Diet according to blood group helps you more healthy -

Diet according to blood group helps you more healthy

Getting to know the blood group not only help you understand about the health of yourself but also can up the nutrition every day. To have better health, try to apply the recipes diet according to your blood type, okay!

The process of testing the blood group of myself, not as hard as you once thought. All what you need is 3 test tubes containing 3 reagents for different blood groups A, B and Rh. Then you give a little blood sample into each tube and observe the reaction clumping occurs in the test tube any. When the blood react with the antibodies will appear this phenomenon. This is also how doctor test get to know your blood group.

Blood group has a close relationship with the ability to digest food in the body of every person. So, depending on each blood type that you can determine the proper diet to achieve good health and healthy. Below, you let Hello Doctor learn the secret diet according to each blood group A, B, AB and O, yeah!

Diet according to blood group A

Vegetarian diet suits people with blood group A, so they often have the acidity of the lower stomach and difficult to digest proteins, good fats such as those belonging to the other blood groups. That is why people with blood group A should eat more fruits, vegetables and grains over.

It is important that you should choose to eat these natural fresh foods to good for health and do not need to add any additives other.

Diet according to blood group B

Those who belong to blood group B usually reviews can eat many different foods. However, eating too much some sort of as corn, wheat, tomatoes, or peanuts can cause an increase in weight, fatigue and hypoglycemia. Besides, one of the food that people with blood group B should be restriction is chicken.

Chicken may be the cause of stroke due to high cholesterol levels, and risk of obesity, you can choose replace by lamb, goat or rabbit meat.

Diet according to blood group AB

Blood type AB is rare blood type in the world, was formed from the genetic link from type A and B. People belonging to this blood group has a concentration of acid in the stomach low, but can still eat meat. In particular, foods such as eggs, seafood and green vegetables are good for people with blood group AB.

You can divide into several small portions and eat several times during the day to help support the digestive system.

Diet according to blood group O

Those who belong to blood group O is the concentration of acid in the stomach and have the ability to good digestion all protein or animal fat. That is why that a nutrition more meat, fish, vegetables and fruits are best for those who belong to this blood group.

Habit of excessive consumption of some foods containing carbohydrates like pasta, rice, bread, noodles, etc. is one of the culprits that cause weight gain, so you should limit the use of this food.

You can change the diet according to blood group to change the taste and provide adequate nutrition. In particular, you should remember is nutrition healthy need conjunction with exercise routines often new help you improve your health effectively.

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