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How To Fix Thin Nails

Girls are beautiful, and many girls paint their nails. But too many nails can be easily thin, how to maintain thin nails?

Thin nails cannot be ignored, and our strong nails are all in moderation. Today, I will show you how to maintain nail thinness. Any female friends who do nail art, come and see.

How To Fix Thin Nails

How To Fix Thin Nails

1. Facility

If the nail becomes thin, it is still not advisable to nail it regularly, but if absolutely necessary, you must primer before applying nail polish, priming to protect the nail from damage. It can be either hard nail polish or thick liquid. Applying a primer on your nails will make it easier to remove the nails. Removing the nail can easily cause the nail to break or become yellow. It is also important to maintain the nail before applying nail polish.

2. Let your nails rest

Many guys don’t like girls with unclean and bad nails. You must know that a girl’s hand represents a face as well. Generally, nail polish will fall off in about three days. If the nails become thin, it’s better to let them rest for a while! A week or two is the best time to maintain nails and keep them safe.

3. Spa for nails

Our skin needs a spa, even our nails! So women are full of treasure and money! Nail spa treatments can alleviate thin nails. Keeping your nails thin will slowly go back to where you started, but don’t draw your nails as often.

Some misunderstandings about nail painting

How To Fix Thin Nails

1. Manicure must be polished

I believe many people think that polishing is an essential step to a manicure. In fact, this is a big mistake! What I want to tell you is that regular polishes tend to make nails thinner and more brittle. In general, today’s nail polishes have the function of smoothing the nail surface. What kind of polish is left? If the nail is broken in a short time, after cutting it can be polished, it is recommended to apply a hard coat of polish.

2. If you want a healthier nail bed

The dead skin at the edge of the nail practically does not need to be trimmed as often. Excessive pruning only removes the protective layer of the nail, but also causes the nail to become more irregular and brittle. The correct method is to buy finger soft oils that protect the nail and its edges.

3. Light healing armor

In many nail control eyes, phototherapy is considered the best nail protection measure. In fact, this is the biggest misunderstanding. Phototherapy nails are actually gel nails and you cannot leave them on very often. You must remove your nails every day. And after removing this nail with a daily light, the nails need to be shave again and again, which will not cause further damage to the nail.

4. The stronger the crystal armor, the better

Nails are usually made of nails that look hard and shiny, which is really good. They are also popular nail styles. But if you remove the crystal nail, you will find that the nail is thin, not shiny, and brittle. Crystal nails run the risk of degrading the quality of their own nails, so it’s better to do less crystal nails.

The hand is the image of a woman, and you can see the life behind you! Don’t forget to protect your nails.

How to Do a French Manicure?

The French manicure is an everlasting elegance, and it’s perfect for a luncheon or semi formal dinner. But you almost always have to go to a nail salon to get one. However, you can do it yourself at home – you just have to know how

What is French Nail Design?

How to Do a French Manicure

Today I am going to introduce to you a diamond studded nail, a flower nail studded with a diamond, in fact, a beautiful nail type.

1, Then, dry the front edges of the middle and little fingers with yellow French-style blocks, and paint onion-yellow French-style blocks over the fingernails of the index finger, as shown in the picture, to make the nail color more plump. Follow the same process to apply the respective trims to the ring finger to dry it out. Finally, remember to use a transparent seal for all nail brushes and dry them.

2. Apply a golden sparkle circle on the French block on the front of the index finger.

3, Select a green diamond of the right size and stick it in the center of the nail of the thumb, as shown in the picture.

4, Then use a pearl ornament to stick on the edge of the blue decorative piece to create a half flower shape to dry.

5, Then select the golden rectangular rivet and paste it over the other half of the flower, as shown in the picture.

6, Then place a transparent jelly circle next to the blue decoration, as shown in the picture.

7, Follow the same procedure to apply the respective trim to the ring finger to dry as shown.

Note a few things when applying nail polish: it is best to apply a thin coat and roll the jar between your palms instead of shaking as it mixes the paint without causing air bubbles. You will also have a more stable hand if you hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger, while placing your index finger on the top of the lid.

Start with a thin layer of basecoat, starting with the little finger and then covering all ten fingers. Apply a thin layer of the main gloss paint to the center, then one on the left and one on the right. After the first coat has dried for a few minutes, repeat.

Then paint the nail tips. In traditional French manicures, this white strip sits straight on top of the nail, but if you put the varnish with natural nails, your nails will look longer. Prevent cracks by applying varnish to the edges and wrapping the nail polish underneath. Wipe off the remaining polish with the aq tip soaked in the nail polish remover, and finally finish with a thin polish.

Finally, remember to paint a clear seal for all of the nail brushes and dry them.

How to Apply Nail Polish on Toes?

Not only must you look good in the summer, but your toes must be good too. Especially the girls love to wear sandals in the summer. It always feels like something is missing, yes, it’s the charm of the toes. Look at these pedicure designs. They look great.

Design multi-color toenails

Wear sandals in summer, and have a bright, eye-catching set of nails. It is beautiful. If your skin is whiter, you can choose a tone similar to coffee + blue in the picture.

Fashion is gorgeous enough. You can create your own favorite graphics. Looks simple but makes people glimpse at first glance, it is full of class, beautiful to die, put on sandals, enjoy the charm of this toe.

Pedicure cartoon design

If you are a girl who likes small animals, pedicure designs can also be cute. How cute are short and delicate cartoon nail art? It feels very small and fresh, very feminine and full of children.

Does it make you think back to your childhood? Especially in the summer, the moment you wear sandals, your toes always bring endless charm, very creative and cute.

Diamond nail design

If you are a mature woman, especially a decent woman at work, you can choose a diamond-studded sequin nail, which is especially cool and eye-catching.

Nail styles that you mustn’t miss in the summer, feel these shiny things for yourself, just on your feet. Finger operation was fine as we were always on the low end.

So it doesn’t look too sticky, hurry up to catch the beat. Let you be a delicate girl this summer.

Floral nail design

The gentle and deep art of nail art is very suitable for summer. Flowers bloom on your toes so that you can lead to a good mood. Such beautiful nails believe that every girl cannot refuse, too great.

The flower element’s nail art is gaining momentum. It’s very three-dimensional, beautiful and in full bloom.

She’s a gentle girl, and it’s also adorable. I love the unique beauty of the freshness that makes you so attractive in moments of open toes.

Pure pedicure design

Clear-colored nails are said to be more suitable for quiet girls. They like monotony, calmness and don’t like clutter.

However, pure-colored nails have the highest rates in summer because they are not picky about the shape of the toenail. Just choose a pure nail color that matches your skin tone.

Everyone is beautiful, and the public loves clean and gentle color systems. The classic wilderness is not outdated. Do you like pure nails like me?

What is Japanese Nail Art?

When it comes to Japanese nail art, some people might still be a bit confused. What is Japanese nail art? This nail art design is made using Japanese standard operating method and service process. It is a bit complicated in style. Therefore, Japanese nail art designs are fashionable.

Today, I will introduce some super hot Japanese nail designs. Let’s take a look together.

This Japanese nail art is a pure color style with metal trim. First, coat all nails with a flesh-colored base and keep the same color.

Then, to avoid pasting too monotonous gold metal trim between the nails, you can also choose a chain connection.

This nail art design is a very sophisticated and fashionable nail style. You can try it if you like it.

Japan’s nail art is cat-eye style. The entire nail design combines a dark green cat-eye pattern, a pure burgundy style, a bronze-gold pattern with a glitter, and a multicolor smudge pattern.

And put the appropriate metallic orange color on the cat’s-eye-style nails for makeup. The overall look is very subtle and halo, I think this nail art is more suitable for mature girls. Don’t miss out if you like this nail art design.

This Japanese pink nail art is a matte style. The thumb, middle finger and little finger are all painted with pink laser gloss paint.

The other two nails have a creamy white base that uses pink to create a smudge effect between the nails, while gold leaf and white peels are used to decorate the nails.

This nail set is a more feminine style, don’t miss out if you like it.

This Japanese nail art is a style of dried flowers. Jump between the three paint colors of the entire nail. Rose red is adorned with silver sequins or gold foil; Pink nails combined with water ripples or pearly flowers; Milky white with red rose motifs.

The style of the whole nail is very novel and has a temperament, very similar to the style of Japanese cherry blossoms.

This Japanese nail art is a style of dark green polka dots. The thumb, middle and little finger are all dark green.

A transparent plaster trim ring is attached to the center of the nail of the thumb. The ring finger has a creamy white background with a dark green dot pattern.

The index finger has a creamy white background with a smudge between dark green and green, giving the illusion of a leopard. The whole style of the nail looks very mature and stable.

This Japanese nail pattern is a youthful, fresh style with green color. The index and little fingers are dark green in color. Then other nails can use gradients to create the effect.

The thumb (ring finger) is the pattern of turning dark blue from the tips of the fingers inward, with a hollow metal pentagram or other metallic oranges for added points; Create a green blur close to your fingertips, using gold leaf.

There is also a finger with creamy white background combined with a dark green leaf pattern. The entire nail looks very young, fresh and full of life.

How Long Does Nail Polish Last?

Nail polish helps to embellish a more finished look, but many women skip the habit of self-care for fear of not lasting long. While a perfect man looks cool, a chipped man looks messy and lazy. The problem is that although there are many brands of nail polish on the market, not all are durable and you can have difficulty removing nail polish just because the nail is chipped.

Are you looking for a nail polish that will last all week? We’ve found 10 of the best long-lasting nail polish you can buy in Australia! Keep reading to learn more about how to paint your nails last longer. In this article, we provide 5 tips to keep your nail polish on longer. 

How long does nail polish last?

Essential for manicuring

Before doing a manicure, you need a basic manicure first. This is especially important. A flat and tidy nail polish can ensure longer nails. Removes dead skin at the edge of the nail. Don’t paint your nails on dead skin This is why, because nail art is generally not available.

Don’t forget to apply primer

Primer not only protects nails from wear, but also prevents nails from dark yellow stains. Therefore, it’s especially important to apply a primer, whether you have cleaned or polished the nail surface. 

Block all distances

When painting, use the nail polish brush tip dipped in a moderate amount of nail polish, apply the tip of the nail, then apply from base to tip. Take care not to apply to the horny layer but also not to too far. Because the opening is too large, water will enter and it will easily cause the nail to fall off.

Nail polish brushes are not suitable for hard pressing

When applying nail polish, do not press the flat, hard nail polish brush against the nails. This is very easy to happen and can easily lead to uneven nail polish. The correct method of application is to gently sweep the nail polish. Touch the nail surface, then rub gently.

Oil borders on the ground

Finally, pay attention to nail polish, applying it every three days to avoid peeling the nail polish. In addition, it can make nails look brighter and last longer.

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