brain. Fat usually accumulates in the arteries in the legs and feet, affecting blood circulation. In addition, the disease also can affect the arteries in the kidneys.

4. Type 2 diabetes: Even when you control the amount of sugar in the blood, patients with diabetes also tend to suffer from increased triglycerides, decreased good cholesterol and sometimes increase bad cholesterol. This increases the possibility of contracting atherosclerosis.

You can learn more: atherosclerosis is what?

5. High blood pressure: When cholesterol excess and calcium form plaque makes the arteries stiff and narrow, the heart has to work harder to pump blood through the arteries. As a result, blood pressure will be abnormally high.

How to cure high blood fat effectively

Blood steatosis, however, can lead to many diseases dangerous but you can still protect your health by incorporating healthy lifestyle and use the drug as directed by your doctor.

Change healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle will contribute to improving health and thereby reducing mild blood disease steatosis. To have a more healthy lifestyle, you perform the following:

• Balanced diet: You should start by eating less fat and sugar than. However, you should not to the body lacks the nutrients that take additional nutrients with the healthy food like chicken breast, vegetables, fruits, legumes…

• Regular activities: to be able To supplement adequate nutrition to the body without fear of increase of fat in the blood, you need to be active regularly. You be able to at least 3 – 5 times/week, each exercise for about 30 minutes.

• Give up bad habits: You need to remove habits that are not good for your heart in particular and for general health as smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, sitting too much… in Addition, you also need to build good habits like sleeping on time, relaxing each day or periodic health examination.

Use medications as directed

Doctors may prescribe some medications to help you control the amount of cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney.

In addition, you can also use functional food KYOMAN. This is the product combination of two herb you are extracting increasing technology and extract Bergamote help you control the condition, blood steatosis, very good.

• Extract ridden turmeric: this Medicinal herb is the result of research more than 40 years of dr. – luong y Nguyen Hoang. Content of pharmaceutical substances saponins in debt technology helps clean the blood vessels and other organs. In addition, this substance also helps prevent the re-absorption of cholesterol into the blood and to prevent cardiovascular disease.

• Extract Bergamote: Extract Bergamote standardized to contain more than 38% flavonoids bioactive, which has melitidin and brutieridin. These substances help regulate yeast cholesterol synthesis (HMG-CoA), thereby reducing the synthesis of bad cholesterol LDL in the liver, causing the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood will also decrease.

Extract Bergamote has been Administration food and Drug Usa (FDA) certification standards for GRAS about the safety and well being patented in the Us.

You need to let your doctor know if you have any diseases, any symptoms or other allergies to any medications when treating blood steatosis.

Blood condition steatosis no clear indication which in turn can lead to many dangerous diseases. However, you can still control the amount of fat in the blood, if you know how to live healthy and take the correct medication indicated by your doctor. Thanks to that you will maintain cardiovascular health that no longer so anxious with phobia disease, blood steatosis, there is no danger.

Other products with herbal or Western medicine, others focus only reduce blood fat, functional food KYOMAN also help increase the strength of the vessels and stabilize blood sugar. Use KYOMAN help you minimize the complications due to high blood fat.

Clinical studies in the U.s. have proven effective to control hyperlipidemia of the ingredients in KYOMAN. Moreover, our products are manufactured in line with modern technology meet GMP standard-WHO. So, here is the solution herbal, the first comprehensive for the case of dyslipidemia, liver steatosis and metabolic syndrome.

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