Care guide for mothers after caesarean section

Mother after a caesarean section usually takes more time to recover than normal. But with the modern Medicine today along with the guidance from Dr. – dr. Nguyen is chief of obstetrics gynecology at hospital international Vinmec Times City will quickly regain health and speedy wound healing.

1. Care incisions

In the first week after cesarean section, incision still hasn’t dried, so the obstetrician and midwife will care for the mother, hygiene, incision, for pain medications, antibiotics, uterine contraction in order to avoid complications, infection can happen with mom. These drugs do not affect the colostrum. Day 3 can open the tape, let dry. Mom note do not allow water to wet the incision area. To the 2nd week, the doctor will specify cutting after only 5 days if caesarean section for the first time, after 7 – 8 days if surgery back times 2 and up. If the mom stitch the incision using only standard do not need to cut just. This time should wipe with warm water, or a quick shower, avoid soaking your body in the bath, causing incisions to get wet. Should not apply the antibiotics up incision

2. Nutrition

  • The mothers do not eat anything within 6 hours after surgery. Drink only filtered water, sugar water, eating gruel, until they start “farting” is a new food special. Should not take more sugar, flour or other soy products because the products are prone to cause flatulence. Constipation, bloating often persist after surgery, 3 – 5 days due to the influence of an anaesthetic, so drink plenty of water.
  • From day 2 onwards, the mom, eat and drink as normal, strengthening food rich in protein and calcium, at the same time drink plenty of water to have more milk for breastfeeding. Note do not use foods that cause diarrhea or allergies.

Mother should eat the food rich in nutrients, protein, sugar, iron, cooked vegetables… The mom has the address, keloid scars should avoid eating foods which dịứng and filling the wounds as fast as: chicken, beef, seafood, spinach.

3. Motor, rest

  • Movement after birth may cause the mother pain, but do so without lying more on the bed. Immediately after the catheter is removed, I can step down bed walking back. Earlier, the mother can move your arms and legs gently or sit up.
  • The stadium, short walk helps the normal function of the body to recover faster while reducing the risk of postoperative complications such as intestinal Adhesions, thrombophlebitis…
  • Exercise will be very good and accelerate the recovery process after birth. But if mommy gives cesarean birth are still need from 4 – 6 weeks after birth new back workout.

4. Breastfeeding

After birth, the mother need to breastfeed as soon as possible, because at this time the colostrum contains many nutrients, resistance best for good growth and strengthen the immunity for babies.

5. Toilet

  • Mom should wash your face, gargle and brush your teeth every day.
  • Urination: In the early days can use the potty, the day after on the toilet.
  • Cleaning the body with clean warm water and wipe dry. Avoid wetting the incision. To 2nd week can wash normally, but do not rub the powerful up the incision.

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