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9 ways to check the health simple you can try now

You can learn how to health check at home when observed hair loss on the floor look in the mirror see the eyelids or perform the movement of the body. Maybe you will detect is the abnormal about his health sooner than the doctor’s!

To health care in the best way, you should periodic health examination at least once each year. However, you also need to make the health check a little between the times to the hospital to detect early signs alarming.

1. Check out heart and lung disease

How to check the health of the heart and lungs as you put the finger under the letter J flipped upside down and knit the two hands back for the nails of two index finger pressure on each other.

• Good health: If you see a small gap between two nails of two index fingers, then your cardiovascular system remain healthy.

• Health is not good: If you don’t see the gaps between two nails, the nail has been thickened by blood does not have enough oxygen. This condition can be due to diseases of the heart, lungs, and the digestive tract.

2. Check stroke and memory loss

You raise one leg up so that the thigh parallel with the floor and press start now.

• Good health: If you can stand with this posture for 20 seconds or more, the risk of stroke or losing your memory very low.

• Health is not good: on the Contrary, if you have difficulty in maintaining balance on one leg thing, exercise and activities in moderation than to protect the brain, okay.

3. Check anemia

You stand before a mirror and pull the lower eyelid down

• Good health: If the skin underneath the eyelids are bright pink then your health very good.

• Health is not good: However, if the skin is pale pink or yellow, you may be missing blood.

Anemia is due to lack of haemoglobin and causes muscles as well as tissues in the body do not receive enough oxygen, from which it can not operate effectively. If you find yourself pale, easily tired or breathing heavily, then let’s go to the clinic immediately.

4. Check hormonal imbalance

Each day, you shed from 50 to 100 hairs and this is the normal, not worth worrying about. However, you need to be careful if you see hair loss too much.

You take the little test below to check out his hair there is shedding too much or not. When the hair was dry and clean, you take a small curls and lightly pulled.

• Good health: If you only see about 2 – 3 strands of hair loss at then this is quite normal.

• Health is not good: You need to go to the clinic if the hair loss more than 2 – 3 strands.

Hair loss can be due to stress, poor hygiene or health problems serious. Sometimes, this is a sign of hormonal imbalance or lack of nutrients.

5. Check carpal tunnel syndrome

This test can help you detect a problem of the office staff, painters, or athletes, cycling or join, which is carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome appears when the nearby tissue inserted into the nerves between and you need treatment as soon as signs.

You raise both hands up to the forearm parallel front and then try to bend the hands so that the fingers touch near the wrist.

• Good health: If you can hold my hand so in 1 – 2 minutes without discomfort then there is nothing to worry about.

• Health is not good: If you suffer from tingling, numbness or pain in wrist or fingers, then this can be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, you know.

6. Diabetes test

To do this test, you need to have a person help themselves. You ask another person to grab the pencil has eraser comes to touch the feet you. This person used random early lead or top eraser to touch your legs and you close your eyes or turn away to not see people that are taking on this.

• Good health: If you feel the lead or the eraser is touching his feet without looking, then your health is still normal.

• Health is not good: If you don’t feel the do is touch his feet means the nerve endings on your feet not operate effectively. This can be a symptom of diabetes, too.

7. Check the health of the arteries

You lay on the floor, lift your feet up a 45° angle and hold for a few minutes. Then you observe the color of the table legs.

• Good health: If skin color feet and toes is normal that there is no change in tones lighter, that means your circulatory system, your blood stable.

• Health is not good: If the foot and toes pale, then this is an indication that your blood circulation is not good. Pale colors this can appear in both feet or only in one foot.

Peripheral artery bringing blood to the extremities so when the artery is clogged, the engine does not get enough oxygen and will become pale, as well as numbness or pain. This condition is called peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and can lead to heart attack and stroke if not treated.

8. Hearing test

To do this test, you need to go to a quiet room. You raise your hand, ear and rubbed two fingers together, and listening to the sound from the hand. Then you take your hand away from the ears as possible and rub the two fingers together.

• Good health: If you can still hear sound, then your hearing is very good.

• Health is not good: If you can’t hear when making away you can hearing was impaired.

You use how to check hearing health is to check out both ears.

9. Check out cardiovascular disease

To do this test, you will need to climb stairs (about 8 – 12 steps) and sing a song. If you don’t want to sing, you can speak on the phone or read aloud something.

• Good health: If you feel completely normal when singing and step up, then your cardio no matter what.

• Health is not good: If you feel my heart beating fast when just climbing the stairs was just talking, that means your cardiovascular system and lungs, not enough health.

Although the way health checks at home can help you feel more secure, but can not replace the process of examination your general doctor. So you still need periodic health examination and check as soon as signs of abnormal, okay.

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The article of Hello Health Group and Hello Doctor only for reference, not a substitute for the diagnosis or treatment of medical.

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