Brain gold: the decline of memory that can be... goofy -

Brain gold: the decline of memory that can be… goofy

You do ago forget later, say something that the next few seconds back to faltered sorry that… I forgot about it anyway? To avoid falling into the circumstances cry smile because of the “brain fish”, then you need to find out the cause and adjust more healthy lifestyle.

Status regular door lock and then remember to forget the door key in the house or not remember what I wanted to do is the manifestation of the syndrome of memory impairment that many people or known as “brain gold”. Instead of feeling inferiority yourself “stupid” you let Hello Doctor learn about stock absent-minded this to have how effective treatment, okay!

Brain gold fish have to be pathological?

“Brain gold fish” is the phrase often used to refer to the memory, the ago forget later. Many people have the belief that fish possess a memory are extremely short, only about a few seconds.

So the phrase “brain goldfish” is often associated with those who are absent-minded, forgetful. In fact, stock or forget this sometimes only do you have the habit of not good lead to memory loss, temporary and not necessarily pathological.

Identify signs of brain goldfish

There are many signs that prove you fit with the nickname “brain gold fish”. The typical example can be mentioned such as:

– You have something right on hand but still looking around for ideas yet to find out.

– You leave the house you fret don’t remember that you have to power off or lock the door or not.

– Because of forgetfulness, so you always remind the relatives to remember a number of things to do.

– You are going to do something, it’s done to where you got to forget what I could do.

– The doors of your mouth is “I was gonna say something but now I forget it.”

– You can’t focus when working.

– You often go astray.

– …

Difficult when brain-damaged goldfish

When brain-damaged goldfish with short term memory you will easily fall into the situation irony and even meet many disadvantages in the work. In addition to the hassle of having to encounter in daily life, you also have the risk of losing work and lost many belongings important.

• Trouble in life: In everyday life, if you always have to back check the light bulb or the door was locked or not, then surely you will be slightly uncomfortable a little bit. Even, you can feel very afraid if to forget the wallet at home while going to eat alone and you have to call dish done.

• Minimize quality of work: In work, if you stay up in the status “do before forget after” the quality of the work will also be affected more or less. At the same time this also makes the boss become gradually lost faith in you because you feel you are quite goofy and not serious.

• Loss of belongings: in Addition, you can because of habit or forget that losing more stuff important. You will lose very much time only for searching in vain because you can’t remember any details needed.

Cause you brain-damaged goldfish

Many people believe that innate they had poor memory and rely on reason to feel itself there is nothing reprehensible when the owner of “brain gold fish”. However, there are many reasons why you brain-damaged gold fish, but you can improve memory effectively.

1. How to manage work

If you are not familiar with job management all the way, there is logic, then the forgetful will easily occur. Lifestyle teen, tidy, indiscriminate and doesn’t sort things right location also makes your mind becomes very difficult.

You try to find a way to organize and manage work in a sensible way. In addition, you need to rearrange things around his leaner to avoid stress when the need to search for utensils.

2. Do many things at the same time

You will also easily become forgetful people if the mind loses focus. Research shows that if you do multiple things at the same time, it will be time consuming and effort than normal. This makes the brain become stressed, tired. From there, the overall capacity of your creative thinking and work is also in decline according.

You should remove the factors that cause distraction when you want to do anything. Please mute mobile phones, the notification via email… before you start work.

3. Change biological clock

The change in rhythm to the brain set in a long time, will affect markedly to memory. Phenomenon of memory impairment can occur in people who commonly work night shifts, or the timetable is not fixed. Therefore, those who continually broken daily circadian rhythm, such as frequent loss of sleep at night will be prone to amnesia.

You need enough sleep, from 7 to 8 hours each night to the cells of the brain are restored. Try living right now, you will improve memory and health.

4. Pressure family life

You can bear much pressure from family life as the worries for work, study or daily lives along the relationship. This if not been cleared, it will be easier to make your mind always in a state of excessive stress. From there, the brain becomes less focused, and your memory also deteriorates more or less.

You should adjust the lifestyle in order to minimize the pressure on the spirit. You should give yourself more time to relax and rest instead of trying to staunch the too many things to tired.

5. Neuropathy

Vestibular disorders, circulatory insufficiency brain or abuse, antidepressants, sleeping pills, or the type of injury or other illness can all affect the nervous system. People who have liver disease, kidney, chronic, causing lack of oxygen to the brain is also prone to symptoms of “brain gold fish”.

If you feel yourself or your loved ones have the expression, memory abnormal, then you need to be quick to the specialist doctor to be examined comprehensive.

How to treat brain disease fish gold

In addition to limiting the causes of the disease, then you also need to apply measures aimed at enhancing memory, thanks to the process of eating properly, combined with exercise and rest in moderation.

A healthy diet

There are good food for brain that you should add more in your diet. Diet healthy will help you improve your memory as well as avoiding the food causing you to fall into a state of “brain gold fish”.

1. Focus breakfast

Studies have shown that breakfast can improve short-term memory and enhance concentration. Even the students who have breakfast tend to do is test better than those who do not eat.

Good foods should be used for your breakfast include whole-grain cereals rich in fiber, dairy foods and fruit.

2. Limit sugar

Eating too much sugar is related to many health problems and chronic diseases, including cognitive decline. Studies have shown that diets high in sugar can lead to poor memory.

You should cut down on sugar because this is not only help memory but also improve the overall health of you.

3. Many additional fish

Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids are key for brain health. A diet with more fish will help you to improve memory loss, reduce the risk of stroke and symptoms of dementia. Therefore, the fish food is very necessary, especially for elderly people and small children.

To the brain and cardiovascular system healthier, you should eat approximately two servings of fish per week.

4. Limit drinking beer

Drinking too much alcoholic beverages can be detrimental to your health in many ways and can negatively affect your memory.

You should only drink one or two cups, please avoid drinking too much alcohol to protect your memory.

Exercise regularly

The way exercise for the brain can be just as simple as sitting meditation, a way of relaxation. In addition, you should strengthen exercise on a regular basis. Research shows physical activity can often improve the function of your awareness.

1. Spend time meditation

The practice of meditation can positively affect your health in many ways. Meditation helps to relax and soothe the spirit. This helps you reduce stress, lower blood pressure and even improve memory.

Every day, you spend little time to meditate. This not only makes the mood you better but also help you easily memorize more.

2. Forging brain training

Trained skills perception of you by playing these brain games is a fun way and effective way to enhance your memory.

Game crossword puzzle game reminiscent from and even mobile apps dedicated to the memory training is the very good way to enhance memory.

3. Regular exercise

Exercise is important for physical health and mental in general. Many studies show exercise can increase the secretion of proteins that protect the nervous and improve the growth and development of nerve cells, leading to improved brain health.

You should find out his passion in the workout. It can be a sport or a physical activity, let’s turn the stadium into a routine and done regularly.

4. Learning a new language

The basic knowledge about language has been proven to have a positive impact on the brain. You can try harder when learning a new language. This not only helps you improve memory, but also very beneficial for later life your.

You don’t need to choose a strange language to start learning that you can take the time to cultivate more English, or any language which you find necessary.

Proper rest

The brain is not rested in a long time, will lead to many serious consequences. Many studies show the brain in people with lack of sleep or overwork will often remember the wrong information.

Sleep on time and enough sleep

Shortage of sleep linked to poor memory in a certain time period. Sleep plays an important role in the memory consolidation, a process in which is the short-term memories are consolidated and transformed into long-lasting memories over. Research shows that if sleep deprived then you’re negative impact on your memory.

Health professionals recommend adults should sleep from 7 to 8 hours every night to have optimal health. At the same time you need to sleeping the right hours of sleep, avoid staying up late waking up late.

Relax during working hours

Although the work is very busy, but if you try too hard it certain will not be effective. While working, you also need to have the intervals a bit to give the brain a rest, not to think too much.

You can wear headphones to enjoy music smooth soothing after the completion of a certain task before embarking on new work.

Fact, there are many habits that contribute to reducing, memory that you accidentally made every day. You try to limit and gradually change the habit of no good by the habit of help to your memory. At the same time, you should add additional nutrients beneficial for the brain in rations eat to no longer be labeled stupid because of the brain goldfish again.

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