Complications diabetes to osteoarthritis: Preventing early or disability! -

Complications diabetes to osteoarthritis: Preventing early or disability!

Mentioned symptoms and osteoarthritis pain, many people with diabetes are often mistakenly thought by disease age. However, this can be complications of diabetes which, if not timely treatment will cause deformed limbs, even disability.

Professor Thai Hong Quang – chairman of the endocrinology and diabetes Vietnam, said that in patients with diabetes, the process of metabolic disorders of sugar, fat and protein will lead to complications on all the organs in the body. Not only affects the heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, diabetes also causes damage, bone-joint system. So, you let Hello Doctor find out why diabetes complications to bones and joints, signs to recognize and how to prevent it!

The risk of musculoskeletal disease due to diabetes

According to the GS. Quang, diabetes can negatively impact the skeletal system joints in people with diabetes type 1, type 2 in several ways:

– Metabolic disorders of sugar, fat and protein cause deposition of collagen in the joints, especially the joint motion, such as fingers, hands, knees. The amount of collagen will make the joints subject to shrinkage, difficult motor.

– Diabetes causing nerve damage control activity and blood vessels that nourish the joints.

– Patients with diabetes have compromised immune system plus environment the high blood increase the risk of arthritis.

– Being overweight (often occurs in people with diabetes type 2) causes pressure on the joints.

– People with diabetes often have low bone density than normal people, so the risk of osteoporosis fractures is also higher.

Initially, diabetic people suffer from complications on osteoarthritis may not have symptoms, pain markedly, which is mainly felt at the joints of arms legs are hard to move. But as to long patients will be as is a sharp pain, the joints bent geniculate, and distortion.

According to statistics, about 50% of people with diabetes over 5 years were encountered complications musculoskeletal. This complication can occur at any age. Special age the higher the possibility of complications greater.

Complications osteoarthritis diabetic very easily confused with the diseases of the bones and other joints. So, you need to understand the signs in order to avoid wrong treatment which makes the disease more and more heavy.

Identification signs diabetes complications to osteoarthritis

Diabetic complications can make the hands difficult to stretch your

Signs get to know the complications of diabetes to osteoarthritis are very diverse, such as convulsive fingers, hands difficult stretch, pain, stiffness knee, difficult to move, rotate, or extend the shoulder joint… However, patients are less prone to swelling, heat or redness in the joints. This is the biggest difference to help distinguish complications, bone and joint disease, diabetes, and bone diseases other joints.

In addition, depending on the complications, patients will have the symptoms get to know individually. Specific:

• The finger stock springs (trigger finger): Finger is spastic, folded as action pull of the trigger. The patient can’t straighten the fingers, but must use the other hand to bend each finger.

• Foot syndrome birds (disease dupuytren): The tendon folded in the palm thicken, causing the fingers or hand cramps, bent geniculate back as the feet of birds.

• Syndrome frozen shoulder joint: About 20% of people with diabetes encounter this complication with symptoms such as difficulty outstretched, rotate your shoulders out before then or put the hands up high over his head. Even disease also cause dull pain.

• Foot Charcot: initially only signs are those areas of the skin swelling of the abnormal red skin on feet with feeling of numbness, tingling. But gradually the foot will slowly deform. The soles of the feet curve into the hammock, toes, geniculate on the inside.

• Syndrome of the shoulder: this syndrome causes pain along from the shoulder down to the hand and fingers, causing severe pain accompanied by symptoms hands red, purple, swelling, edema and muscle atrophy in the later stages.

• Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck legs: this syndrome causes numbness, aches, pain in hands or feet, especially when maneuvering, folding stretching the wrists, ankles, continually like to handle objects, drive, gave the computer…

• Osteoporosis: this condition is common in people with diabetes type 1. Patients with dull pain in the back, pains along the spine and spread out on either side, there is feeling of soreness inside the bones, sometimes accompanied by cramps. The pain usually decreases when resting, such as lying or sitting, increasing the feeling of pain when standing, sitting long, or at the time of half the night almost morning.

When there is a state of pain, fatigue or spasticity osteoarthritis, you don’t ignore cause diabetic complications that make visits to the doctor soon. You behave as soon as, chance of cure as high.

How to prevent and improve the complications of bone joints due to diabetes

The diet more green vegetables help prevent complications osteoarthritis

Main elements in the process of prevention and improvement of complications osteoarthritis is the balance is the metabolic disorders that cause damage to nerves, blood vessels and stop the process of collagen deposition in the joints. So, besides the use of glucose-lowering drugs, you need to apply more 4 solution help relieve pain, stiff joints and restore mobility, normal below:

1. Building healthy habits

A healthy lifestyle will help you stabilize blood sugar better prevention and improvement of diabetic complications to osteoarthritis. Besides eating more green vegetables, limited starches, you should choose more foods rich in calcium such as milk, low sugar, fish, tofu, almonds, green vegetables, dark… to avoid osteoporosis.

At the same time, you get reduced by 5 – 10% weight if your BMI (*) on 23.9 to reduce the risk of arthritis.

(*) Calculation of BMI = body Weight (kg)/[(height (m) X height (m)]. For example: Your height 1.75 m, weight 78 kg, your BMI will be 78/(1.75 X 1.75) = 25.5, you need to lose weight.

2. Workout properly

You need to choose suitable exercises to avoid causing pressure on the joints

The selection of suitable exercises will just help control blood sugar just avoid creating pressure on the joints. For people who encounter complications feet as there are wounds, sores, legs, hand numbness, burning, pain, knee joint… the best should perform exercises such as cycling overhead (lying on your back, raising your legs and perform movements such as cycling), exercise, breathing or swimming.

If it’s frozen, shoulder joints, so exercises shoulder moves up and down, rotate the shoulders out before after gently or holding your hand (holding the ball) if the hand is spastic. In addition, there are many exercises for people with diabetes that you can reference.

3. Foot care every day

Routine, massage your feet every day to help improve symptoms of sore feet

Patients suffer complications osteoarthritis will be predisposed with complications feet if not well taken care of. Here are a number of ways foot care help you reduce this risk:

– Hygiene, keeping feet clean. After washing the feet, need to use a clean towel to blot dry water, especially in areas between the legs.

– Choose sandals, shoe size and wear socks software.

– Massage or warm pack to increase blood circulation.

– Do not sit cross-legged.

– Always check your feet for early detection of signs of abnormalities such as redness, scratches, bruises, bottles… and timely visits to the doctor.

4. Use of drugs

When you encounter the problem of osteoarthritis, the doctor may further specify a number of drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs relieve pain, glucosamin, calcium… to improve the pain or slow the progression of the disease.

However, if the condition osteoarthritis pain is due to diabetic complications, then this only solution is temporary. The support treatment symptoms does not solve the cause. Not to mention, a number of drugs, such as glucosamin, analgesics group of NSAIDs can cause adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract such as digestive disorders, stomach pain, stomach ulcers when used long days or high-dose.

5. Taking herbal medicine

It is no coincidence many herbs used in treating diabetes and improve complications. Many studies showed that the biologically active substances contained in several medicinal herbs such as Pop century, electronic Circuits, anal, Retro, paint, Creased can help balance the metabolic disorders, at the same time reduce the damage due to complications of diabetes caused on osteoarthritis. This finding has important implications, helping people with diabetes suffer complications osteoarthritis have more chance of recovery of motor abilities of normal body.

Food protection Household health Organs The is formulated from Hoai son, Creased, Pop century, electronic Circuit help support the prevention and improvement of diabetic complications, which are complications on the bone joints.

Share on food, health protection, Black Tibetan Way, She Had.T.Case, 65 years of age, Hai Phong city, said: “I suffer from numbness of the limbs, in particular stretch and very difficult to hand bend as the shrimp, had to use hand to pull out the new straight is. Then I can read the newspaper, know to food protection Household health Organ Line (*) should be bought on trial. My hand is now back to normal, legs to help numb than…”.

Signs and osteoarthritis pain in people with diabetes, especially the elderly occur very popular. It can be due to aging age, but do not eliminate the cause of diabetes complications to osteoarthritis. It is important that you need early detection and know how to improve properly, there will be slight reduction in the disease easily and more quickly.

(*) This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicines disease.

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