Concha bullosa what is and when do you need surgery to remove it go? -

Concha bullosa what is and when do you need surgery to remove it go?

Concha bullosa what is? This is the common questions of who is the doctor to diagnose because its name sounded quite strange. You can live with concha bullosa all my life, not have any symptoms, but there are also cases require surgery.

Ms. Thu Ha, age 28, in district 6, ho chi minh CITY. HCM often suffer from runny nose, stuffy nose. The next day the weather changed, the condition of sister heavier. Once ill release cause fatigue, cough, many negotiations are mixed with blood, of a headache, she decided to come to the hospital clinic. After for sister, X-rays, facial and lungs, endoscopy, nose doctor, diagnosis was inflammation of the sinus and in the nose there are pockets concha bullosa. Ago eye doctor give you medication to treat the symptoms of the disease and older when the arrangement is time, then to the hospital for surgery to remove bags this go.

But, when the symptoms disappear, you can’t come to hospital for surgery. In a year later, she again suffered a relapse, runny nose, cough, headache, fatigue many times. She recalled the words the doctor said is the surgery concha bullosa should be mentally prepared to do surgery to get rid of the diseased action. So concha bullosa what is? When there is concha bullosa, you may need to have surgery, no? If is also the patient of this situation, please read the following article of Hello Doctor.

Concha bullosa what is?

The nose (bone twist drill) is a structure formed from the bones inside the nose. They help control the airflow into the nose, clean and warm the air that you breathe in before going into the lungs. Concha bullosa occurs when one of the nose have air pockets that cause hypertrophy. There are three pairs of the nose in the nose is located on either side of the bulkhead:

  • The nose on the: Located high in the nose, near the brain, which functions to protect the olfactory bulb, the part of the brain that help you smell.
  • The nose middle: Located between the nose and the nose bottom, help the inhaled air does not move directly to the nasal sinuses.
  • The nose under: Located low in the nose, helps hold moisture and warm the inhaled air before going into the lungs.

You may feel pain or discomfort around the nasal sinuses when the nose between filled with an air pocket concha bullosa. In many cases, you do not need treatment of concha bullosa. However, when the air bag is more big, the more you feel uncomfortable. If not treated, concha bullosa may cause the condition more uncomfortable and cause inflammation of the sinuses.

How to recognize symptoms of concha bullosa

Bag concha bullosa small usually does not cause any noticeable symptoms whatsoever. Many cases have concha bullosa in the nose throughout life, but never realized its presence. Also when the concha bullosa is large, you will feel pain and discomfort. The common symptoms include:

  • Pain around the sinuses and the area around the eyes
  • Feeling like you can’t breathe easy
  • Feel there’s something in the way inside the nostril

Symptoms of concha bullosa nearly identical sinusitis is causing you to feel unable to breathe through the nose is. However, concha bullosa does not usually cause ear pain and jaw, mucus secretion or the sinusitis symptoms different.

Causes of concha bullosa

Cause unknown the exact cause concha bullosa. A study published in the journal of neurology United States showed concha bullosa are closely related to crooked septum. This condition means that the septum is not straight, can leave you breathless one side of the nose. Deviated septum can cause other symptoms such as loud snoring and sleep apnea.

How to diagnose concha bullosa?

If the concha bullosa does not affect the ability to breathe normally, you don’t need to see a doctor. However, if the symptoms affect quality of life, you should go to doctor to doctor to doctor can guide appropriate treatment. Want to diagnose concha bullosa doctor can give you endoscopic nose. Below is the laparoscopic nose of a patient with concha bullosa.

The choice of treatment of concha bullosa

If the concha bullosa cause other conditions such as sinusitis, the doctor will devise a treatment regimen appropriate with sinusitis. If after sinusitis treatment ineffective, symptoms such as headache or shortness of breath became increasingly worse, affecting your life, your doctor may suggest surgery concha bullosa. Treatment procedures include:

  • Squeeze the nose: the Doctor uses instrument to squeeze concha bullosa until the liberation of gas out. This surgery may require anesthesia. This method is considered safe and has few complications.
  • Orthopedic the nose: Doctor reshape the bone and tissue surrounding the concha bullosa to the air flow through the air bag is easier. This surgery usually need anesthesia.
  • Clipped the nose: Doctor using the device to remove one or all of concha bullosa. This surgery usually need anesthesia.
  • Adjust the deviated septum: the Doctor may also suggest surgery adjustable septum is deviated to help you breathe better.

Concha bullosa can lead to the complications how?

When the bag concha bullosa and not treated, can cause sinusitis and make you suffer:

  • Headaches
  • Flow mucus out from the nose
  • Sore throat
  • Cough is not from

Sinusitis can become chronic and make you more breathless because of the airway the nose is inflamed, causing fatigue, nausea, headache, sore throat, and ear. Over time, complications can cause meningitis or cause you to lose sense of smell or eyesight.

Tips for you when concha bullosa

When diagnosed with concha bullosa and is a doctor requires surgery, you should arrive 1 – 2 a reputable hospital, such as ent hospital, ho chi minh CITY. CITY; Department of otolaryngology, University hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy ho chi minh CITY. CITY to check it again. If the doctors are general indications for surgery, then surgery can be a good choice for you. Surgery not only help reduce the symptoms which can prevent the complications happened.

The risks when sinus surgery nose

However, sinus surgery can do to change a person’s life, but after surgery you will feel pain, nose bleeding constantly for about 24 hours then the feeling of congestion and swelling in a few days. In addition, surgery can potential risks the following:

  • Bleeding: After surgery, the bleeding is normal, but in some rare cases, you may bleed too much or prolonged and serious threat to your health.
  • Infection: Most infections after surgery not serious and can be treated with antibiotics, but in some rare cases, the infection can enter the bloodstream and become life-threatening. You can also become infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics, such as MRSA, the treatment will become more expensive.
  • Tissue damage around: Sinus lies near the brain and eyes, so the tissue in this position can hurt. Rare but condition bruising around the eyes after sinus surgery is not normal and you should notify your surgeon immediately.
  • Paralysis: You can be paralyzed in the face, the lips and nose. This condition is usually temporary, but rarely happens. If there is nerve damage, you can be paralyzed permanently.
  • Cerebrospinal fluid: This is a rare complication in which the brain and spinal cord leaks out from the brain, flowing out the nose. Cerebrospinal fluid is usually cured by surgery.

In addition to the above risks, sinus disease may recur and require sinus surgery again. Further, the anesthesia also potential risks such as malignant hyperthermia and even death. Even so, according to the statistics, the serious complications after sinus surgery are rare. Sinus surgery is not as dangerous as what kind of other surgery that many people undergo every day.

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The article of Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor only for reference, not a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of medical.

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