Cure Parkinson's disease the tremor is 90% story, like in a dream!This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Cure Parkinson’s disease the tremor is 90% story, like in a dream!This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

If the sight of his big Cock, playing with grandkids or sitting writing, few doubt that previously he didn’t sign my name because of shaky hands when holding a pen… journey to cure Parkinson’s, he thought, like a long dream just obsession back full of surprises, once you find the herbs you.

First met mr. Do Binh Duong (8/153 Kham Thien, Hanoi), who also feel the unforgettable images hands pour cups of tea in an agile way. Men although already 70 years old but still very alert and chatting sprightly as youth so.

He told himself had Parkinson’s syndrome (dyskinesia extrapyramidal in older people) that anyone skeptical. So he took medical records from 2013 out for everyone to see the full paper tests and prescriptions.

Bewildered with nightmare Parkinson’s

2013, I work or be tired, sleep, appetite, hands shaky, especially the left hand side, walk and talk also find it more difficult ago. Then, I thought his sick old age, should not to notice and also no treatment at all. To when I run too, friends and new relatives urged him to go to hospital.

To 10/2013, result of examination in neurology (hospital Vietnam – Soviet Friendship) shows his big Cock, suffering from Parkinson’s disease in old people. Also may detect when the disease is incipient, so the right treatment can will soon improve.

The doctor also encouraged me to adhere to treatment. But though perseverance pill full, then my hospital also only decreases very slowly. I started to panic while thinking about the coming weeks and months and the more the shock than to witness the master, is also his colleague with Parkinson’s disease in the terminal stage. I have to thanks to relatives, all the activities, lingering on things and not self-control was his body until his death.

I fear good! So, when the diagnosis is Parkinson’s, then I almost collapsed. In just a few weeks, I drop 5kg and then have to stay in hospital 10 days.

The early days living with Parkinson’s disease as a nightmare… (photo illustration)

Because in medicine, so he understood the state run hands and feet, muscle stiffness, arthritis, swallow, choking, said difficulty will be proportional over time. He only desired that the diseases don’t progress more by severe illness not only to yourself but, I loved care day and night. Think back to the early days succumb to the disease, he sighed as the memory of a nightmare still intact the emotion of bewilderment day…

I myself is run manually does it also have is a lot of pressure then. I still encounter many obstacles when performing the routine tasks such as reading, writing, teach me to study…. Every time I hold the cup of water, then water is comparison out, difficult eating, chewing, swallow, also not easy, lips and tongue, it is always shaking…

There are times I go to the bank to withdraw money but not sign my name because hands trembling, holding the pen bottom up bottom down, there is people say is impersonating signatures! I always worry thinking about the day ahead: I have severe disease as me? If I can fall into a state depend entirely on relatives like me? If you fall into that, I will turn out?

Carries fear always weighed heavily in his heart he still tried halfheartedly to search for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. If this disease is just a nightmare, he just looking forward to early wake up to come back to everyday life.

You can learn more: essential tremor due to Parkinson’s disease: If you persevere treatment will help!

Chance to cure Parkinson’s disease by herbal

He found reducing the shivering limbs of Parkinson’s disease using herbal.

Only until he chanced to read an article on the then new find the chance to cure Parkinson’s disease with herbs.

“Although older, I still enjoyed reading the newspaper “Are in love” because of the interesting story and meaning. I’m glad to see a post sharing how to cure Parkinson’s disease of a doctor with food health protection (TPBVSK) Lao Kingdom Event. I suppose this is a charming precious that we should embrace.

After reviewing the product with herbal ingredients-safe, doctor, treatment, support I use TPBVSK Lao Kingdom Event.(*). I started taking the product in conjunction with treatment by prescription from 10/2014. After 5 months of applying this treatment, I feel the change markedly. Lips and tongue have vibration reduction away a lot teeth also trap lap counter, tongue, soft and straight than should talk more easily. The right arm is lighter to run faster than the left hand, parallel to the present, then the left hand also only run about 1/10 compared with before.

After each re-examination, the treating physician are both expressed surprise because the disease is clearly improved in each of the test results as well as the external manifestations of his Cock. Even he is now eating and sleeping better all the time youth!

When the disease is markedly improved, I think, or maybe I should stop taking the drug for fear of adverse health. Based on the results of health check, the doctor agreed for me to stop smoking a time with conditions is to check periodically every month or immediately when there is unusual signs.

From January 3/2016, I only use TPBVSK Lao Kingdom Conditions combined with nutrition healthy and the movement exercises that gently such as walking, hand exercise, legs, exercise, breathing…

Throughout the 4 months of use TPBVSK Lao Kingdom Event, the symptoms of the disease do not have signs back and health of his Cock, then increasingly better. Doctor treatment sure that the disease of he has improved 90% already. Remaining 10% depends on the efforts in the upcoming time.

Relatives to visit him as a surprise to see him sit gave the computer to write to colleagues in France or teach me lessons. More surprising, he briskly climbed the stairs to the 5th floor to take care of the garden. He not only normal, but also somewhat more agile than those by age.

For people with Parkinson’s disease, each passing day is the day the when faced with the prospect of living rely on the body. Not everyone cure Parkinson’s success to 90% as he is Big. Even, even he also surprises to the thought as this is a dream!

To repel the disease, persistence of the disease is still not enough, but also need a little bit of a chance find, herbal you. If you know how to combine both Eastern and Western medicine to cure, you can live with peacefully.

(*) This food not drugs, no side effects alternative medicine healing.

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