Causes of cerebrovascular accident, and “secrets” to improve thanks to NattospesĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here. -

Causes of cerebrovascular accident, and “secrets” to improve thanks to NattospesĐây is a sponsored posts. For more information about Advertising policies and our funding, please read more here.

Cerebral vascular accident is dangerous disease by complications, if not treated promptly can lead to death. Therefore, understanding the technical causes of cerebral vascular accident to proactive prevention is the simplest way to help protect the health of yourself and loved ones.

In recent years, the number of people suffering from stroke are on the increase. But the result of a number of statistics show that the number of people understand about this disease the low back to sad. To avoid becoming the next victim of dangerous disease this, you let Hello Doctor watch a few to share below.

Cerebral vascular accident is what?

Cerebral vascular accident is a condition interrupting the supply of blood and oxygen to a part of the brain causes cells to brain injury and eventually necrosis. The brain hurt as wide, the level of damage as heavy, then remove stock to leave will many, can even lead to death.

Cerebral vascular accident can 2 can is infarction of the brain (due to blood clots appear cause clogged blood vessels) and cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding brain). Whatever the case, then the disease should also be taken to emergency early in order to limit the sequelae.

Causes of cerebrovascular accident

There are many causes of cerebral vascular accident but the most popular is still the 6 following factors:

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is the cause of cerebrovascular accident, leading. People with high blood pressure have the risk of complications and twice as high as 3 – 4 times than people with blood pressure readings normal. The cause is due to blood pressure to rise causing the circuit varicose fades out and accumulate damage. When that system, platelets and strands of fibrin will come to mend the wound, leading to the formation of blood clots. If pressure blood sudden sharp increase can cause blood vessels in the brain rupture.

2. Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is the condition of the arteries is hardening of the plaque (mainly fat, blood fat) accumulation and caused the circuit is minimized, and impede blood circulation up nourish brain cells. After that, blood will start stasis, occlusion and form the blood clot. If the clot runs up to the brain, to where narrow, it stuck, clogging blood vessels of the brain, leading to cerebral ischemia, locally.

3. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus makes the process of atherosclerosis takes place faster than normal. Most people with diabetes is high blood fat, amount of bad cholesterol in the blood exceeds the permissible level. Therefore, the risk of cerebrovascular accident in people with diabetes will also increase if the disease is not controlled and treatment.

4. Diseases of the heart

People suffering from diseases of the heart, such as inflammatory, infective endocarditis, atrial fibrillation, mitral stenosis have atrial fibrillation, benign mucous left atrium through the oval (atrial septal defect… there will be high risk of cerebral vascular accident. By the disease can increase the risk of forming blood clots in the heart, from which blood clot will be washed by the blood stream toward the brain, leading to cerebral ischemia.

Besides, the use of anticoagulant resistance vitamin K after surgery to replace a heart valve also potential risk. The cause is due to anticoagulants reduce the clotting ability, if combined with other favorable factors, such as hypertension, trauma… it will increase the risk of bleeding the brain.

5. Vascular malformations brain

According to experts, the phenomenon of malformations of cerebral vessels, is often congenital defect, progressing silently. Over time, vascular malformations increasingly dilated and weakened. To when blood vessels tightness excessive, it can lead to rupture of blood vessels, causing bleeding of the brain.

6. A number of other causes

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, there are also a number of other factors increase the risk of cerebrovascular accident, such as Reduced blood pressure (blood pressure drops suddenly more than 40 mmHg), inflammation of the arteries, thrombophlebitis, brain tumors, malformations of the carotid arteries, functional disorders of blood clotting, degenerative, cerebrovascular, overweight, obesity…

Besides, the habit of life sciences such as regular smoking, drug abuse, contraceptives, use of alcohol, sedentary mode of living is not healthy… can also be the cause of cerebrovascular accident.

Nattospes – Key help prevent and support treatment of cerebral vascular accident

To prevention and support treatment of cerebral vascular accident, experts suggest you should use more products from herbal nature, typical food is protected health Nattospes.

Nattospes support the treatment and prevention of brain stroke efficiency

Nattospes whose main ingredient is nattokinase, an enzyme extracted from fermented soybeans. When go into the body, nattokinase helps dissolve blood clots in 2 ways: Directly destroy strands of fibrin (protein contributes to the formation of blood clots), and stimulating a variety of other factors in the blood leads to increased production of plasmin dissolves fibrin.

From these advantages, the Vietnamese scientists have studied how extract nattokinase and formulated successful product Nattospes. Products have a preventive effect and support treatment vascular accident brain, improve the symptoms and prevent a relapse.

Successfully improved the sequelae complications by products Nattospes

From its inception until now, food health protection Nattospes has received a lot of positive feedback from the users. Typical is the case of mr. Vo Van tam in ward Hiep Binh Chanh, thu Duc district, ho chi minh CITY. HCM city (TEL Huynh Ngoc Thao – son-in-law he Eight: 091 927 2701). 2018, his Eight stroke lead to distorted mouth, misaligned jaws, health deteriorating. The child took him away fix run in many places but the state of his health does not improve much. However, since known and used Nattospes, he Eight has gradually recovered, out of the distorted mouth health and also better. You can listen to detailed stories of his Eight HERE.

In particular, products Nattospes not only get the trust from the patients, but also is the world expert reviews on uses support treatment and prevention of cerebral vascular accident. The same view expert advice Vu Thi Khanh Van in the video below:

Cerebral vascular accident is a dangerous disease that can lead to the heavy damage. Therefore, you take the initiative to protect the health of yourself and loved ones by wary of the causes of cerebral vascular accident, at the same time trying to build a healthy lifestyle.

If you are still wondering about the status of cerebrovascular accident, or want to know more information about the product Nattospes, make the right call to switchboard toll-free 1800 6305 or phone number 091 718 5170 to get expert advice specific.

(*) This product is not a medicine, no side effect alternative medicine

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