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9 things that can get in the washing machine that you don’t know

Có fancying things can be put in the washing machine that you absolutely don’t know as the type of carpet, fabric bags, toys, baby, sports equipment, kitchen utensils... You try utilize a washing machine to save effort cleaning the house, okay!

You know the washing machine is one of the very useful because of the ability to clean many different things, not just the clothes? List of things can be put in the washing machine will help your house cleaning more quickly very much.

1. Sports equipment

Accessories protection sports (protection of knees, elbows, gloves, shin guards…) always get dirty and absorb sweat when you are finished playing. But few know the simplest way to clean these items is to use the washing machine.

You only need for all sports gear in a mesh bag or pillow case, then pour the soap into and to mode gentle washing. Even, you can fully dry bags sportswear in the washing machine, too!

2. Types of carpet

Rubber mats or cloth should also be cleaned regularly if not will dust and accumulates more bacteria. You just need to put the carpet the same number of towels in washer and select washing mode lightweight and doesn’t use any detergent whatsoever. You also don’t forget that these items should only be washed by cold water, okay.

3. A child’s toy

Bacteria are easily accumulated on the stuffed animals and other small toys your child’s favorite should be the clean all the toys is very important to protect human health better. You put toys into the laundry bag, for 1/2 the amount of detergent than when washing regular clothes and adjust the cleaning mode light.

You note that should only be washing stuffed animals or plastic toys and plastic but should not remove the toys of hard plastic in the washing machine will have the risk of scratching the machine.

4. The type of bag

Consumers increasingly more observant when choosing the cloth bag can be reusable, environment-friendly, instead of plastic bags when shopping. The bag fabric is washable by washing machine.. You use washing powder, clean warm water and adjust the mode of washing lightly. Besides, you can also dry clean the leather bag with its similar way as above.

5. Curtains and cotton bath

Cotton bath and curtain can also be washed by machine. You put all in the washing machine and add 2 – 3 pcs towel to dry cleaner. When washing, use a small amount of detergent and select the washing mode normal.

6. Bed and leash pet

Before washing, please vacuum the bed and put a chain round the neck of the pet into the pillow case or laundry bag. When washing, you should adjust the cleaning mode normal for these items.

7. Hats and hair accessories

The type of hat, headband or corsage hair also need to be cleaned often to toilet than. When cleaning these items, you should use cold water and to washing mode light. However, please note to avoid washing a hat with a brim made from cardboard, okay.

8. Mouse pads

Mouse pads are one of the things dust in the house should you need cleaning supplies this often. You choose the gentle washing with warm water and after washing then dried outdoors.

9. Kitchen utensils

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If the pads make a cake, bake a cake by sillicon and pieces pick up the pot without adhesion of grease, you can completely dry them in the washing machine. You can wash these tools separately in the washing machine with warm water and add a few towel to dry cleaner.

The washing machine can bring more benefits than you think if you know how to take advantage of. Instead of laborious hand-wash these widgets on here, you should remove them in the washing machine to save effort, okay!

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