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9 ways cure hiccups simple help you comfortable right

You’re chatting fun or working hard, then suddenly is hiccup? To avoid these annoyances in addition to desired, you can apply how to cure hiccups with white sugar, ice cubes, filtered water, honey, paper bag…

Hiccup is quite common, happens due to the involuntary spasm of the diaphragm muscle located between the chest and abdomen. When the diaphragm is in spasm and acoustics will be closed very quickly, causing the characteristic sound of hiccups. Each tranche of the hiccups usually only takes a few minutes but can also last for many hours.

Generally hiccups do not cause serious harm to health. However, if the condition hiccup repeated often, it will make you feel tired and uncomfortable. You can apply many ways to cure hiccups simple, with ingredients available at home or by the small tips other according to the following suggestions.

1. Swallow a spoonful of sugar

The secret swallowed a spoonful of sugar is a method to cure hiccups common is many people together. The cause is because the grains of sugar may cause mild irritation of the esophagus, causing the nerves of the body to reset itself lead to the sphincter no longer, from that the hiccups will go away.

Put a spoonful of sugar into the mouth and then chew slowly and swallow slowly, you will feel all the hiccups quickly. In addition to sugar, you can eat peanut butter is also how all the hiccups effective.

2. Propped stones in the mouth

When are hiccups, you should open the refrigerator and took out a few small stones to use for curing hiccups. The cold of the stone has the ability to soothe the nerves are irritated and help you out of hiccups more quickly than usual. In addition, you can ask someone else to unexpectedly rub the stone face you is also a good way because the feeling of cold surprise why you’ll stop the hiccups more easily.

You can suck on ice cubes in the mouth or gently rub the stone up the face. If the stone is too cold or too small, causing difficult for you to handle then you can remove the stone in a thin cloth, then began to rub lightly on face.

3. Drink water in sips

How to drink water through a straw can help you stretch the nerves to resolve the hiccup effect. In addition, gargle with water can also bring the same effect. You can stop the hiccups after drinking a few sips of water, however occasionally you also need to try a few times can dispel bouts of hiccups.

You try holding a mouthful of water, bend over and swallow sips of water into the throat backwards from the bottom up will increase more effective.

4. Take a deep breath

You need to breathe deeply and hold the breath as long as possible. Action to keep breathing is a way to cure hiccups effectively. When you deep breathing will stretch the diaphragm and prevent it from shrinking. Status double diaphragm makes you hiccup and when the contraction is stopped then the hiccups will also automatically stop.

You take a deep breath, then hold for 10 seconds. Continue to inhale and hold in 5 seconds without breathing the old out. Times Tuesday, continue to inhale more and hold in 5 seconds without exhaling breath of the old, and then breathe out slowly.

5. Drink honey water

Honey will stimulate the vagus nerve directly from the brain down to the stomach. The research has proven that, done this a few times will bring effective help cure the hiccups.

Let’s you stir a teaspoon of honey in warm water and drink slowly. Honey also has a calming cough and anti-infection.

6. Stick out your tongue all the way in

Activity stick out your tongue will stimulate the vagus nerve, dilation of the nerves of the sound, reducing the contractions that cause hiccups. You will breathe lighter, thanks to that quell the spasms that cause hiccups.

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When no one around can see, you can and stick your tongue all the way in. You can stick out your tongue for 5 seconds and then repeat about 5 – 6 times to expect some hiccups cease.

7. Face ears back

When you use two fingers to ears in a moderate way and gently stroke the branch of the vagus nerve also extends in the ears and the fingers will stimulate them to do to stop the hiccups fast performance.

When suffering from hiccups, you make ear muffs at the same time, hold 5 minutes. Then gently push your finger into the ear, the memory is to push it gently to avoid causing your ear pain and do not push too deep will cause damage to your ears, okay.

8. Make yourself fear

Although this may seem hard to believe but the fact is that a fear response stimulates the nerves causing hiccups. If the above ways can’t make you stop hiccups, you can try to apply this way because many people were confirmed to be very effective.

You can do things that you are afraid to do, such as turn on a horror movie and see until all the hiccups, then you only afraid not is hiccupping again.

9. Use paper bag to cure hiccups

Recipes use paper bags this may increase the amount of CO2 in the blood, creating pressure forcing the diaphragm contractions stronger and more prolonged to get more oxygen taken up lungs. If you have a paper bag sealed and clean then this may be the cure for hiccups effect that you should apply.

You make the knots tight top paper bag around the mouth, breathe deeply and slowly. However, you note that I should stop immediately when you start to feel dizzy and shortness of breath, okay.

You go to the doctor when the hiccups occur lasts more than 48 hours, or when you see the hiccups affect your ability to breathe or eat your drink. You don’t see often hiccup because if it happens too often then this is also a manifestation of the dangerous disease such as gastroesophageal reflux of the esophagus. However, the big hiccup is a normal phenomenon and happens rarely so don’t worry too!

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