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Average nasal wash: Savior when you suffer from stuffy nose!

The average nasal wash can help you push less mucus as stuffy nose due to colds, allergies or sinusitis. This vase, however compact, but is the “savior” to help you go through the day miserable because of the weather change unpredictably, you know.

Average nasal wash is tools help you treat nasal congestion at home is quite popular today. If a stuffy nose or are in the process of recovery after nose surgery, you may need to average nasal wash helps remove mucus in the nose. You let Hello Doctor learn about this instrument to be able to use right when you need it.

The average nasal wash on the market

Average nasal wash very variety of designs and materials, so you also have very many options.

1. Average nasal wash ceramic

This is kind of normal nasal wash beautifully and quite sure. Advantages of normal nasal wash ceramic is easy to clean and also does not accumulate more bacteria. Moreover, ceramic vase, heat-resistant very good, so you can wash the jar with hot water comfortable.

2. Wash the nose with plastic

If you are afraid I will slide the hand break normal nasal wash made of ceramic, then select the normal wash the nose with plastic. This is the kind of average pretty sure you don’t fall down, but relatively difficult to clean. You select the type of plastic good if you want to use a nasal wash made of plastic, okay.

3. Wash the nose shape stand

Average nasal wash this create water pressure very gently up the nasal cavity and also easy to clean. Moreover, certain types of shape stand can also be used in the microwave, too.

The effect of normal nasal wash

Wash nose shaped like a tea pot, you will pour a solution of washing the nose into the flask and this solution will flow into the nasal cavity to push the mucus in the nose out. Methods nasal wash has been applied for hundreds of years now and the average user nasal wash also generally safe if you follow the instructions for use of products.

When you suffer from stuffy nose, wash the nose has the following effects:

  • Cleaning the nasal cavity
  • Remove the inflammatory factors
  • Improve self-cleaning ability of the respiratory system

If you suffer from nasal congestion due to colds or allergies then this may be the cure simple at home you can try to feel better. You use saline solution to rinse your nose because this solution helps reduce irritation better than water usually. You can use a nasal wash 1 time/day, and if seen nose the cause more then you can wash the nose 2 times/day for all really.

For those who are in the recovery process after nose surgery, your doctor may prescribe a solution, nasal wash special for you to use with the nasal wash.

Instructions use a nasal wash

To use a nasal wash, you will need to pour solution, wash the nose into the jar, and then listed tap the jar into a nostril. The solution will flow through the nasal cavity and go out through the nostril on the other side along the mucus in the nose.

Please refer to the specific instructions below:

Step 1

You choose a room that has a sink to perform the following steps:

– Wash, dry wash nose and then pour the solution rinse your nose into the jar.

– Bent over the sink, eyes down.

– Tilt the head an angle of 45 degrees.

– Gently millet faucet wash the nose into the nostril at the top. You take statistics carefully stars for the feet, the nose does not touch directly on the nasal septum.

Step 2

You will need to breathe through the mouth in this step.

– Tilt flask to wash the nose to the wash solution the nose flow into the nostrils.

– Keep tilt wash nose and wait for the solution to flow into the nostril on the other side.

Step 3

After completing the above steps, you will be cleaning the back of the nose.

– You continue to pour the solution into the nostril until all average.

– If you have to use the nasal wash, let’s take peace from the nostrils and raised his head.

– Breathe by both nostrils to push out what’s left in the nose out.

– Use a paper towel to wipe the wash solution and nasal mucus just flows out of the nose.

Step 4

You repeat the above steps to wash the side of the nose rest.

Note when use a nasal wash

Average nasal wash can solve the condition stuffy nose very well but you need to be very careful when using to ensure safety. Please note the following here:

• Use clean water to wash the nose: You should only use water sterilized, water boiled and cooled or solution, nasal wash, dedicated to washing the nose.

• Attention to water temperature: You should not use water that is too hot or too cold. Lukewarm water or water at room temperature is most suitable for washing the nose.

• Keep hygiene wash nose: You go toilet and wipe dry wash your nose after each use. You can use hot water and antibacterial soap to clean the jar. Then you can dry the vase with paper towels or let the jar air dry.

• Replace an washing the nose: You should change the comment as often as change toothbrush to avoid bacterial buildup on the tank.

• Observe the reaction of the body: You should stop using the nasal wash if you feel nasal discomfort, ear pain or other symptoms do not subside.

• Be careful when rinsing the nose for children: please consult your doctor before using the nasal wash for young children and absolutely do not use a nasal wash for babies.

The way to solution nasal wash

Instead of buying salt water nasal wash in a pharmacy, you can prepare a solution for nasal lavage at home. However, you should note the type of water used and the temperature of the water. Some types of water may not be clean enough and will cause harm to health. For more safety, you can refer to a number of following countries:

Distilled water or water sterilized.

Water has boiled for a few minutes and allow to cool at room temperature. You note do not use the boiled water to cool down was to air over a day.

Water has been carefully filtered with the filter extremely small, about 1 micron (1/1.000 mm).

When have secured the note on the choice of water washing the nose, you can make a solution to wash the nose according to the following steps:

– Pour about 5.5 g Kosher salt in about 16ml of warm water

– For more about 2g of baking soda into the solution on

– Stir the solution

If disposable not all, you can store this solution at room temperature for a maximum of two days. Also, if you see the nose is discomfort or stinging when using the above solution, then let’s reduce the amount of salt down by half in the first wash after.

The use of nasal lavage is how to cure a stuffy nose safely at home if you use a solution of washing nose clean and sanitary tank after each use. However, you should only continue using a nasal wash if you see the symptoms alleviated. If you see solution rinse your nose with rated ineffective or cause irritation of the nose, you please consult your doctor right now!

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