Complications of gallstones: Know early to prevent!This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Complications of gallstones: Know early to prevent!This is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Complications of gallstones can be from the digestive problems to complications more severe such as cholecystitis, liver abscess… Though complications, heavy or light, you also need to be proactive early prevention to avoid the risk of unintended.

As someone who has been living with gallstones for over 15 years, mrs. P. T. Students had to enter the hospital emergency 3 times. Although detected early, but because the hostess should have led to a situation of stones causing cholangitis. This is a complications of gallstone disease can be fatal if not treat timely. You let Hello Doctor find out more on the complications of gallstones other danger along the way of treatment and prevention, okay!

The dangerous complications of gallstones

Dangerous levels of cholelithiasis, depending on the size, location and gravel properties gravel can move or not. For example, biliary stones in will be much more dangerous than with gall stones or bile duct. Gravel move as much as easily cause complications because can slip into the location devilish as the neck of the gallbladder, fell 3 bile – pancreatic do inflammation, biliary obstruction…

Several dangerous complication of gallstones that you have the risk of encounter is:

• Inflamed gallbladder: Stones cause blockage in the pipes makes the stasis in the gallbladder that cause inflammation. Patients who have signs such as fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, yellow skin, yellow eyes, pain in the right upper quadrant and the pain increased when inhaling deeply. Inflammation, especially the exacerbation of acute inflammation can cause necrosis of the gallbladder and leaks bile, should be very dangerous.

• Purulent inflammation of the biliary tract: common stones bile duct stones liver infection, biliary heavy or also called abscess of the bile. If encounter complications gallstones this sick person to emergency treatment. Patients often have typical expression is “tam stock Charcot” include right upper quadrant pain, fever and jaundice.

• Liver abscess: condition cholestasis and infection prolonged can cause the gallstone disease is abscess of the liver. These abscesses can rupture causing peritonitis, sepsis syndrome, liver and kidney with the severe lesions in the liver. The disease often sudden onset or the symptoms may appear after eating plenty of grease with the manifestations such as pain, fever, jaundice, yellow eyes, high fever and ague.

• Inflammation of the pancreas: The pain is usually sudden onset with abdominal pain levels from mild to very severe, accompanied by nausea, rapid pulse, abdominal distension, erectile dysfunction… complications of acute pancreatitis is very dangerous and fatal if not treated promptly. Even, even when the disease is emergency timely will also leave sequelae, heavy cover damage, pancreatitis, and diabetes secondary.

• Intestinal obstruction: This is the condition of gallstones in the intestines causing intestinal obstruction. Gallstones can go into the bowel by corrosion of a part of the gallbladder or going through the common hepatic duct. Diameter pebbles usually right on the 2cm can cause congestion. In the majority of cases, the stones cause blockage in the intestinal tract through 1 fistula of the gallbladder – the duodenum. This is very dangerous complications, need for emergency promptly because of the potentially life-threatening of the disease.

Most of the complications of gallstones are very dangerous. If there are unusual signs, you need to actively examination and treatment as soon as possible.

Abdominal pain due to inflammation of the gallbladder is the warning signs of dangerous complications of gallstones

You can get to know the complications of gallstones through the following signs:

  • Yellow skin and eyes accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, chills.
  • Severe abdominal pain, sudden lasts for hours in the right upper quadrant (cholecystitis) or the upper abdomen (pancreatitis), sometimes, can pain through his back.

As soon as have these symptoms, you need quickly to hospital to be doctor’s visits, and timely.

Method handle complications gallstones

The doctor may prescribe medicines to help reduce symptoms and prevent exacerbations

Depending on the type of complications of gallstones, the doctor will give the treatment regimen accordingly. The following are two methods to handle popular.

Handle complications gallstones drug Western medicine

The doctor will prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory or anti-spasmodic medications to reduce symptoms and prevent disease progression heavy. Patients can recover health after a few days of taking the drug.

Handle complications of gallstones surgery

Patients can have surgery type of gravel right at the entry, if located in the case of forced emergency or surgical gallstones after stable treatment with medication. Depending on location and gravel, the doctor will be the suitable as endoscopy to remove a stone to remove the stones in the bile duct tube, or liver surgery cholecystectomy to remove gall stones.

Recently, a number of hospitals also apply quite effective techniques lithotripsy gallbladder through the skin by the laser to clean the gravel but still preserve the gallbladder for a number of clinical cases. Research studies about this method have also be reported at The conference hepatobiliary date 5-4-2019 in Hanoi.

You need to remember that the methods of treatment of gallstones quickly solve complications and type of stones effective but the gallstones are still at risk of recurrence is high. Therefore, the prevention of complications of gallstones is still the factor plays a crucial role in helping you maintain health.

How to prevent complications gallstones

To prevent complications of cholelithiasis, mrs. P. T. Student has to combine multiple methods at the same time including maintain diet healthy visits periodically and in conjunction with the product support posts and gravel from herbal.

1. Applied diet for gallstones

People who suffer from gallstones should eat more vegetables to reduce the absorption of cholesterol

Diet plays a very important role for people suffering from gallstones. This does not only help you mitigate the symptoms full expansion, slow target, but also prevent stones increase in size and complications of the disease.

• Food should eat: You should eat a variety of whole grains such as oats, wheat, brown rice, wheat germ,… in Addition, the foods such as sea fish, legumes, sprouts, vegetables, vegetable oil is also very necessary.

• Food should be avoided: You should avoid eating many sweets, fatty meats, fatty dairy, coffee, white wine, sugary drinks….

You should make sure to eat three meals per day and should not be fasting morning to reduce the risk of deposition of the gravel.

2. Physical movement regularly every day

You should maintain exercise habits to reduce risk of gallstones

Habits of physical activity and regular exercise will help you increase peristalsis, bile, increased activity the digestive system and reduce the risk of gallstones. The gentle exercise such as walking, yoga and tai chi is suitable choice for people suffer from gallstones. So, you spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day and at least 5 sessions/week to workout okay.

3. Using herbs to support dissolve gallstones

A lot of herbs in Oriental medicine has a beneficial effect bile and liver supplements

In Oriental Medicine there are many herbal benefits, bile, liver supplements have been proven possible impact on the causes and complications of gallstones. The herb benefits you can mention are:

• Just confirmed: Support reduce condition full distention, indigestion, and help patients eat and drink more easily.

• Sai ho, Hoang ba: Help antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of complications cholecystitis as well as biliary tract.

• Busy kim, Chi e: Has the effect of stimulating excretion of bile and increases contractions to help expel the stones out better.

• Diep ha chau tran, Kim tien thao: Help to strengthen liver function, limiting the imbalance of bile, reducing the formation of and increase the size of gravel.

The combination between the 8 and the herbs in food, health protection, Needle Đởm Khang brings a solution, comprehensive support. Patients when used will have more opportunities to post gravel and reduce the risk of complications of the disease.

Share on food, health protection, Needle Đởm Khang (*), doctor Student (Thai Nguyen) is gravel bile duct torment many years, said: “After many months of persistent use Needle Đởm Khang, I go check back, see gravel no longer stuck in the upper part anymore that pussy down, feeling of tightness, pain in the abdomen no more, people gradually get better”.

Complications gallstones, however, dangers but you can completely proactive prevention. You take the initiative to visit clinic periodically combines food science and use herbal products to support. This is the safe solution to help you repel the complications effectively.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines.

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