Answer questions cancer blood life is how long? -

Answer questions cancer blood life is how long?

Blood cancer life is how long? This is probably the general questions of many people. Fact, the prognosis of life of each person will be different, depending on a number of factors.

Blood cancer is a very dangerous disease, can occur at any age. Although is a common disease, but many people often do not understand information about blood cancer. Therefore, they have a lot of confusion and questions about this disease, such as cancer of the blood can it be fixed? Or blood cancer live? The article below will help you answer the questions on it.

Blood cancer is what?

Blood cancer is the malignant disease, occurs when the number of leukemia cells grow too fast and too much in short time. The white blood cells will eat the red cells, causing the body severe anemia and can’t fight infections.

The expert classification of blood cancer into 3 groups:

  • Leukemia
  • Cancer lymph nodes
  • Multiple myeloma

Although the cause blood cancer has not yet been identified, but a number of risk factors may cause you to increase the risk of disease such as:

  • Genetic. If you have relatives with cancer of the blood, the risk of disease will be higher. However, you can still cope with this disease by regularly doing cancer screening.
  • Other factors such as environmental pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals, infectious substances, radioactive, radiation…

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Blood cancer life is how long?

Each person will have the ability to respond to treatment and effective different treatment. Therefore, there is no way to accurately determine the blood cancer to live long. The vast majority of cases, the duration of life of the patient depends on:

  • The type and stage of cancer
  • Cancer had appeared in the lymph nodes in the groin yet
  • The overall health of your
  • The method you previously been treated

However, based on survival rate, you will have a better overview about the life time of people with blood cancer.

Myeloid leukemia, chronic

If you are diagnosed with the disease in the early stages and there treatment, then the average survival time of about 8 years. If you have leukemia the middle stage and received timely treatment, the time life of about 5.5 years. If no luck detect the disease in the final stage, you can only live at most 4 years.

Myeloid leukemia acute

Myeloid leukemia acute usually more common in adults. So mature people with blood cancer live? According to statistics, if detected early, approximately 20-40% of patients are receiving treatment will live about 5 years. However, if diagnosed late, the survival time of patients is not high.

Lymphatic leukemia, chronic

If the cancer only affects the B lymphocytes, the disease can live from 10-20 years. However, if you have leukemia T lymphocytes, a chronic life time very low.

Lymphatic leukemia acute

For leukocytes, lymphocytes, acute, the disease progresses very fast and difficult to control. Therefore, patients usually do not live long, only about 4 months. However, about 80% of children suffering from this disease can be cured completely. In adults, the cure rate of only complete about 40%. In particular, children from age 3-7 will have the ability to receive treatment and recover health more quickly than adults.

Disease multiple myeloma bone

Experts have yet to determine the average survival time of people with the disease multiple myeloma bone the early stages. In the second phase, the life time is about 7 years. For the disease of multiple myeloma in the last stage, the life time is about 3.5 years.

The factors that influence survival time

Fact, there are many factors that influence the duration of life of blood cancer, such as:

  • Age. People as young will have first quality of life better, that is, treatment outcomes and prolong survival time higher.
  • Types of leukemia cells specific that cancer influence. In addition, changes in chromosomes and genes also can affect the prognosis of life of patients. A number of genetic abnormalities in specific cells, leukemia can make the disease difficult to be treated more successfully.
  • Time of diagnosis the disease. Typically, the detection as soon will help to make the treatment process more effective. In the case of disease detection delay, as when too many white blood cells abnormal blood cells go into the brain or the spinal cord, survival time will not remain high.
  • The ability to respond to treatment and time to remission of the disease. If the disease coming back after treatment, you may need to do chemotherapy.
  • Diseases use blood diseases and leukemia
  • The level of bone injury
  • Exposure to some chemicals, such as benzene
  • Exposure to some types of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Chromosomal mutations
  • The body’s response to treatment
  • The number of blood cells
  • There is smoking or not

Blood cancer be cured?

Besides the issue of “blood cancer to live long”, then “blood cancer can cure is not” are also many who are interested. Currently, the chance of cure from the blood cancer is quite high. If you are diagnosed and treat the disease timely, you can rest assured to live without fear of disease recurrence. Even so, the ratio of cured blood cancer in the world is not high, only about 10% of the disease often detected late. According to experts, whether you are healthy or have a history of diseases of the blood, have relatives with blood cancer… let’s make cancer screening every 6 months to detect the disease timely.

The method of treatment of cancer of the blood common such as:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Bone marrow transplant/transplanting hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow
  • Bone marrow transplant/transplanting blood-forming stem cells taken from the cells of peripheral blood
  • Bone marrow transplant/implanted stem cells taken from cord blood
  • Stem cell transplant hematopoietic half a HLA

Hopefully with the useful information on here, have helped you have a better view about blood cancer. Remember, regularly do health checks and compliance with treatment regimens will help results cancer treatment of you better.

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