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9 signs nail expression of your health

You often do the nail to look more beautiful, but you know the nails signify health? A lot of information about your body is revealed through the shape and color of nail it!

When the body is healthy, nails are often colored pale pink, the semicircle near the base of the nail is white, the surface smooth, no ledges, grooves or discoloration different. If appear any change on shape or color, it may be nails are want to signal to you that the body is having problems.

Let Hello Doctor see the nails signify health how ago 9 signs here.

1. Nail expressions health with longitudinal dark stripes

Possible causes: Cancer, melanoma

If you regularly check the status of moles appear on the skin because of fears about skin cancer, you should also spend attention to the color change of the nail. Cancer melanoma, the most severe form of skin cancer can also manifest through color change nail. If on your nail suddenly appeared, barcode, black, unusually long on any finger you should see your doctor to be checked.

Skin cancer, which is visible clearly through the change in color of moles, manicure and pedicure. An open wound does not heal can also be signs of skin cancer should be checked.

2. Nail expressions health with white horizontal stripes

Possible causes: zinc deficiency

The horizontal stripes on the nails may be signs that your body is lack of zinc or protein. Stage of development the nail when she will be interrupted due to insufficient nutrient intake or blood necessary to feed the nail. In addition, horizontal stripes appear on the nail can also be signs of more serious problems, such as diseases of the kidney or liver.

Red meat such as beef, pork and lamb, located out of the supply of zinc and protein best. In addition, you can find the source of nutrients equivalent abundant in oysters, clams, shrimp, crab, grain…

3. Nail expressions health with many vertical stripes

Possible causes: Age

If you find that there are multiple vertical stripes appear on the nail and file the nail becoming dry assembly over, it could just be a sign of age, not worrying. Vertical stripes on the nail as well as wrinkles on the skin will appear more when you are older, especially when stepping over the age of 50.

If appeared the signs of aging, you can improve by combining with diet healthy and take care of the body with the right exercise.

4. Nail expressions health with the concave

Possible causes: iron deficiency or anemia

Nail shape this looks pretty weird, so you can see right. This shape of the nail can be a sign that your body is anemia and iron deficiency. In this case, the nail will thin flattened to the concave down instead of right slightly raised.

Iron is lost in feces, urine, skin, sweat, hair and nails. Especially in women, iron loss during menstruation should need to supplement iron in the diet in red meat, fish, eggs, chocolate, cereals…

5. Nail expressions health status with brittle

Possible causes: Lack of biotin

Biotin also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7 is a B vitamins soluble in water, has many important roles in the body, help nourish the skin, beautiful hair, fingernails, toenails strong and healthy. Nail chapped, dry, brittle will be more prone to fracture than normal and the most important cause can be due to lack of biotin.

You can buy functional food supplement of biotin for the body or through the foods rich in biotin such as eggs, almonds, cauliflower, cheese…

6. Nail expressions health with large semicircles

Possible causes: diseases of The liver

Often, people we all have a semicircle on the nail, although not the nail of the finger also. Many people can only see a semicircle on the nail of the thumb.

At first glance semicircle this as a parts of the nail, in fact they belong to the skin right under the nail. A semicircle normal, healthy will be crescent-shaped, ivory-white, and about 1/5 the length of the nail. If you noticed semicircle has a size larger than normal, you might be having problems with the liver.

Some diseases of the liver can improve thanks to the change of active lifestyle such as stop drinking or lose weight. The state of the liver, should be early diagnosis to timely treatment.

7. Nail expressions health with red stripes

Possible causes: endocarditis

The red stripes look like blood is unusual signs, especially if the red streaks will appear in the bottom half nail near semicircle. This may be a sign you are infection of the heart valves.

Endocarditis , or inflammation of infective endocarditis is infection and inflammation of the heart valves as well as the inner lining of the heart chambers (endocarditis). The risk of disease will increase in case you have just heart transplant have congenital heart defects or heart failure. In addition to the unusual signs in the nails, your body will also appear the same symptoms of the flu such as weight loss, muscle aches, cough…

Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend heart valve surgery, damaged or replace it using an artificial valve to another.

8. Nail expressions health with the form of flaking

Possible causes: psoriasis

Peeling nails, appearance the small plate floating on the nails are commonly found symptoms if you have psoriasis. The disease will cause itching, dry skin, appearance flake iridescent silver, white, slightly protrude the surface of the skin with the edge red or pink.

Psoriasis is disease chronic skin often appears and then goes away. The disease can be mild, appeared then, but also could have been serious.

Psoriasis nails is not the main disease form of psoriasis which is a manifestation of psoriasis. The treatment process can be very time consuming because of the need to assess the impact of treatments through the expression of the new nail grows out.

9. Nail expressions health with convex shape up

Possible causes: diseases of The lungs

If your nail is convex like a spoon upside down and looks manicure as swelling, it can be a result of the diseased condition of the lungs, which leads to the amount of oxygen in the blood is lower than normal. Lung cancer can is the most common cause, but this condition can also be related to diseases of the liver or thyroid.

Want to increase the health for the lungs, you eat more foods such as apples, salmon oil, olive oil, green tea, coffee, assorted whole grains…

Our bodies are miraculous and every parts if there are differences all may be signs that your body is having problems in need of attention. In addition to the skin or hair, then you should also note the color and shape nails to timely notice the unusual points. Don’t miss out on any small change anywhere on the body because it very could be the start of many illness worrying over it!

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