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9 simple ways to help you quit the habit for your arm

There are a lot of people nowadays are addicted to cracking your knuckles and do not realize the harmful effects of this habit. Some people believe that cracking your knuckles can lead to problems of the joints, so you should stop this habit right back.

This article of Hello Doctor will help you understand the hazards of the habit of cracking knuckles as well as 10 simple steps to be able to “terminate” this habit.

Crack your knuckles what is and why people addicted to so?

Cracking joints is the action increases the distance between the knuckles or joints of hands. You can hear the sound cracking your knuckles when the hand joints are stretched. The reason for this situation is because in the synovial fluid of joints contains nitrogen form the air (exist in the form of bubbles) dissolved, when bending hand, gas bubbles will break down and make cry.

Knuckles can’t call 2 times in a row close to each other that need to have time to bubble this gas accumulates back in the joint.

Many people believe that cracking your knuckles feels like the bones are rearranged, and things that make them feel satisfied. The breaking of joints sometimes bring feeling quite comfortable, so many addicts and turn it into a habit.

Cracking knuckles latent dangers what?

Cracking joints is done in a deliberate way and often more impact to the joints in the hand. Action bend the hand joints are very closely related to arthritis of the hands. The following are the potential risk that cracking your knuckles can cause:

  • Cracking knuckles can lead to the serious condition of the joints or arthritis of the fingers.
  • Meet the pain prolonged and repeated often in the joints.
  • Can occur abnormalities in the structure of the joints such as damage to ligaments or intervertebral discs is loose.
  • The break knuckles out of habit can lead to dislocated fingers, causing the ligaments to stretch excessively, your finger is swelling or reduced grip of hand.
  • The breaking of the finger joints constantly can increase the risk of swollen joints due to bursitis.

Simple ways to help you quit the habit of cracking your knuckles

Many people realize that cracking knuckles is a habit that they need to abandon as soon as possible. Below that a number of simple ways that can help you quit the habit is not this good.

1. Find you new habits

Painting, making crafts, or writing are things that can help for the mind as well as your hands busy, which will help you don’t have time to think of the breaking joints anymore.

2. Use the techniques of behavior therapy

If you’re really determined to want to abandon the habit of cracking your knuckles, you can apply measures to control his behavior. You can follow two way is self-rewarded or self-punished. Be rewarded, while restraint is desirable to break joints and penalty when you can’t do that. This method can help you quit this habit, not this good.

3. Learn new skills

Cracking knuckles sure is a harmful habit and you need to do something to quit this habit immediately. A good way to help you to remove gradually the habit of cracking your knuckles is a new skill. You can learn to twirl a pen or coin to help increase the flexibility of the fingers as well as help stretch your hands to pain. Training proficient in new skills required you must focus and spend more time for it, since it helps you to forget about the habit of cracking your knuckles everyday.

4. Use the prevention methods

You can apply many different ways to prevent the habit of breaking his hand. The first embodiment is to apply a cream to the skin hand. Every time feel like cracking knuckles, you can think to apply hand lotion. This not only helps you prevent the habit of cracking your knuckles but also help your skin become more soft.

Embodiments Monday you can apply is use gloves or wrap your hands back when you watch movies or rest. You can also something in your hand, this helps prevent you from having to bend your arm.

5. Wary of his habit

Many people often bend the knuckles as a habit every day and very difficult for them to realize that they are breaking the joints of the fingers until it has broken done. So a good method that can help you to limit the habit of cracking your knuckles is due to the people around you remind every time that you prepare to bend the joints of arms or just breaking of joints is few fingers.

6. Don’t criticize others

The criticism or complaining isn’t a good way to help a person quit the habit of cracking your knuckles. These things sometimes cause stress should not be and do everything worse. So, if you have relatives or friends like to crack your knuckles, gently exhort and remind them.

7. Need supporters

Understanding and sympathy from people around will help to quit the habit breaking joints becomes easier. So, family and friends plays an important role in helping you to quit this habit, you know.

8. Find out the cause of your worry

Typically, we or break joints when feel suspense or worry. Therefore, finding out the cause of anxiety is an effective method help you can give is the habit of cracking your knuckles. Stress can come from many causes such as problems in relationships with family and friends, study or work. Please note the time feel want to break your knuckles or cracking your knuckles repeatedly you might be experiencing stress straight, you know.

9. Need time to completely abandon this habit

Patience is a panacea, are very useful for those who are want to quit the habit of cracking your knuckles. This is a harmful habit, once you realize you need to quit this habit, you should give yourself some time to get acquainted.

If you are addicted to the breaking of joints of hands, you should realize the harmful effects of this habit as soon as possible. The cracking your knuckles too much can lead to serious diseases related to joints and can cause you pain. Let’s apply the 9 simple steps that Hello Doctor has recommended for you to “push back” the habit of this, okay.

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