Cure sweaty feet to not hesitate to... shoes! -

Cure sweaty feet to not hesitate to… shoes!

Stock sweating of the feet too much not only makes you hesitate when shoes, but also create opportunities for bacteria in the legs, in overgrowth. Whether there is cure for sweating feet effective help you feel more confident?

You will usually pour more foot sweat more when anxious, live in hot weather, physical illness, wear socks, no quality… Addition to the external agent, stock sweating of the feet variety can also due to genetics. Let Hello Doctor find a cure for sweating feet and to prevent this syndrome back.

1. Cure sweaty feet by feet

Habit feet will help you clean sweat and bacteria at the same time cooling the skin, which helps reduce sweating of the feet. You can feet 1 – 2 times a day and add a few drops of essential oil have the antibacterial function, such as tea tree essential oil or eucalyptus into the water, feet.

After washing the feet, you should dry the feet and especially in between toes thoroughly. Legs moisture will cause bacteria and fungi thrive the more.

2. Cure sweaty feet by drinking water

Sometimes cause you sweat a lot, legs more is because the body is hot so sweating to cool itself. So, the habit of drinking more water in hot days or during exercise helps you regulate body temperature and reduce sweating of the feet. The normal day, you should also drink enough water to ensure the health, okay.

3. Prevent the cause sweating of the feet

On the day is out sweat foot lot, let’s you record these agents may be related such as diet, mood, mode, training type shoes and socks weather… After a time, you can identify the foods, situations, emotions, categories, socks, shoes, make yourself sweating of the feet much. When you know the cause of his sweating feet, you can prevent this syndrome easier.

4. Cure sweaty feet with black tea

Black tea can prevent sweating of the feet is very effective, so you can soak your feet in black tea once a day, each time 20 minutes. You get two bags of black tea into a basin of warm water to soak the foot. The tannins in black tea help to astringent pores and reduce sweating of the feet.

You can learn more: why you should soak your feet hot water?

5. Cure sweaty feet by using alcohol

To reduce sweating, fast foot, you apply a small amount of alcohol on those areas of the sweat a lot such as between toes. Alcohol will help dry and reduce unpleasant odors very quickly. However, you should avoid taking alcohol too often because this substance can cause skin dryness and irritation.

6. Cure sweaty feet with selecting stockings, right

You select socks that match with the weather and the activities of his day. For example, you can wear cotton socks during the hot months to foot sweat escape better and wear wool socks to keep warm feet during the cold months. In addition, you should avoid nylon because synthetic fabrics, this can cause foot is mysterious.

On the market today also have many kinds of socks, sport socks absorb sweat very well. You can also buy these type of socks is to improve the condition sweating of the feet.

Besides choosing the right kind of socks, you should also change socks often to keep feet dry and clean will be over. You can bring a pair of socks, the room in the pocket or take off available a pair at work to use when whenever you feel the feet sweating. This is how to cure sweaty feet fast and convenient when you do not have the conditions, feet or foot soak.

7. Cure sweaty feet with the type of shoe fit

If is sweating of the feet much, you find buy the shoes breathable as canvas shoes, canvas or leather shoes instead of the type of shoe deprivation. In addition, you should also choose shoes true size of his feet. The too tight shoes will pinched the toes and causes foot sweat out more.

Currently on the market there are also a number of pads shoe insoles have functional wicking away sweat and prevents odor. You also can find buy this type of insoles is to foot is more airy.

Besides selecting shoes, you should also pay attention to the time wear shoes. Bringing a pair of shoes for too long will cause foot deprivation and sweat a lot more. So when the legs start sweating, please change a new pair of shoes to foot more airy.

You should also avoid wearing shoes two days in a row because this makes shoes not promptly dried after each wear. After wearing the shoe, you get exposure shoes place dry in 1 – 2 hours.

8. Cure sweaty feet with deodorants

Feet contain more sweat glands than other parts of the body and each foot has about 125,000 sweat glands. So you need to use the product deodorant and prevent sweating of the feet to reduce the activity of the sweat glands. You note read the user guide before use to know how to properly use the most.

9. Cure sweaty feet with the drug treatment of fungus

Drug fungus treatment can help reduce any perspiration and reduce unpleasant odors. You can consult a dermatologist to choose the drug treatment of fungal niche for themselves. If there is no available drug treatment for thrush, you can sprinkle little corn flour on the leg to hygroscopic temporary. However, corn flour, leave no antifungal function as the dedicated drug.

10. Cure sweaty feet with mobile ion

If the how to cure sweaty feet at home is not effective, you can head to the spa to try the method, mobile ions (iontophoresis). This is the method of using water to transmit a mild electrical current through the skin of the feet. This electrical current will temporarily block sweat glands to reduce mild condition, sweating feet.

A little research showed 88% of patients suffer from sweaty hands, sweaty feet, or both had positive changes after treatment. However, these patients must repeat treatment after 3 – 4 to maintain results.

Legs are smell, taste, or suffering from the problems of dermatology if you are sweating of the feet too much. But, there are ways to cure sweating feet help you protect skin health, as well as more confident in daily activities. Just need your patience, proof the sweating of the feet will no longer cause you to feel shy every time my shoes again!

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