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What To Do with Old Nail Polish?

Many girls love to do nail art. Beautiful nail colors are really attractive, which can make your fingers look prettier and slimmer. But if the nail polish has expired, can it still be used?

Some girls can control nail polish, like a bag. There are many nail polishes in the family that make them stubborn. In this case, it is possible to change the color of the nail one day, but not too much nail polish. Some people suddenly want to use it but find it out of date.

Can Expired Nail Polish Be Used?

What should I do if my nail polish has expired? Can it still be used? Well, if the nail polish has expired, you shouldn’t use them. But don’t use this just to cover your hands. Nail polish has an expiration date that usually takes a long time and continued use can be harmful to your health. It’s safe and harmless to paint your nails, but it will be different after it expires.

Advice :
Some nail polishes cannot be based on the date of packaging to know if they have expired or not. You can only observe the structure. In general, expired nail polish is easy to clump up and not to spread evenly. They will freeze after applying. In this case, your nail polish has expired!
This way, should the expired nail polish be discarded? Isn’t that a pity? Do not throw away expired nail polish. We can use it for a variety of unusual uses. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful uses of expired nail polish.

What Other Can You Do With Expired Nail Polish?

1, DIY key, old card

Even if the nail polish is out of date, you cannot apply your finger, but can be applied elsewhere, and the paint color looks great! Expired nail polish can be used for DIY key or old card! The coloration of our keys is very casual, and they look more interesting with old nail polish, but only if you mean it! The old hairpins have faded. Nail polish can restore a sense of fashion, but your nail polish should be safe and healthy as the keychains will come into contact with the scalp.
Advice :
The same is true for other outdated jewelry, such as rings and necklaces. You can use expired DIY nail polish to make your nails look new.

2, Repair shoe scratches

Some shoes are very susceptible to scratches, especially leather shoes. Scratches and other things are also very aesthetically pleasing. If the expired nail polish is the same color as the shoe, you can use them to keep the shoe from getting scratched.

3, Prevent umbrella from rusting

If the transparent nail polish expires, you can use it on your newly purchased umbrella. Umbrella bases and bones are easy to rust and can be easily prevented with transparent nail polish.

4, Create unique cups

If you have great drawing skills, you can use the expired nail polish to paint the surface of these seamless containers! I believe the container you create will be unique. Some ceramic surfaces can also be decorated with nail polish, but you must understand paint.

If you are not interested or do not have time to make your own thin nail polish, the simpler but easier way is to throw it away. Please check how to dispose of nail polish properly?

How to Make Nail Polish at Home?

As nail art is becoming more and more popular in the market, there are more and more nail art shops on the street. But still many people think that going out to a nail salon for a while is too expensive.

Especially if you want to be beautiful, the higher the price. So how can we draw our own nails and draw beautiful nails at home? It is not difficult to do the nail yourself; let’s edit and learn below.

Preparation tools: nail files, steel push pads, rubbing sponge, dusting brush, colored glue, reinforcement glue, disposable glue, projector lamp. Then you can get started.

1, Manicure

Use nail clippers to cut nails to your favorite nail style, then use a file to fix uneven nails around the nail.

2, Exfoliate your skin

After removing the surrounding dead skin, first push the dead skin on the nail surface from the outside in, then lift the dead skin upwards, and then use scissors to remove the dead skin. If the dead skin is still present, you can use a fork to remove the dead skin from the nail.

3, Polish Armor

Use a sponge to polish the surface of the nail and the edges of the nail. One side of the sponge is thicker, and the other side is thinner. First, clean the surface of the nail with the rough side and use the more elegant side for polishing.

4, Remove dust

After sanding the surface of the nail, use a dusting brush to clean the fillings left by sanding. By this step, the manicuring preparation work has been completed, the following work can officially be started.

5, first

Before applying nail polish, apply a coat of polish to the nails. This is to prevent the harmful substances in the nail polish from harming our nails. Note drying with a projector.

6, color glue

Then, apply glue of the corresponding color to the nail polish brush according to the style you want to do. Normally, for a fuller nail color, I would apply 2-3 coats. Please pay attention to dry separately.

7, The top layer is not washable

After all the styles have been dried, and all the nails have been done.

Finally, a non-stick nail adhesive is applied to the nail polish. The purpose of this patch is to make your own nail styles more durable and shiny.

How To Do The Best Nail Shapes For Fat Fingers?

Fingers that are too thin may not look good. Hands that are too plump will seem plump but cute. Today we will learn how to draw chubby nails together.

Her slender fingers are adorable, making nails of any color perfect. But the hands are too fat, and the effect is not good. Next, let’s refer to how to make manicure with beauty grease, if you are interested, quickly come and see.

How to create the best nail shape for fat fingers?

1. Shape your nails into a square

In recent years, thick heel shoes are the prevailing trend and also the type of shoe chosen by girls with thick legs. There are also many types of block heels, of which the block heel is the most popular because they are the thinnest. Nail art too. Girls with thick fingers should cut their nails into a square, which can ease the contours of the finger and achieve a thin effect. And the square nails look stylish too.

Tips :
Oval nails are also suitable for people with fat hands, but when trimmed, pay attention to the original nail style. The length could be about 3 mm. Too long nails will not be harmonious.

2. Choose a light nail polish

The color of nail polish has a great relationship with the overall effect. For girls with fat hands and thick fingers, the best nail polish colors are pastel pink and milk tea colors. In short, bright colors are ok. Nail polish for small flesh hands is very slender, but light nail polish will stick to the skin better. So it is possible to modify the lines of the hand more comfortably.

3. Use small lines or small colored blocks

In addition to the paint color, the nail pattern will affect the overall effect. When you have fat fingers on nail art, they can cleverly use patterns like small lines or small blocks of color. This can give you the effect of visually stretching the edges of the hand but also looking more stylish and beautiful.

4. Use the tip of the nail

The big hand not only has thick fingers but also gives one a clumsy kick. This can be changed through nail art. Nail polish can be applied to the nail, can achieve the effect of finger elongation, helping the finger to elongate immediately. And at the same time, it seems that the hand is also much slimmer. If you have enough nutrition, you can usually keep some of the nails for yourself, so you don’t need nail patches when doing a manicure.

Additional attention:

1, Clean the nail surface thoroughly

Before you do a manicure, it’s best to clean the nail surface thoroughly. First, you can paint the nail into the right shape, then use a good quality nail polish remover, then gently wipe the nail surface to remove oil and impurities. Finally, apply a primer to protect your nails well.
Tips :
Some girls do not have the habit of priming before drawing nails. This step is essential. Using a nail primer can prevent your nails from discoloring, and can also increase stiffness, give your nails a better color and don’t peel off easily.

2, Nail polish should not be too thick or too thin

It is advisable to warm the nail polish bottle on hand before applying the nail polish so that the nail polish temperature is close to body temperature. Do not paint your nails too thick, apply one evenly, wait for the first layer to dry, then apply the second layer, this will make the color stick longer.

3, Take care not to paint nails on the skin

If you apply nail polish to the adjacent skin, the nail polish will fall off easily. It’s best to be careful when applying nail polish. If you accidentally apply it to the skin next to it, use a cotton swab to shave it off in time and scrape it off before drying it off.

Fat girls, I believe you all know how to paint nails for your fat fingers. Yes, today’s content is here. Thank you for reading.

How to Take Off Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover?

Most girls have a hobby of drawing nails, so they often change their nail styles, right? So how to remove nail polish without nail polish remover? What can be used instead of rinsing? Let’s take a look.

Generally, nail polish is kept for about a month. After that, many of the nails will fade.

If you want to paint your nails, you should use paint or nail specialist use . But if the girls do not have one, do not tear them yourself because it will damage the nail. I tried it before because it was torn and pulled by hand. The side nails are bad, and it should be restored in a few months.

Therefore, do not tear by hand. It will leave unsightly traces.

How to remove nail polish without nail polish remover?

1, Spray deodorizing

Find some deodorant sprays you use often, spray a little on nail polish, then gently wipe with a paper towel. The nail polish is then slowly removed. Continue to spray a few times until the nail is gone. Just keep the oil clean as the deodorant spray contains a solvent ingredient, which has a great cleaning effect on anything that is difficult to clean.

2, Body spray

This refers to certain fragrances. Dip a little into a cotton pad or cotton pad and wipe it back and forth. After a few minutes, the nail polish will slowly fall off as it also contains some of the same ingredients.

3, Hair spray

It can also be treated with hair spray properly, but it also works quite well, but be careful not to leave the hairspray on your nails for too long. Otherwise, it will dry out on the nail. Wipe it with a paper towel.

These methods can also remove nail polish.

1, White vinegar

Vinegar is an acidic substance, and it is also a natural detergent in addition to being edible. Nail polish on your opponent also works to clear up, so if you don’t have a professional nail polish remover, you can use white vinegar in your life instead.

2, toothpaste

When it comes to toothpaste, we think the effect is enormous. I didn’t expect it to be good for nail polish. Just use a little toothpaste and then wipe with a toothbrush or paper towel over and over again. You should see nail polish peeling off, um, um .. Relatively speaking, we think that white toothpaste has a better cleaning ability.

3, Hydrogen peroxide

Mix the mixture of hydrogen peroxide 3 in the ratio of 2: 1 with hot water, then soak your fingers for 6 minutes, then use your fingers to rub slowly, the nail polish will gradually peel off. (2: 1 means that with one cup of hot water, two cups of hydrogen peroxide must be added. Hot water must match your temperature, not too hot, within an acceptable temperature.

Health Tips:

There are many different types of nail polish remover on the market. The girls remember not to be cheap, but choose products of unknown origin. Many poor-quality nail polishes contain the cancer-causing ingredient acetone.

Hence, be sure to pay attention. And long-term nail polish is not suitable for your health. It affects a woman’s fertility and increases the risk of breast cancer.

Above is a question about the issue of armor removal. I hope it can help you. Thanks for your continued support.

Is Nail Polish Bad for Your Health?

Many girls love nail polish because it will make their nails look better. But in fact, nail polish is very harmful, not only harmful to the nail but also dangerous to the health of the body.

Women who love beauty know that in addition to hairstyles, you can do nail in the most popular style today because colorful nails are the key for women to pursue beauty.

What are the dangers of nail polish?

1. Nails will be yellow and dull

Why is nail polish painted so beautiful? That’s because it is composed of a large number of pigments, many of which are artificial chemical constituents of various pigments. If you apply it on a regular basis, your nail will slowly lose its shine, leading to yellowing and dullness.

2. Nails will be brittle 

Not only do the cells in our body need to breathe, our nails also need to breathe. Nail polish on your nails interferes with normal breathing and destroys their epidermal cells, so your nails will become more and more vulnerable. In addition, the nail cannot breathe smoothly, and layer breakage occurs.

3. Abrasion of the nail, causing the nail to separate from the nail bed

While the nail polish looks great when applied, it destroys our nails. I believe many girls will find their nails separate from the underlying nail after trying them. This is actually due to the corrosive nature of nail polish pigments.

4. Nail polish with a toxic odor can cause dizziness

Some nail polishes have a very unpleasant odor because it contains acetone and ethyl acetate, both of which are very volatile. So, once the body smells, there will be noticeable bouts of dizziness. And nail polish that has a pungent taste can also damage the nervous system.

5. The finger will be dry and inflamed

Nail polish is made from a large number of chemical ingredients, so when applied to our hands, it will irritate the skin around our nails, and then the keratin on the edges of our fingers. will harden. Inflammation can occur and be severe in the nail.

6. Carcinogenicity

Nail polish contains such a high pigment index so that the chemical ingredients in it will fall. If women are used to nail polish for a long time, frequent exposure to these toxic substances will also increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, nail polish is very detrimental to our health.

Take a car on nail polish everyday

1.Paint the nail in ventilated environment

It’s best to paint your nails in a well-ventilated environment, as the smell emitted by the nail polish will slowly evaporate into the air, preventing you from inhaling too much.

2. Paint the nails first

Remember that the first step in nail polish is to apply the primer first. This will not only protect the surface of your nail, but also isolate direct damage to your nails.

3. Reduce the use of nail polish that dries quickly

Try not to use nail polish that dries quickly because of its high chemical content and is more harmful to the human body. It is usually not recommended.

4. Add calcium to the nails

After applying nail polish, you need to add calcium correctly to the nail, as it requires intensive care and maintenance. You can use certain hard nail oils properly, which will form a protective film and strengthen the nail.

After reading the above content, everyone knows the harmful effects behind the beauty of nail polish . This is the content of this issue. Thanks for your continued support.