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9 recipes delicious help you stay confident when in the kitchen

You want to processed food to ensure hygiene and safety, but afraid to cook not delicious? In order to be confident when into the kitchen to do more dishes attractive deals family, then you refer to the recipes delicious!!

The fact is you don’t necessarily have to go to cooking school to become a good cook over. There are many easy things you can do when cooking to have better results. Here are 9 recipes delicious is synthesized from the opinions of many experts in the field of cooking, will help you improve your cooking abilities in a significant way.

1. Prepare full cooking utensils

Prepare full cooking utensils needed is the first step to you can make delicious dishes. Sometimes you can’t make a certain dish the right way, just because of the lack of tools. The cooking utensils necessary that the majority of people need to have is a cutting board, the knives, scissors, pot, pots, pans…

You need to prepare at least 2 chopping boards to cut individually cooked and live. For more convenience, you should have added a cutting board to cut fruits, avoid fruit infected with the smell of other food such as onions, garlic.

Note that you should purchase the type of sharp knife to easily cut peel vegetables quickly with size, evenly spaced to avoid cooked unevenly. A hint is that you should have a large cutting board to be able to prepare the material quickly.

2. Arrange kitchen space neat

Kitchen space neat and clean will help your distracted, easily get the necessary things when cooking and avoid forgetting tasting the spices necessary for the dish. Space cooking there should be enough light needed to you can clearly see all widgets.

In addition, you should prepare a barrel of garbage to be able to remove compact garbage instead of to promiscuity, unsanitary. Things like garbage bins, pots to dirty dishes should be placed in reach of you so you can remove the shell of the vegetables are not used to, such as peel onions, peel garlic… in the process of preliminary processing.

You can save space by adding shelves for use in on higher. Note that you should arrange everything organized and fixed, thanks to which every time need what are you can save time looking.

3. Food shopping reasonable

You should avoid buying excess or lack of raw material for cooking, as this will be difficult to ensure the fragrant, tasty dishes. In addition, the food fresh, often brings the more delicious is the food to long in the refrigerator. This also helps you easily processing, safe food for more health.

However, if you do not have time, then you need to plan sensible shopping for the week and ensure to use all available food. You go to the market will be much faster if you up a detailed list of things you need to buy at each stall.

You should avoid leaving food too long in the fridge without resorting to. Please refer to the recipes to be able to estimate is the raw food need to use and food shopping in a sensible way.

4. Reserves available spices are often used

While cooking that need certain condiments but you don’t is all right condiment it’s dishes also hardly delicious true taste. Therefore, in order to avoid cases are cooking, that all the spices, season to taste, then let’s you buy are full of spices such as salt, sugar… and have cabinet take a minute. Spices such as fish sauce, salt, sugar, msg, seasoning salt,… usually limited to use quite long so here are the things you should be hoarding available in the house.

Every time you need to get any spice out of it would you remember to buy additional spices used and put into place spices reserves are available regulations. You also shouldn’t reserve too much to avoid spices expired.

5. Avail spices from herbs

The seasoning herbs such as garlic, pepper, onion, ginger… should be used to add to the types of dishes according to recipe suitable because it will increase the delicious aroma to the dish. You should not ignore the types of this condiment when marinating food because it will reduce the flavors of the food go more.

You should remember that the spices, herbs should not be left too long without use. Let the spices herbs at near eye level so you do not forget the use to as well as remove and replace the spice herb new after a period of time.

6. Carefully read the recipe before cooking

Reading recipes will help you get to familiarize yourself with the dish that you will cook at the same time help you to prepare to be full of raw materials and components are needed. If just reading the recipe just cook will easily lead to confusion, sometimes burn food if not for other raw materials into.

Read the recipe in advance will help you avoid the cooking of the raw material the wrong sequence, especially not neglected a spices something or many things other necessary that your food becomes less delicious.

You can decreasing the spices to suit your taste as for more things you love and remove the things you don’t like to eat. However, to ensure you will be successful then you should do the proper guidance as a beginner.

7. Primary processing of raw materials the right way

Primary processing of raw materials is the process of cleaning, cut, thai marinated, grind the crushed… processing of raw materials into semi-finished products to move through a period of heat processing. Whether it is dry food, vegetables or fresh animal meat, seafood… all have to be processed carefully according to the different principle to remove dirt, toxic substances.

Primary processing of raw materials correct will help clean food, ensure the criteria for hygiene and safety, health protection, user and preservation of nutritional value inherent in food.

8. Seasoned professional

Marinating food according to the sequence salty – sweet – tangy – spicy – no smell is the sequence of marinated standards; help spice osmosis well and helps the dish get the desired taste. Duration marinated depending on the type of food used. Therefore, you should not apply a duration of marinating for the different dishes not the same.

Not only that, a delicious meal isn’t the food just with the taste of the cook but also need to make the people enjoy feeling satisfied. In addition to base on the general, you need note own taste of those present in the meal.

There are people who like spicy food, people like to eat sour, people prefer sweet. Through the questions on each person’s taste, things that they are not edible help you can skillfully adjust and reduce the spices accordingly.

9. Practice cooking regularly

Before starting to do the dishes need to invest a lot of effort then you should start by practicing mastered how to cook a dish simple. Not only does this raise the possibility of your success but also help you feel more confident in cooking. This is a factor extremely important, you will increasingly cook more delicious if regular practice and experience gradually through each dish.

When need to prepare a meal, first you should think about the simple, easy to make, such as: fish, fried eggs or the salad greens simple. Then you will upgrade the dish requires processing more complex.

Cooking is an art and you need regular practice to get really proficient, sensitivity and dexterity skills. So, the secret of cooking delicious meals on this is just the beginning to help you easily get a meal more delicious. Something more important is that you need to cook often and spend the love this work to really bring the dish values for his family okay.

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