Clean the refrigerator and freezer properly -

Clean the refrigerator and freezer properly

Clean kitchen always comes up with good health. If one day, you open the refrigerator out and then immediately close the door immediately because the smell unpleasant, it’s time to clean out the fridge already!

Modern times, because there is no time to go to the market every day, so many women have the habit of storing food in the refrigerator/freezer. However, not everyone knows if they are not cleaned regularly, the food will not be preserved properly, leading to smelly and perishable. Therefore, you should master these principles before cleaning the refrigerator and freezer:

For refrigerator

– Clean up the area around the refrigerator: wipe out dust on top of cabinets and under. You remember to unplug the power plug to ensure safety.

– Schedule a cleaning cupboard the day before you go shopping, because this is when the refrigerator less food the most. You took everything in the drawer out to check, then throw away the food is moldy or expired. Overdue products is the cause for the refrigerator stink.

– Wipe shelves and drawers with warm water and mild soap, then dry with a clean towel. Absolutely do not use water too hot or crack or shatter the shelf. In the small slot in the refrigerator, so use a toothbrush to scrub more easily.

– Put grounds tea, orange peel/tangerine/lemon, baking soda… in the middle of the cupboard to absorb odors.

– Wipe the outside surface of the refrigerator with detergent for professional use. For this type of refrigerator stainless steel, you should use vinegar.

Arranging food in the refrigerator

– Use the thermometer to check the temperature cabinet, ideally from 2 to 4 degrees C.

– Spices and food hard damaged need to be in the refrigerator or the top shelf of the cooler compartment, because this is the area less the coldest. The area most cool the (drawer) should be preferred contain meat, cheese, vegetables as well as anything fast broken.

– Arranging food is also very important: should to the dish healthy side also candy, sweets… to the inner side. This way, you will not add take foods not good for weight leads to weight gain.

– How to preserve leftovers: let cool food and then use plastic wrap wrapped airtight. Should only to cooked food within two hours in the cupboard, and preserved from 4-5 hours. So that term, excess food can cause food poisoning, gastrointestinal disorder.

For freezer (or freezer compartment)

– Took everything in it out to check. If discovered burnt food cold (gray or penetration) you must remove immediately. How to avoid burnt meat cold is wrapping them back up before putting it in the cupboard/freezer.

– Cooked meat or leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator/freezer two months, while the figure for meat, poultry and seafood is six months, with the condition they must be covered or wrapped to prevent direct contact with cold air.

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