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9 things you should avoid in order to live better in the year 2019

Year of the Pig can be a new beginning for you to accomplish those goals health care. Besides these things should be done, you also need to list all the things should avoid to live better in the year 2019, you know!

To improve the health, mental and physical, you make the Hello Doctor set goals 9 things you should say “no” to healthy living more in 2019, okay.

1. Apply diets, and

If you intend to have a diet, and such as only drink juice, stay away from all the carb like pasta, rice, bread, fruits… it will cause bad effect to health. 2019 is when you should stop dieting persistent and less effective. Diet harsh detox or purification of the body only temporary weight loss, not bring lasting results.

Diet, and can cause you to lose nutritional balance, lack of substance affects the health and work efficiency.

2. Compare virtual life on social networks

If you visit the social network such as Facebook, Instagram… you can see people are living a perfect life with the travel extravaganza, happy family and successful life. However, what is shared on social networks, not always is life it’s everyday, sometimes just certain moments that’s all.

Year 2019, you should not spend too much time accessing social networks to have a life of relaxation and happiness more.

3. Forced myself to exercise a ministry of sports

You should not be a sports only because the people around or the media are saying good and effective. If you try to squeeze yourself in a sport that you don’t love, this will be very difficult to be able to maintain regularly because you will find out reasons to quit.

You choose the sport you really love and plan workouts tailored to healthy living more in the year 2019.

4. Eat the dishes do not suit your taste

You should have a healthy diet, balanced beneficial for health. However, you should not only attach importance to the nutritional quality of the foods that we forget his taste. If your stomach is not in accordance with the type of fish, you can eat chia seeds, avocado or porridge oats in the morning to supplement adequate omega-3 fatty acids. If you don’t like to eat salad, you can find the way of processing suitable addition to enough greens.

If you don’t like a type of food that you can still choose the food alternative that still ensure nutrition and good taste.

5. Download the application not needed

According to a new study from UC Irvine, every time we dispersed the focus will need 23 minutes to regain focus. Smart phone is one of the factors causing the dispersion concentration at the most, every time the phone rings or vibrates because you have a new message, you will take more time to be able to focus on the issue you’re handling.

Ago when want to download a certain app, you should consider this app are really necessary or not. If not, you don’t should download and install. The download app can will make you get much more informed every day, cause lost of focus even more. This will make you meet many annoyances, which affects the quality of life and your work.

When you need focus, you let your phone in silent mode at the same time keeping the number of applications in your phone to a minimum to avoid distraction.

6. Do it in a “paid post”

If you are having a sex life according to the habit of the old style “post pay”, you should try to improve this situation in the year 2019. When you feel the knee is gradually bland, try to add spices and reheat the relationship. If encounter pain condition during sex or frigidity then you should go see a gynecologist or a psychiatrist.

When not want to close, you can reject lightly because sex is not the only way to become closer or find more excitement.

7. Try to wake up early in the morning

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People often say time work is most efficient at 4 – 5 am, get up early at this point and go to the gym is healthy lifestyle. However, getting adequate sleep, deep sleep is extremely important and is an integral part in the mode of healthy living.

If too busy, you don’t necessarily have to try and get up early at 4 – 5am but please allow yourself to rest and start a new day full of energy.

8. Abuse products “natural”

Today, the products such as food, cosmetics, functional foods of natural origin are being advertised, sold rampant and can easily be purchased in any where. The products these are advertising are great advantages in beauty, support treat disease, digestive problems, anxiety, disorders of sexual function…

The products derived “natural” has not been scientifically tested can cause harm to the body if not used properly or used in a long time.

9. Regular online social network

Habit of online social networking not only makes you waste time but also lead to the trend of “virtual life” when you update the images beautiful shimmering far different to reality. The consequences of this lifestyle can make you more confident with your true self in daily communication.

Year 2019, you can attempt to make myself become beautiful and more healthy thanks to skin care, yoga… instead of using the app to edit photos.

When setting goals, building healthy lifestyles for 2019, should you be interested in both mental health and physical. Whether you want to do anything, let’s start with health to create the conditions most important to help you reap success, okay!

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