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Is it possible to perm curly or wavy hair? Can it give your curls more volume and shape?

As we said, Maria has curly hair, but it lacks in focus. When she walks into the salon and asks how to restore her curls, we recommend a permanent permed hairstyle. Is it possible to curl hair? You may have asked yourself the same question. And the answer is: it depends on the results you …


2 ways to straighten a perm (without damaging your hair so much)

Thinking of a straight curling? I have some bad news for you.  Straightening the curling without damaging your hair is an MISSION.  Yes, just like you read it. It doesn’t matter if you straighten your hair with keratin or flat air or any other way. Whichever method you choose, your hair will suffer the consequences. …


16 styles of perms with a bob cut (shoulder-length hair or less)

Are you thinking of getting a bob cut with curling iron to really wow your friends and acquaintances? If you have very long hair, you should think seriously about it, even if you speak to a stylist. Do you know why? Because although recommendations from experts are always a good place to start, you’ll be …