Combining Oncolysin with the modern methods of the treatment u bướuĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Combining Oncolysin with the modern methods of the treatment u bướuĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy is 2 in the method of tumour treatment common. However, until now, not many patients really understand about the distinct characteristics between them.

Now, depending on the location, size, stage, as well as condition of the patient, which can apply form of tumour treatment with radiation therapy or chemotherapy. On the other hand, there are also, in some cases, confusion between the 2 forms of treatment of this disease. So the different of radiation therapy and chemotherapy is what? Invite you to find out the answer through the following article of Hello Doctor.

Chemotherapy and radiation different how?

The goal of treatment in cancer is to remove or destroy the whole tumor cells and tumors in the body. In it, there are 2 modern methods are often applied to tumour treatment, but people are often confused as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

1. Different in concept


Chemotherapy is the method of using one or more chemical infusion into the body for cancer patients by the vein, from which spread into the bloodstream and goes to all other agencies. In addition, patients can also use the type of chemicals orally as tablets or liquid, even the creams topical.

Radiation therapy

This method is the use of high-energy rays shone on organ, tumor, such as X-rays, gamma rays, proton…

The 2 methods of chemotherapy and radiation therapy all have in common the aim is to destroy tumor cells and tumors, thereby making the tumor smaller and not develop more.

2. Vary in mechanism and location impact


This measure is the infusion of chemicals into the body to destroy tumor cells tumor. The scientists took advantage of the fast growth to create the type of chemical impact on cell development speed unusual. However, due to the drug infusion to throughout the body should a number of cells benign other also affected, such as cells, hair follicles, hair (cause hair loss, epilation)….

Radiation therapy

Here is the form to use the projection beam radiation projected into the diseased organ. So that it only affects the areas around it and not cause damage to many organs or cells other healthy.

3. Different about the objective treatment of the disease


All types of cancer are the doctor specified using the method of chemical treatment, especially with patients with hump severe stage, when the tumor cells has metastasized to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy can also be method to the next as soon as the patient was treated with surgery or radiation therapy previous to destroy the tumor cells and tumor remaining in the body.

In addition, chemotherapy can also be used before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor, which helps the doctor more favorable in the application of this method.

Radiation therapy

For radiation therapy, the patient can only apply this form when the tumor is in a location. News is the tumor only in the diseased organ and hasn’t been metastasis to other parts in the body. Radiation therapy can also be used in combination with before or after surgery, or with chemotherapy to enhance the be effective treatment for patients.

Invite you refer to the article: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, tumor there is no danger HERE.

Disadvantages of chemotherapy and radiation in tumour treatment

Fact, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are 2 popular methods in the treatment regimen, tumor now, but we still have certain restrictions:

  • Tumour can usually only be detected once at the pre-tumor or tumor nodules had formed. For the early stages, these treatments are almost useless.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation are also considered double-edged sword as that can hurt the cells healthy in the body.
  • Chemotherapy and radiation makes people tired, anemia, leukopenia, hair loss…
  • Affect the immune system and weakened resistance of people with cancer.

Measures to limit adverse effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

A number of measures to help you limit the impact of chemicals on the body as well as improve symptoms include:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Rest right now
  • Divided portion out each meal small
  • Try to create and maintain the habit of exercise
  • Limited food spicy, caffeinated beverages
  • Acupuncture: helps to improve the condition nausea, dry mouth and anxiety condition
  • Zinc supplement to help prevent status change in taste. This is the side effects of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and some types of painkillers
  • The use of ginger: helps control nausea due to chemotherapy. However, ginger also has the effect of thinning the blood. So patients should not drink ginger tea or suck on ginger before performing surgery.

Support tumour treatment by products derived herbal

Methods of chemotherapy and radiation therapy caused the influence is not small for people with the disease cancer. Therefore, tips experts for you to be additional these products are sourced herbs just enhance the possibility of treatment of the above method, just limiting the side effects, enhances the resistance for people with cancer.

In addition, the modern methods are usually only done at the late stage, when cell tumor has grown strong. Meanwhile, the use of these herbal products can enhance immunity, help the body has mechanisms in disease prevention from early on, prevent the formation of tumor.

In Vietnam, one of the products is the world expert appreciation is food to protect the health Oncolysin. The product has the main ingredient is Oncolysin (high Paint park apartments, Methylsulfonylmethan, Zinc salicylates) combined with many herbal you other bring the main effects as follows:

  • Antitrust
  • Analgesic, osteoarthritis
  • Support heat, detoxification
  • Increases anti-oxidant ability
  • Enhanced resistance to the body support, reduce the hump.

Food protection health Oncolysin

Product, Oncolysin is a comprehensive formula that helps support tumour treatment efficiency, especially people with impaired immunity due to use of modern methods to treat cancer such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, people often exposed to the causative agent of oxidation.

>>> To better understand the advantages that Oncolysin bring, invite you to follow the advice coming from expert Phan Van People through video content below:

Hopefully this article has provided you with useful knowledge about the disease cancer, the difference between the 2 methods of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. To good treatment and limiting side effects when treating cancer please combine many methods, the most is the additional product derived herbal as Oncolysin to have a healthy body from the inside, you okay!

To answer any questions about health issues related to the hump and put buy genuine products with best price, please contact switchboard: 18006305 or (zalo/ viber): 09172309500917185170.

* This product is not a medicine and no effective alternative medicine.

Phuong Uyen/Health Care Lesson

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