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What To Do with Old Nail Polish?

Many girls love to do nail art. Beautiful nail colors are really attractive, which can make your fingers look prettier and slimmer. But if the nail polish has expired, can it still be used? Some girls can control nail polish, like a bag. There are many nail polishes in the family that make them stubborn. […]

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How to Make Nail Polish at Home?

As nail art is becoming more and more popular in the market, there are more and more nail art shops on the street. But still many people think that going out to a nail salon for a while is too expensive. Especially if you want to be beautiful, the higher the price. So how can […]

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How To Do The Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers?

Fingers that are too thin may not look good. Hands that are too plump will seem plump but cute. Today we will learn how to draw chubby nails together. Her slender fingers are adorable, making nails of any color perfect. But the hands are too fat, and the effect is not good. Next, let’s refer […]

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Is Nail Polish Bad for Your Health?

Many girls love nail polish because it will make their nails look better. But in fact, nail polish is very harmful, not only harmful to the nail but also dangerous to the health of the body. Women who love beauty know that in addition to hairstyles, you can do nail in the most popular style […]

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