Degenerative disease of the cervical spine and how to prevent the disease effectively -

Degenerative disease of the cervical spine and how to prevent the disease effectively

Degenerative disease of the cervical spine (degenerative spine) refers to disruption of normal arch of the different components of the cervical spine. Degenerative cervical spine and degenerative lumbar spine are the two condition typical of the disease the degeneration of the spine.

Degenerative spine disease is common in the elderly related to the degenerative process of the body’s natural or the wear and tear of the spine. The fact is that there are now no less young people suffering from this disease. Causes of degenerative cervical spine in young people what is, how to prevent this disease is of interest to very many people. The Hello, Doctor come find the cause off degenerative disease of the cervical spine in young people and how to prevent disease, simple yet effective.

Degenerative disease of the cervical spine is what?

Degenerative cervical spine and degenerative lumbar spine are the two condition of pathological degeneration of the spine. Spinal degeneration is becoming a common disease in modern society. There are many reasons why you suffer from degeneration of the spine as: the habit of living – advocacy irrational diet does not guarantee nutritional, genetic factors,…

Doctor can easily detect degenerative condition cervical spine through the diagnosis based on the results of laboratory tests imaging the skeletal system the spine. In addition, patients are the typical signs such as pain in the back of the neck, tired neck, fatigue, shoulder, arm. There are even patients with degenerative long years may have additional symptoms such as a sore arm, feeling a sharp pain to the hands, always feel pain, the top of the head and furious eyes…

Causes of degenerative cervical spine?

Most of the patients with degenerative cervical spine always have the feeling of sharp pain discomfort even when resting. All movements revolve around the neck area will cause the patient to suffer pain. The person doing the work must sit a lot, work with computer, sedentary as office workers, workers in the factory who have the habit of sitting and watching tv for hours… usually have a higher risk of degenerative neck vertebrae, calcification of the spine.

Explain about the mechanism that causes degenerative cervical spine common in people who do the office work is due to:

  • Position place the hands on the working table or for computer too high or too low. In addition, keeping a distance of not reasonable from the hands to the desk or the computer also related to degenerative condition.
  • The neck and nape area in irregular movements, flexibility (rotate left or rotate right) or just hold a posture (look up, look down).
  • Sitting position is too low in comparison with work desk.
  • Height of seats and work desk spread: Habit of regularly adjusting the seat sit too high or too low in comparison with the work causing the top to bend down or lift up the also contributes to symptoms degeneration of the spine.

In addition, people have the habit of sleeping in wrong position when using the pillow is too high or too hard, lie on one side… also the causes that may lead to degenerative condition cervical spine.

The located wrong sleeping posture can also be causes leads to degenerative changes cervical spine

Who suffer from degenerative cervical spine are often suffer from stiff neck cause limitation of motion when you can’t turn your head to either side which should rotate all the people, hurt the back of the head or the region behind the head spread out in front.

Stress not only makes people feel very stress, fatigue, psychological heaviness, but also increases the feeling of pain due to symptoms degenerative neck vertebrae. Hence, if the degenerate cervical spine, you need to control stress in a better way.

Symptoms of degenerative cervical spine

Depending on the disease state that may for a long time, the sick person does not notice the other signs often. Time later, the typical symptoms new appearance:

  • The movements she has the feeling of being entangled and pain occasionally may be torticollis.
  • The pain extends from the nape spread to the neck, the ears, affects the posture moves the head and neck pain spread to the head, can headache in the occipital region, the frontal region, pain from nape, spreading down shoulder, arm on one side or on both sides.
  • When conducting a clinical examination will notice the movement in the neck is limited (severe), the patient may be feeling stiff nape, pain when touched, the spines bones and the tip of the horizontal of the bones of the cervical spine, X-ray cervical spine shows loss curves physiological, narrow disc related burning, deformation in body burning, have the spikes of bone.
  • With the degenerative cervical spine at the from vertebrae C1 – C4, the disease often hiccups, yawning, feeling dizzy.

To prevent the phenomenon of “fracture” dislocation outcrops dental causes paralysis of limbs and even death, the degenerative cervical spine absolutely not be screwed neck, bowed neck, avoid lying pillow top, too high, not prone…

Degenerative condition cervical spine injury into the hole next case, can cause disorder of brain circulation. Patients need to be examined in clinical neurology in conjunction with the ultrasound probe to handle this situation in a timely manner to prevent complications.

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How to prevent and treat degenerative cervical spine effective

Degenerative condition spine commonly originates from the subjective (living habits, advocacy). So, this is the disease is completely preventable. You can apply some following methods to prevent or avoid disease progression bad:

  • Disease mild: sick People need rest, relaxation, combining massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture or exercise gently for the neck area correct method. Patients should use belt neck protection, one time to limit the bad motion of the neck and hold the pose physiological, head and neck…
  • Degenerative disease of the cervical spine with disease nerve root due to bulging, herniated disc: in Addition to taking the therapy, rehabilitation, the patient should be stretching the neck vertebrae and relax, avoid the posture neck deviation, or increase the payload up to the head and neck.
  • Change posture: If sitting posture work wrong or have a habit of sitting watching tv for too long, you should have adjusted accordingly.
  • There should be no twisting actions break suddenly when tired, by all this movement will increase the condition spondylosis of the neck.
  • Never lift, carry, especially the heavy loads on the head.
  • Change in posture while sleeping: Take frequent posture changes when sleeping, avoid lying just 1 or 2 postures will be very prone to torticollis. Not the prone position, this posture will cause neck is folded down very easily cause should syndrome degenerative cervical spine.
  • Need to have practice mode, sport gently combined with massage the head neck.

If you are office workers, regularly work with computers, you should note the following to avoid the high risk of degenerative cervical spine:

  • Should sit stars for the distance from your eyes to the computer screen is about 50 – 66cm and put the screen below eye level about 10 – 20°. You should not leave the screen in place too high or too low than eye level. Streamlined light source, choose the furniture does not reflect light, reduce light, and the illumination of the computer screen.
  • Experts recommend that you use the computer has a large screen, a minimum of from 17 inch upwards and adjust the zoom accordingly. This not only helps the eyes do not have to regulate too much but also help you don’t have stooping, crouching down to be able to see clearly so avoid the neck muscles strain, fatigue.
  • Let the screen straight in front of them, not to deflect to one side. When sit work, you should adjust the seat so that when sitting do the 2 forearm of you parallel to the floor. You should also remember to always keep your back straight and 2 shoulder hold par. In addition, if you use clamp profile when typing, then this clamp should be left as close to the screen as possible.
  • Neck Massage is also one of the reducing pain, fatigue to neck area very effective. Massage helps reduce pain: first you take a massage from the back of the neck, massage it with two hands or one hand. Palm pressure on the neck, moving from the hairline at the nape at the back and the shoulder joints. Then, using the edge of the palm and thumb squeeze. You use the palm day light from the nape down the neck. Make the movements this massage for about 1 – 2 minutes. Use thumb/forefinger right hand, find the 7th cervical vertebra (larger than the other vertebrae) and day around this location.
  • In addition, you can combine using the product The Recession United (*) to support the treatment of degenerative spine, degenerative lumbar spine, herniated disc…

To avoid degeneration of the spine leads to degeneration of the cervical spine, you need to create the habit of protecting health from now on. You should not sit too long, the regular rotate/bowed neck in combination with dietary science, exercise often.

Exercise regularly to help prevent degenerative condition cervical spine

Note that if you have tried many ways which condition pain, stiff neck, still not relieved, you should quickly come to the hospital to check. Thanks to that, the doctor can offer the suitable treatment before the disease can signs turn bad.

Improve degenerative condition cervical spine thanks to The Recession United, products derived herbal

If disease degenerative cervical spine, in addition to compliance with the treatment regimen your doctor, you use more food health protection, The Recession United. This is the product derived herbs have the effect of increasing the support treatment of the disease. Product has uses such as:

  • Helps to regulate, strengthen immunity, help to limit the destruction process cartilage, intervertebral discs of the body’s natural
  • Stimulate the body’s self repair damage and production of cartilage tissue, vertebrae replacement
  • Helps reduce pain in a natural way, prevent and improve degenerative condition bones, joints, vertebrae in which there are degenerative neck vertebrae effective, safe without side effects.

The Recession Uk has the main ingredient is oil, blue mussel (a kind of sea scallops, blue tongue) contains many omega-3 has anti-oxidation, increased resistance, has good effect in the prevention of inflammatory diseases, degenerative arthritis. In addition, the product also combined with other ingredients such as:

  • The event, balms…: The this herb is used to help blood chemistry stasis, reduce edema, anodyne, anti-inflammatory.
  • The B vitamins (B1, B2), vitamin K: Can help reduce pain and protect, maintain the skeletal system sure health, slowing the degenerative process and increase the body’s resistance.
  • Glycin is a amino acid that has an inhibitory effect on the neurotransmitters the sensation of pain in nerves, the spinal cord from which help relieve pain, reduce loss of energy cells vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

With ingredients 100% herbs from nature should The Recession United safety when used long term. Is herbal products, but The Recession United the effect quickly, the effect can be seen immediately after 1 – 2 weeks. Products effects according to 2 mechanisms is to reduce symptoms and go deep into the root cause of back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, foot related to spondylosis, herniated disc, degenerative spine…

Therefore, The Recession United is useful product for people suffering from degenerative neck vertebrae, helps reduce the symptoms of joint pain in a safe way.

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If you have any questions about the pathology of osteoarthritis such as degenerative arthritis, degenerative cervical spine, degenerative lumbar spine, herniated disc, sciatica… and want to learn more information about the product The Recession United, please contact switchboard toll-free call 1800 6104 or hotline: 090 220 7112 (Zalo/Viber) to get expert advice specific!

(*) Products are not drugs and have no effect on alternative medicines.

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