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Can you get a perm on short hair?


Have short hair and are thinking of curling it?

I had the same great idea three months ago!

And that’s a good idea.

The change is very impressive.

 Impressive that my stylist actually asked to take my photo and include it in her portfolio. 

However, to get the results that make your friends jealous, you have to keep in mind which perm is the best option for short hair.

Can you imagine what your head would look like if there were only small, small spiral lines sticking to your scalp?

I thought it would be a living image of Medusa, with small magical snakes growing out of her head instead of hair.

Of course, I don’t want to be Medusa, but I also don’t want to end up with those ridiculous knots in my hair that make me look like ET.

Do you remember the famous little alien from the movie Spielberg with a really big head?

But, I need to change my appearance.

I have been a preschool teacher for over 15 years. And, although I would love to have long hair, I decided it would be better to have short hair for my job.

Do you know why?

  • First, it saves me time. I get up, I brush it and that’s it, I can run to work.
  • Second, have you ever had an innocent kid with half a hard candy in his hair? Is not?

I hope it stays the same!

Because you can’t imagine how difficult it was to get that little candy out of my hair!

And since I ended up having to cut off 4 curls from my hair, I decided to cut my hair into a bob.

But after three years of that style, I got bored of it.

My curls stuck to the sides of my face, sad and soft, attracting even more attention to my angular face.

Sometimes I wear a bandana or a headband, but I don’t feel very comfortable.

 Until I saw an Instagram photo of a friend with short hair curled. 

In the end it looked very spectacular on her. So I asked her for the stylist’s name and address, and one Saturday I went to change the look.

Do you want to add vitality to your short hair?

Would you like it to have more volume and more movement?

So don’t give up, and keep reading, for today I’m going to tell you about:

  • The two best curls for short hair.
  • These instances do NOT make sense for a permutation.
  • If you have short hair, how much professional curling should you have

So change that and give your hair a new vitality.

There are two perms that are applicable to short hair.

Can you guess what they are?

2 best curls for short hair

just on the sides

What’s the point of a bob hairstyle and a long mid cut ?


Both are short hairstyles. But, there is an essential difference between them.

In the case of bob hairs, your hair does not reach shoulder length. In my case, for example, on the sides, my hair barely touched the jawline and nape of the neck.

Cut long in the middle, your hair touching your shoulders.

 I didn’t want to cut my bob any longer, so I decided with my stylist to only curl the hair at the roots. 

Have you ever been stuck of a fixed root?

That’s normal – the first thing that comes to mind when we hear about curls are small curls – but what I did has nothing to do with that.

A root perm gives life and volume to your hair, without affecting side length.

  • Of course, my stylist washed and dried it with a soft towel.
  • After untangle, she split it into four segments and wrapped the first 2 inches of my roots around the moderately long bars. She doesn’t put any sticks in the rest of my hair.
  • She then applied the osmosis solution, which took her a long time , as she had to ensure that the product was evenly distributed.
  • Finally, after applying the perming solution and the neutralizer, the time has finally come.

The first thing my stylist warned me was: “Don’t be afraid, the curls won’t be identified as such!”

I felt a lot of relief and as soon as she started drying and brushing my hair. My face has been transformed.

But, unlike Incredible Hulk … Nothing like that!

My face was filled with happiness and when it ended, I felt like a party the size of the Carnival, as big as Rio’s Carnival, the biggest of them all.

She did it!

My soft and boring curly hairstyle has increased volume and movement, and it is not even short anymore.

The original software is already working. And after 10 days showing it off, I realized something else: getting ready didn’t take longer than before.

So what if you have waist-length hair?

 From my conversation with my stylist, I learned that the best alternative is to get waves. 

Because they will give you movement and volume without shortening your hair too much.

Now there are some important things to consider besides whether your hair is long or short to determine if you can curl it or not.

Have you dyed your hair lately?

If so, keep reading because if you do decide to curl your hair, you could ruin your hair forever.

When should you not buy a bending machine?

stylized face

The new curling technique makes curls easier and looks more natural, and those loose curls are not only beautiful, but also easy to take care of.

But we should not forget one very important thing: the chemical products used in this process, and even though they are better than the ones used in the 1980s, they are still chemicals.

 That’s why your hair needs to be very healthy.  

  • If you color it, don’t get a color.
  • Don’t take one if you have bleached your hair .
  • And if you split the tops, cut them off. That will ensure that the capillary fibers are not damaged further.

 You should also make sure that your hair stylist knows how to do it. Inquire about their experience with previous clients and, if possible, ask them to take pictures of their work. 

And bring pictures of what you are looking for because a picture is worth a thousand words.

You should also be open to their proposals, as in the end, they are experts. Maybe you want to get clear curls, but if you cut your hair layered, you’ll probably look like a poodle.

Listen to their suggestions, because they are known.

And if you think they don’t understand what you’re looking for with your short haircut, look for another stylist.

How much does short curling hair cost?

When we talk about prices , you should remember that there is no fixed price.

 Everything will depend on the salon. It will also depend on the stylist’s experience. Because in many salons, they give students the opportunity to learn from experience. 

But, be careful, because what is cheap ends up expensive. And you have only one hair.

It’s worth paying more and keeping your hair healthy.

  • For me, when I go to a good salon with an experienced stylist, one of my bob curls costs $ 150.
  • And with waist-length hair, at the same salon it could cost $ 200.

But you should always keep one thing in mind. After getting your curler, which lasts for about six months, if you still like it you should perform permutation again.

And you should also invest a few more dollars in protein treatments because curly hair is difficult to retain moisture.

Now you know what are the two best curls for curly hair.

And you, which one do you decide to take? A root or a wave?

Types of Perms for thin hair: spiral vs beach waves

permanent waves

I was overdue for a new look and after much pondering I decided to buy an innovative ao dai.

Yes, I know, some people think this style is out of date, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Perm is hotter than ever.

Do not believe me?

Look around you.

Most women I see have wavy or curly hair.

And that once drove me crazy with jealousy!

For me it doesn’t matter if their curls are natural or if they are curled, so do I!

But I have one problem: my hair is fine, thin, looks almost loose.

Is your hair the same?

In that case, you will understand me very well. Because you know the feeling of having to fight every day trying different styles can give you smoother, more creased curls.

Even my best outfit and makeup look washed away from my “messy” hair.

But I have good news that my beautiful-haired sister!

 Spiral and wave curls are the best curls to add body and volume to beautiful hair, and say goodbye to those damn curlers. And it won’t damage your hair. 

Having beautiful hair is no longer a hindrance to curling hair.

However, I still have some doubts. Which of the two will best suit my hair and the shape of my face?

Want to know which one I chose? Want to know how my hair is?

Let me tell you.

But I also want to help you choose the best curling style for your hair.

That’s why I will explain:

  • All the differences between the helix and the permutation wave
  • Things you need to be aware of before getting a beautiful hair curl
  • I have decided to choose a perm for my beautiful hair

Difference between spiral wave and (beach) permutations

blond hair

Before anything else, I want to clarify something.

Whether your hair is thick or silky, it should be healthy before you apply it. But, in our case, having a very smooth hair, this is SUPER, SUPER IMPORTANT.

Because in the process, chemical products are used, and if your hair is weak, it can make it thinner and more brittle.

With all kinds of permutations, solutions permutations and roller different to be used for each type for a single final result.

And the results are very important to me.

What is better in my hair? A style with a spiral or a style with waves like a mermaid?

  • Spiral bending machines generate more volume and gives hair a subtle texture, and you’ll get the hair length and different sizes, will be the floating fun.

Just as the size of the curls can be small or large, you should be able to see a greater depth in your hair.

What is your face like?

Short Hair

Because it is also very important when it comes to deciding on the type of curl you want.

If your face is more square or diamond shaped, then the spiral is the ideal hairstyle for you.

Now what about beach waves?

  • This type of permutation adds volume, but doesn’t add depth.

¿Have you ever seen waves on a windy day?

That will be the effect on your hair.

Soft waves shape and shape your hair without creating crisp curls. This curler is made of large bars so that it does not create a strong curl.

How long is your beautiful hair? Is it the middle length?

If so, it is ideal for you, as it adds volume to the hair without losing length.

Think about this: the tighter and sharper your curls will be, the shorter your hair will be.

Besides, the wave is great for people with square or rectangular faces, because the soft side of the wave helps to balance out the more angular lines of the face.

  • If you want flexible curls that look defining and different, choose a spiral curl. Do you remember the style from the 80’s ? If you have very long hair and you want it to be more manageable, then this hairstyle is the right choice.
  • If you just want to add more volume to your hair, but like a wild, summer-style girl, then the wavy waves are for you.

Want to find out the style I’ve chosen?

Don’t rush, everything arrives in time.

First, I want to tell you what you should know before you get your hair curled, because although you can have beautiful hair, we want it to stay on your head.

 Things to note before getting a permutation

  • My first recommendation is to choose an experienced stylist, not a few in the neighborhood that appear time consuming.

Spend your time, chat with your friends and family, look up reviews online. Because the success and health of the perm you get will depend on it.

  • Before the date of actually getting the curling hair, make an appointment with the stylist.

 Make sure she knows what she’s doing, bring photos that show examples of how you would like your rights to appear and, if possible, request front and back photos of guests previous row has been edited. 

If you feel a little suspicious, run! Your beautiful hair will only have one chance.

  • Ask for the size of the curling stick or curling machine to be used, as this way you can see what your curls or waves will look like.

In general, the curling rods can be distinguished by color, and the smaller the rod, the tighter the curvature.

 You should talk openly with your stylist, because otherwise you may end up with a very different permed hairstyle from what you might have thought. 

Want me to tell you what happened to me?

I have received proposals for two different salons. Both have good reviews and both were recommended to me by family members.

I go to every hair salon. Both inspire confidence and look modern and glossy, basically, everything one would want when entering a hair salon to go through a process as subtle as a curling. .

But the attention I received in every place on my first appointment, that is, counseling, was completely different.

In one occasion, the stylist didn’t even invite me to sit down. Look at my hair? Not even that. The only thing she did was fiddle with the cookie, while just flipping through the pictures I showed her examples of how much I wanted my hair to grow.

When I asked her if she could show me photos of past clients who were in pain, she told me she had nobody and she had to end her appointment. we.

I left with such a feeling of hopelessness that I was about to tell hell with a new face.

But fate had a surprise in store for me.

Because at the second store, I received a glimmer of hope.

After asking me to sit down, she checked and analyzed my hair for 15 minutes. She pulled out the curlers that she would use to get the curls I was looking for,
and based on her opinion what would make me look my best and complimented me a lot. Best.

She even took the time to analyze every single picture I showed her, and explained why she despises some people, not others.

I don’t think I need to tell you where I ended up for my program.

 Furthermore, she advised me to do a protein-rich intensive treatment a few days before going to the salon for a curling, which helps rebuild the strands and enhances the strength and elasticity. 

Careful! I’m not saying anything about hydration treatments, but protein treatments ! Because too much moisture can actually affect the results of your curling.

Now the time has come to reveal my secrets.

What curling pills have I received for my hair? Wavy curls or waves like a surfing chick?

The perm I have chosen for my beautiful hair

If I say to you: summer… beach… sun… beach… sea breeze… surfboard… paraffin wax… splashing… What do you think?

Exactly! I decided to pick a wave on the beach.

  • First of all, I don’t want the curling to affect the length of the hair .
  • Second, my face has a more square shape, so this style helps soften the corners of my cheeks.
  • And thirdly, I want a slightly more wild look. An adventurous and free look from head to toe.

And the results were impressive.

My smooth hair, which once seemed to be withered and lifeless, is now voluminous and fluffy without having to spend hours in front of the mirror to brush.

Also, my hair is not damaged in the process.

You can completely change your look, even with beautiful hair.

So what will you decide? A spiral or waves of a girl surfing?

Is it possible to perm curly or wavy hair? Can it give your curls more volume and shape?

add volume

As we said, Maria has curly hair, but it lacks in focus. When she walks into the salon and asks how to restore her curls, we recommend a permanent permed hairstyle.

Is it possible to curl hair? You may have asked yourself the same question.

And the answer is: it depends on the results you are looking for.

  • If you’re considering curling your curls for more shape and stroke, the answer is yes, and it’s even recommended.
  • However, if you think curls will make your curls more manageable, less frizzy or stronger … don’t think about it. If that is your goal, the curling will only expose your hair to unnecessary chemicals and waste your money.

On top of that, there is another factor to note. There are different types of curly hair, with different curls. Your unique permed hairstyle is an important factor to keep in mind when deciding if curling hairstyles are right for you.

 Gentle waves should not be treated like curled curls. 

And the more profound difference is how the curls look like. Different types of perms have different internal structures and different care requirements.

So if you are curious how you want to curl your curly hair, keep reading as we will be discussing today:

  • What types of curves can be bent with good results
  • How to care for curls after curling

But whatever you decide, it’s important to remember that curly hair tends to be dry.

You probably already know this from experience, but since curly hair is so easy to lose moisture, it needs a lot of care. Well, curly hair that has been curled loses moisture even more easily, and therefore requires more care.

If you’re the one taking care of your locks, keep reading!

But if hair care is not your business, continue at your own risk.


Any curly hairstyles can benefit from curling irons

More volume for the hair

There are 3 basic types of curly hair: wavy hair, curly hair and curly hair.

  • Wavy hair is between straight and curly hair. It tends to be more shiny than curly hair, but not as much as straight hair and is often more prone to it.
  • Curly hair has a distinct S-shaped curl, and those curls can range from a capital S shape to a lower case s or sometimes even a z.
  • Curls have very tight curls and tend to be the thinnest and most beautiful. This type of hair also tends to be dry and brittle.

Now, let’s take a break and think: which curly hairstyle should we use?

If you think it’s the first two, that’s great! Looks like you are paying attention!

 Curls should never be used on curly hair, as chemicals can weaken the strands, lose moisture, and break easily. 

If you are interested in straightening your curls, we have suggested other treatments, such as hair botox.

Curling tongs are a great way to add definition to curly hair, but it’s very important that you discuss stick sizes for use with your hair stylist.

Now, if you have curly hair I would suggest a curl part.

Does anyone know what partial permutation is?

It’s basically a curling style in which the stylist only partially curls the hair.

In general, curly hair appears flat near the roots. So if you are looking for more curls, I recommend you only curl the roots, and leave the bouncy and defined curls in the rest of the hair.

 As you can see, it’s very important to consult a professional stylist before curling your hair. 

A stylist can look beyond looks and be able to understand the different structures, patterns, and needs of different hair types. They can then use this knowledge to find the best solution for your hair goals.

Determination of hair wave

Don’t forget that perms is a chemical process, using ammonium thioglycolate to break down hair structure and when it has the desired shape, a neutralizer with the oxidizing agent stops the process.

If you already have very tight curls, this solution can cause the strands to swell and become more porous, dry and curly than ever.

Wavy strokes, on the other hand, can define its “S” shape and give the hair more volume and fluff.

Do you still want to get a perm?

If so, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

On top of that, make sure there is no silicone in your hair, as it can act as a barrier and prevent the solution from saturating your hair.

 We recommend using cleansing or anti-scale shampoos to remove any chemical products or build-up that could interfere with the dye. 

Curly hair also needs more care, so make sure to always apply styling products while your hair is wet, don’t brush your hair while it’s drying, and use a diffuser with a dryer .

I also recommend washing your hair every other day or less and using deep conditioning treatments regularly. Don’t forget that the cuticle – which protects your hair shaft – has been damaged, which means it is very easy to lose moisture.

Now, if you already have a fixed version, I’m sure you’re curious how to make it last as long as possible.

If so, keep reading!

Have you curled or wavy hair? Then let’s talk about how to properly take care of it

After curling your hair, don’t even think about washing your hair for at least two days so that the hydrogen bonds are properly established.

And don’t worry if your curls look very tight at first as they will loosen and have a final shape after about two weeks.

When properly cared for, a curling plant will last for at least four months.

  • As I mentioned before, curly hair needs this type of specific shampoo and should not be washed every day.
  • Try to avoid using a hair dryer if possible. But if you have no other option, make sure to use a diffuser.

The gel works well for creating tight curls, while the cream and mousses are great for curls and looser waves.

  • If you have a bad habit of brushing your hair when it’s dry, stop!

Curly hair is never combed while it is drying, instead simply styling and untangle with a wide-tooth comb .

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of science behind curling hair, both before and after the treatment.


I would recommend curling hairs to:

  • Add volume and sharpness to the wavy hair.
  • Create more even curls with a variety of textures. Maria, mentioned at the beginning of the post, has this kind of hair. After curling, her curls are more even, clearer and even more fun!
  • Add the curls at the ends but straight at the roots.
  • In the end, I would never recommend perm for someone with curls or very obvious curls.

Now it’s your turn to share: what curly hairstyle do you have?

And after reading all of this, are you planning on getting a perm?

2 ways to straighten a perm (without damaging your hair so much)


Thinking of a straight curling?

I have some bad news for you.

 Straightening the curling without damaging your hair is an MISSION. 

Yes, just like you read it.

It doesn’t matter if you straighten your hair with keratin or flat air or any other way.

Whichever method you choose, your hair will suffer the consequences.

I’m not here to defend the devil, but let’s be clear.

 You went through a very difficult process to get unbelievably beautiful curls, and now you want to go straight back. You may also go crazy.  

If that’s the case, I’d rather use a hair curler.

I know it sounds difficult, but for me the most important thing is to advise you what is best for your hair.

We are all human now. And we make mistakes, or we fail to anticipate the consequences of our actions.

And I can assure you that I understand.

  • You may think that with curlers, your hair will get more wrinkles, but you don’t think about the hours you need to style it.
  • Or maybe the stylist made a mistake and instead of soft waves she leaves you with curls that make you look uncomfortable.
  • Or maybe you simply miss out on your straight hair.

Well, I’m not as bad as I look. But in life there is always a bit of good and bad.

I gave you the bad thing. A good challenge for you to learn how to take care of your hair.

And well, I’ll let you know below.

 Because I’ll tell you two less aggressive ways to straighten your hair and avoid starting the long path that leads to hair loss that sometimes doesn’t come back. 

You choose.

So today, I’m going to tell you:

  • Ways to straighten hair with curlers
  • How to take care of hair before and after curling

Whatever your decision, remember this.


It doesn’t matter if you hate your curls. It doesn’t matter if your brother calls you to screw the cork.

To straighten your hair, you should wait at least a month.

Said that, and I hope it really sticks to your brain, let’s get started.

How to straighten a fixed with as little damage as possible

I want to believe that before straightening your hair, you will take good care of your hair.

Because if not, nothing will be the same. You can straighten your hair, and instead, you will get opaque white hair with lots of curls.

Would you like to know what is the least aggressive method?

Well, guess what.

Overall, it has a long, black body and it leaves behind rays of heat as it passes through. What is it?

Very well, you guessed it. The iron is flat!

Straighten your hair with an iron

Straighten hair

Yes I know. It can be a bit disappointing as it’s not a permanent solution.

But if you straighten your hair with a curling iron, your hair will be much less fluffy because you won’t be using any chemicals to change the inner structure of your hair.

Of course, always remember to use a thermal protector to reduce heat damage.

Alternatively, if your hair is very healthy, you can pre-dry it with a dryer and a diffuser while straightening the curls with a comb.

Then, equip yourself with patience.

  • It is not as simple as using flat irons. Remember that you have a permanent hair perm.
  • You should divide your hair into small pieces, not larger than 1.5 cm, and use the iron to flatten each part, gently press.
  • I recommend that you start straightening the pieces closest to the base.

This is the least aggressive method to get you going.

Of course, as soon as you wash your hair, your curls will return.

 What can happen if you straighten your hair two or three times a week is that the curls will slowly stretch.  

But understand that they will never completely go away until the potency is over.

Now, let’s move on to the next method.

One set fixed.

No, I’m not crazy. In this case a fixed set will be used very differently.

Straighten hair with the home hair curler

smooth curls

Before explaining this method, I want to clarify something.

After using the kit, your hair can dry out.

So I recommend going to the salon for a professional deep moisturizing treatment.

You will only need to use the fixation solution and neutralizer included in the kit.

This time, you will not use the stick, as you are trying to get rid of the curls.

  • Wash your hair with regular shampoo, dry it with a soft towel, and divide your hair into 4-6.
  • Then, using the gloves, begin to apply the curling solution while brushing each part of the hair while applying the solution.
  • Always use a wide tooth comb.
  • Once you’ve finished applying the solution to your entire head, keep brushing your hair straight for about 10 minutes.
  • After the time is up, rinse your hair with plenty of hot water. When I say hot, I mean as hot as you can bear without burning yourself.
  • Dry your hair with a towel and apply the neutralizing solution to your hair, just like you used to apply the solution before.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse with hot water.

After completing this whole process, you will see your curls more stretched, almost completely.

Whichever method you choose, you should prepare your hair for the front and back.

And this is equally important and how to straighten the curls from your curling iron.

How to take care of hair before and after curling irons

Certainly, after curling, you will take care of your hair to regain the moisture lost during the curling process.

This will make it stronger so it can cope with the straightening I told you earlier.

 What I recommend is the day before, whether you are using a straightener or a curling iron, overnight with coconut oil

It is not a science and it penetrates the hair, nourishes and adds moisture to the hair.

Now, the most serious part happens after straightening your hair, as your hair will get dry.

And you will need a lot of hydration.

Because in a short while you’ve decided to go through two processes that involve chemicals, and unless your hair is made of steel, like Superman’s muscle, it should at least be a little dry.

Do you want me to be honest?

 If you can, go to a salon and do a treatment like Olaplex. 

Don’t think badly of me! NOT because I want to get clients. I recommend this for your hair. Also, I am writing for women from all over the world.

My concern is the health of your hair.

Can’t pay for a treatment like Olaplex ?

Take a look at other cheaper treatments that will get your hair into the hands of the experts.

Because it’s better for prevention than treatment.

So, do you want to hear my conclusion?


  • If you feel that curling straightening is a life and death problem, try it with the iron.
  • If you feel that straightening curls depend on the most important thing in your life, try the curling set.
  • But if you think you can live without a crown, and you can wait until it goes away for months, do it.

In the end, what did you decide?

16 styles of perms with a bob cut (shoulder-length hair or less)

stripes between hair

Are you thinking of getting a bob cut with curling iron to really wow your friends and acquaintances?

If you have very long hair, you should think seriously about it, even if you speak to a stylist.

Do you know why? Because although recommendations from experts are always a good place to start, you’ll be the one with a bob cut.

And you should look good and feel good.

The curled bob is a bold, sassy, ​​sexy and stylish hairstyle, however, it is not the best hairstyle for everyone.

Let’s play a game.

Stand in front of the mirror and look at yourself.

  • Do you have a wide neck?
  • Does your function pronounce?
  • Is your face oval in shape?

 If the answer is yes, then bob-cut is probably not for you.  

Because this cut tends to accentuate the neck and jawbone, suitable for those with a beautiful neck and without the jawbone.

Also, if your face is oval in shape, it could accentuate your chin too much.

shoulder-length hair

However, despite these exceptions, a curl bob hairstyle can be a good alternative to changing your look to something more modern, which will imply a bit of hold. preserve.

Have you heard of Coco Chanel? And Rachel McAdams, the actress in one of my favorite movies, “The Notebook?”

They have bob hairstyles, and it gives them a wacky look and a “world is within my reach” atmosphere.

  • So curls are ideal for long and thin faces as they add volume to the upper body making the face look wider.
  • An inverted bob , for example, can visually widen the neck, hidepronounced, expose wrinkles and add volume in thinning hair.
  • The outline of the bob cut also highlights the neck and collarbone, adding a very feminine and sexy appeal.

Do you think bob haircuts are not for women over fifty?

You are wrong

Hair tends to be thinner as we age.

This is very noticeable when the hair is long, as the hair tends to be greasy faster. Therefore, the hair pieces tend to stick to themselves and to the scalp, exposing more areas of hair loss.

When you cut most of your hair, you will remove the dry, frizzy ends.

This means hair follicles do not need to secrete a lot of sebum to moisturize broken, dry hair.

 That is why, if you are over forty years old, a curled bob hairstyle can give you more curls, making it look thicker and stronger. 

Now that you know the advantages of a curled bob, I’ll show you some ideas to bring with you on your next appointment with the stylist .

Be one of those women who have the world at hand!

Bob hair is curled asymmetrical

neck in sight

The asymmetry with curls isn’t as sharp and clear as with straight hair, but it works and it makes a simple cut look much more interesting.

You can get this idea with both tight curls as well as softer waves and all the options in between.

Shoulder curl

We can say that this is the most classic and easiest to maintain. All hair loss is uniform and is about equal length, meaning you don’t need to maintain it as often.

If you are looking to change your appearance but don’t want to complicate your life in the future, you should think of things like this.

Sexy and outstanding waves

If you have straight hair and you can’t make that radical change, then you can try some loose wavy hairstyles. And what ultimately gives it a more insight are some of the highlights.

Short curling soft hair

hair curlers at the hair salon

This is the best example where you don’t have to be too curly. Here, with some soft curls, you can get a very interesting effect.

Of course, for this look, you have to expose your neck. This can be an ideal look for women who have short hair or who want a very short look for whatever reason.

Wavy bangs with medium length and short hair

prominent honey yellow color

Do you love bangs?

Then you can try a style like the one above.

This look can suit both short hair as well as shoulder-length hair.

red hair

Keep in mind that this is a difficult hairstyle because bangs have to be corrected regularly , especially if your hair is growing fast.

Beach waves clap your shoulder

This is the style that many people call surfing or beach waves .

The idea is to mimic the looks of women who spend hours surfing the web. Of course, these prominent blondes have a natural tendency, but not always.

blond hair

For ordinary people like you and I who work in four walls, the only option to get this look is to visit our trusty hair stylist.

This idea works best with very loose waves. The blond tone you choose will depend a lot on your hair’s taste and history. Remember not to color and curls on the same day.

Magic waves and colors

Here, there are plenty of options you can imagine, and of course your stylist can.

Today, silver, purple, and blue tones are very popular, but you can also choose from more classic colors like red or bronze.

For the highlight to look better, the waves should be bigger.

Waves wild

Longer dress will lengthen the form of curls.

The added weight stretches the spirals and produces waves instead of tight curls.

If you have shoulder-length hair, it gives your hair a frizz-free look and random wavy curls.

Of course, your ideas will stay the same. How do you like it?

Now that you have an idea of ​​what curling style you want your hair to be, remember that it is very important to know how to style your curls .

With a brush? None of it, please throw it away once and for all.

But don’t worry, below I will show you how to style your permed hair.

How to maintain curls like the first day is longer

The size of the curls you choose does not matter, knowing how to care for them is extremely important for this process to last longer.

Take care of your curls, and they will thank you.

  • Always brush your curls from the bottom up.

Starting at the bottom will allow you to gently unscrew each button , instead of pulling them all down.

To do so, always use a wide-tooth comb.

  • Cut the ends regularly.

Split ends are never beautiful, other than the fact that they can lead to frizz.

If you want to have healthy curls that look vibrant and fresh, you should visit a hair salon every six to eight weeks to trim the ends of your hair.

  • Use specific styling products.

You can use mousse for curly hair as well as coconut oil for styling.

You can also use specific curly hair serums to soften and curl your curls.

  • Deep conditions ended.

When your permed hair has gone dry or too dull, do n’t apply a lot of products.

Just use your fingertips to apply a dime-sized drop of cream or oil to brush the ends of your hair, giving them moisture and movement.

By now, you know which curled bob hairstyle could be your next new look.

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