Located in program customer appreciation month 8/2018, Vinmec Times City respectfully send our customers special gift:

  • Free clinic hepatobiliary – pancreatic
  • Up add 60% of cost-clinical to the Liver – biliary – pancreas (test, diagnostic imaging)

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When you need to go to the clinic liver pancreas?

When there is no storage diseases, clinic, hepatobiliary pancreas periodically is a thing extremely necessary, because the majority of diseases are not clearly manifest right from the early stages.

With some of the following signs, you should be ready to go visit at the hospital:

Warning symptoms of storage diseases of the liver:

  • Stool black or pale stools,
  • Anorexia
  • Abdominal distention
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Exhausted and tired
  • Yellow eyes and jaundice

Warning symptoms of storage diseases on policy:

  • Appeared pain can the the intense in the right upper quadrant, right shoulder or the dull pain or tightness heaviness in the right upper quadrant, epigastric and chest.
  • Fever, even as high fever and ague, also when mild fever and pain, prolonged fever
  • Next expression that is to appear yellowing of the skin and sclera of eyes
  • Or is belching, heartburn and bloating.

Warning symptoms of diseases of the pancreas:

  • Stool looks weird
  • Pain from the inside
  • Diabetes becomes a problem
  • You nausea
    after eating more fat
  • You weight loss

The point of eminence about the center for Liver – biliary – pancreas of Vinmec Times City

a, Is the center tip of the Vinmec Times City

  • Main function:
    • Screening, medical therapy, interventions (TACE, RFA, ERCP…),
    • Surgical diseases of liver bile commitment (liver cancer, u head humbly, gallstones…)
    • Liver transplant.
  • Is the center of private hospitals, first in Vietnam successfully implemented a liver transplant from people for a living, have successfully done 18 liver transplant in just nearly 1 year in operation

b, gathered a team of experienced doctors and experts from abroad

At present, center for Liver – Biliary – Pancreatic hospital’s international Vinmec Times City have a team doctor, expertise, rich experience, such as:

Professor Chong Woo Chu

  • Director, center for Liver – Biliary – Pancreas
  • 25 years experience in gastrointestinal surgery hepatobiliary pancreatic and liver transplant
  • Is the doctor trained liver transplant for surgeons of the hospital Adammalik (Indonesia), Vietnam-Germany, Saint Paul, hospital 108 (Viet Nam)

Associate professor Park Young Mok

  • Nguyen is assistant professor, Department of hepatobiliary Pancreatic and liver Transplant, hospital, Yangsan, school, Pusan national university, south Korea with more than 10 years of experience.

ThS. BS Dao Duc Dung

  • 10 years experience in gastrointestinal surgery hepatobiliary pancreatic
  • Have experience and can perform well both open surgery and laparoscopy surgery

ThS. BS Hoang Duc Nam

  • Former Deputy head of general surgery Department and Chief of the crew live emergency belly at Hue Central hospital
  • 15 years experience in gastrointestinal surgery, liver bile, pancreas – open surgery and laparoscopic

Associate professor Moon Kee Meong

  • Former director, center for organ transplantation hospital, Medical university Yangsan, Busan, Korea (2012 – 2014), is deputy director of the hospital, Jin-Ju, Korea (2014 – 2017)
  • More than 20 years of experience
    intervention and treatment, intensive care, surgeons in the field of surgery hepatobiliary, transplant and vascular
  • There are many studies about blood vessels, nerves in the intervention, treatment, pathology of the liver and liver cancer.

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