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Does keratin change your hair color? Can it darken it or lighten it?

Keratin treatment can lighten your dye color one or two tones, if the color you have is between light brown to yellow. In black and red, the change is barely noticeable. That is, the straightener treatment will darken the color of the dye, and if it lightens, it will depend on the tone of your …


Leave-in conditioner for keratin treated hair or straightened hair

Today, I want to tell you why it is important for you to use a hair conditioner if you have been on keratin treatment. But first, let me tell you how I discovered this incredible product because I’m sure you’ll identify with me. My life completely changed when a few months ago, I went for …


Should you wash your hair before a perm? What shampoo should you use?

Before bending, it is very important that you wash your hair with a neutral shampoo. If you don’t wash your hair, you run the risk of the perms ending up badly. How do I know? Because my cousin did an experiment two months ago and the result was catastrophic. At the salon where she went, …