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Bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism always causes patient apprehension

Symptoms bulging eyes affect the aesthetics of the patient makes them self-esteem in life. This syndrome or in patients with hyperthyroidism and of the disease Basedow cause. Bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism is the final result of a variety of lesions in the eye.

The changes in eyes of patients with hyperthyroidism

Disease Basedow is the cause of 3/4 of the cases of hyperthyroidism. This is an autoimmune disease. The patient’s body will produce antibodies to the thyroid. These antibodies attack on the thyroid gland the disease and stimulate its activity strong cause hyperthyroidism disease.

Then, these antibodies attack on the body around the eyes is a way of silently making eyes there are many variables such as:

– Dry eyes

– Red and fit the eye area

– Runny eyes constantly

– Light sensitive, blurred vision, double vision

– Inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea eye

– Bulging eyes

Go to the right doctor when you have symptoms bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism talk on. Medicine has yet to find the cause of disease Basedow. Middle-aged women, usually cigarette smokers and families who have been Basedow’s easy to get sick the most.

Disease hyperthyroidism due to Basedow is good treatment will reduce the symptoms in the eye. In case the patient has bulging eyes then need to add the other treatments.

Diagnosis of bulging eyes due to hyperthyroidism

The disease develops through 2 stages:

– Active phase: is when the symptoms of inflammation in the eye such as dry eye, red eye, affect your vision.

– Passive phase: The symptoms of inflammation have passed, but leave the consequences lasts. Bulging eyes is one of the consequences of that.

The disease often causes both eyes of the same video, sometimes one side convex eyes, more than the other side. Also the patient is only suffering from a convex side of the eye but are very rare.

Comes with stock bulging eyes, patients often feel eyes, watery eyes life, feeling like there is dust flying into the eye or very hot burning. As the disease in severe, the patient may be dry and corneal ulcers. This is the cause of up blind permanent.

With the case of difficulties in diagnosis and classification, we use the measure of exophthalmos Hertel. The convex and the eye vary according to race and ethnicity. In the Vietnamese model, ordinary, the convex eyes at about 12mm, patients with Basedow has the convex eye higher.

This diagnosis is ophthalmologist done. Then the doctor suggested treatments appropriate to the convexity of the patient’s eyes.

Treatment of bulging eyes

Before going, exophthalmos

In the stage of eye infections, you can apply many ways to help eye health, including:

– Quit smoking because it made the symptoms in the eyes aggravated.

– Pillow lay head up high help reduce swelling around the eyes by using extra pillows when lying down.

– Wear sunglasses if your eyes are sensitive to light.

– Wear protective glasses to avoid flying dust in the eye.

– Small artificial tears to avoid dry eyes.

– Eye wear special glasses (to be indicated doctor) when is double vision.

If the complications of your eyes in mild to average, the above method combined with treatment of hyperthyroidism will make your eyes healthy again.

After the occurrence of bulging eyes

Case of exophthalmos mild to moderate, the eye will recover if be actively treated. Patients do not need surgery.

Patients with bulging eyes severe, treatment is more complex because have to resort to surgery and not always effective.

The treatments include:

Corticosteroids in high doses such as prednisone 100mg (20 rounds/day), drink during 5 – 7 weeks. The drug has many side effects the whole body. The patient should be monitored by a doctor periodically when using the drug.

Radiation therapy: use machine generated radiation beamed into the eye sockets. However, this method is only effective treatment for bulging eyes before the patient is atrophy of the oculomotor muscles and scar formation following eye sockets.

Treatment by surgery: used for the case of failure when treated with corticoides and radiation therapy, including:

⇒ Stitch stork eyelids: to reduce the openings of the eyelids.

⇒ Orthopaedic surgery reduces the shrinkage of the shipping label.

⇒ Surgery solved pressure eye sockets is indicated in the case of convex malignant eye can damage the optic nerve causing reduced vision loss or aesthetic requirements of the patient.

⇒ Reconstructive surgery after the pressure eye sockets should be based on the condition after the surgery it’s the eye sockets. If the patient is still symptoms double vision, infection, bleeding, or due to aesthetic needs, the doctor will consider for you to apply this method.

All the surgery must be ophthalmologists with expertise to create eye-make.

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