Allergic rhinitis (Part I): the Cause of the disease

Article written by consultant, Associate professor, Dr. Phan Quang Doan – Expert allergy – clinical immunology – general Internal medicine Department – hospital international Vinmec Times City.

1. Allergic rhinitis

VMDƯ disease is the inflammation of the nasal mucosa due to exposure to mobile resources respiratory – Disease characterized by the symptoms: sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose , itchy nose.

Disease mechanism allergy and due to very many causes, so, the incidence of this disease in the community the rise in our country and the world (from 10-25%).

VMDƯ is benign, but sometimes seriously affect quality of life. The sick or a headache, insomnia reduces concentration in study and work. Social communication is also limited or inferiority can lead to depression due to frequent sneezing, runny nose , even eating also feel uncomfortable because of these symptoms. Income of patients is also diminished due to labour productivity, reduced sick leave and cost of patient care.

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2. Causes of allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a disease of many causes in the environment to live and work triggers.

Causes most common are house dust, pollen, feathers, dust, industrial staple is cotton dust, mold, etc., In the cause on the house dust mites, pollen is the main cause VMDƯ.

Allergens house dust mites often cause VMDƯ year-round. VMDƯ year round even when the patients with hypersensitivity to the allergens and fur animals in the house: dogs, cats, birds. Symptoms sneezing, runny nose in can occur daily. The animal experiments (mice, guinea pigs, monkeys, rabbits, rats, white) can also cause VMDƯ in people in regular contact with them.

The type of mold, cockroaches, dust, cotton, wool, dust, library dust, etc. also cause VMDƯ year-round.

VMDƯ due to pollen can be considered a form of allergy in pure with some of the following characteristics:

  • Occurs in individuals that have atopic allergy, young age, usually from the ages over 50.
  • Have a history of allergies family.
  • Symptoms VMDƯ happen with a pollen season markedly, triangle stock, sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose ever also appeared, the most severe in the evening before going to sleep and when wake up in the morning. Often accompanied by conjunctivitis or bronchial asthma.

There are many types of pollen can cause VMDƯ: roses, milk, orchids. In addition, grass pollen, pollen flower, Ambrosia, the type of this flower must be small in size, the amount of pollen large, wind-pollinated new likely to cause VMDƯ.

Source allergens pollen depending on the type of trees, planted flowers, wild flowers, and by geographic region. If only the app with a kind of pollen trees grass, then the end of the season will return to normal, which is VMDƯ according to the season. If you are allergic to many types of flowers, then symptoms can appear year-round.

In addition to the above causes, symptoms VMDƯ can appear increased when there is the northeast monsoon, weather changes, humidity, the type is the most difficult, cigarette smoke, coal smoke, etc..

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