What are the best hair rollers to sleep in? The classic ones or flexi rods?


Have you ever woken up with a terrible neck pain and a headache like sleeping on a rock bed instead of a soft mattress?

I have in the last 15 days. At first, I thought it was my sex fault.

But then I realized that it only hurts when I sleep with the hair curler.

That’s the problem! I bought the wrong roller!

  • That’s why, if you want to curl your hair while you sleep, your best option is to use curling sticks and get rid of those classic types.
  • Because the flexi bars simply don’t disrupt your sleep, they are very comfortable, don’t come out at night, and you can easily take them out the next morning.
  • Plus, you save a lot of time doing your hair in the morning.

I do, at least – before I have to get up 40 minutes early, just to curl my hair.

That’s why I decided to try using a hair curler at night.

Roller sleep isn’t a trend right now.

 Our lovely grandmothers used this almost miraculous method to curl their hair at night while they dreamed of her husband giving them a little more freedom. 

Today, we can curl our hair while dreaming of everything else we ever wanted.

But, believe me, choosing the right hair roller to use at night is key.

My first picks were the classics. Yes, those are the things our mother or grandmother used.

Have you seen how vampires sleep in famous Hollywood movies?

That’s exactly how I slept like when I was Dracula’s daughter. Firmly, motionless, like I hoped that nothing could interrupt my sleep. But, of course, my real sleep doesn’t look like it.

Plus, aside from waking up with aches and pains all over my body, I didn’t have eye pain because I was afraid the roller would come out.

That happens to me quite often. And that’s the next problem: the curls didn’t form on some parts of my head because some drab curls had escaped me during the night.

I should have stopped torturing there. But, I’m not ready to give up curling and don’t want to get up an hour earlier to do it.

What other choice did I have?

I decided to do some market research and I happened to find the solution.

Stick Flexi!

 The idea behind the curling bars is that you put them in before you go to bed, you sleep with them and wake up with a curls full of hair, that is, with full and bouncy hair. 

They will also be great for people with soft curls and want a more specific curl.

In theory, that sounds fine and great, but will they pass the test?

I mean, did they stay up all night and didn’t give me a lot of neck pain?

I needed to try them out, so I went ahead and bought them.

The result is… A-MAZE-ING.

I woke up with no headache the next day and the curls were clearly identified.

But, it is important to place them correctly.

So if you want to curl your hair while you sleep, keep reading, as I’ll tell you about:

  • How to place the flexi bars before sleeping
  • 2 different ways to roll the flexi bar

Ready to wake up to the most beautiful curls in the world?

How to sleep with a roller and wake up without neck pain

Before go to bed

As I said before, sleeping with a roller can save you time in the morning as you won’t have to use a curling iron . In addition, you will not expose your hair to heat tools.

However, it is important to place them correctly so that you can sleep and the curls end up in the shape you desire.

  • Before rolling it in, wash your hair and dry it with a towel.

If your hair is clean and dry, just wet it.

I also recommend using conditioner to condition your hair and avoid frizz when you roll it out in the morning.

  • I have shoulder length hair at least 4 inches and I use about 10-12 sticks.

I always divide my hair into 6 main parts and then divide them into two or three parts.

You should always start with the ends of your hair and go clockwise until it reaches the roots.

Then simply bend each end of the stick to position it before moving on.

  • You are very impatient? Well, let your impatience aside or drink a cup of chamomile tea.

Why do I say that?

 Because it is very important that the sections you divide your hair into are not too large.  

Remember, one jack of all trades is a master of zero. If you divide your hair into too large sections, they will not lie around the rod and therefore your hair will not curl properly.

  • Once I’ve finished all the parts, I’m ready for bed. That’s it. I also recommend putting your hair in a plastic hat to keep it moisturized.

How to take out the stick without damaging the curl

  • When I wake up, I’m ready to get my calculator out right away. Always make sure your hair is completely dry.

Want to know why?

 Because if you don’t wait until it dries completely, the curl will lose its curl after a few hours. 

Are you ready for that to happen after sleeping with those sticks?

If you think your hair is still slightly damp, you can dry it with a hairdryer.

However, always at the lowest heat level .

  • Once I have double checked that my hair is completely dry, it is time to remove the stick.

I gently remove the ends of each stick and slowly, in no hurry, remove it so as not to damage the hair.

For me, the most comfortable feeling is to start with the ones closest to the name and work my way, but I think it’s up to each person.

  • When I rolled the rods, my curls were there. All that’s left to do is brush them.

When I look for a more wild style, I just need to brush them with my fingers. When I look for a more definite style, I use some of the curl mousse to define them and therefore they are more neat and tidy.

Once I liked using curlers, I realized that there are different ways to curl your hair into curlers.

Find out more?

2 ways to roll the flexi rod to get unbelievably beautiful curls

There are two ways that you can try to make your curls thanks to curling sticks.

Method 1

  • You should divide your hair into thin sections, maybe even up to 20 rods.
  • Wrap your hair around the curling stick and curl it upwards.
  • Fold both sides to hold it in place. This method will bring you Shirley Temple style curls.

Method 2

  • This technique uses a bar to scroll two paragraphs, making the process faster, and you will fall asleep easier because sleeping more comfortably with fewer bars.
  • You should divide your hair into six sections and use only one stick for each section.
  • Start by doubling the stick. Take a medium sized section, about 3 inches wide and apply the product to your hair, moisturizing each section.
  • Place the horseshoe stick over this section, with the ends of the stick facing up. Divide the hair into two large sections and add one part to the stick.
  • Begin to wrap your hair around the stick from base to tip. When you reach the end, fold the bar to hold it in place. Repeat these steps for another part of hair.


Yes, I have become an expert in the use of flexi bars.

 But, most importantly, and this is the best part, I can sleep with sticks and wake up with incredibly beautiful curls.  

Now you also know how to include them. What are you waiting for to start using them?

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