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9 natural ways to help you kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

If you wake up one morning to see the itchy and red spots, you don’t forget to check see if I have bedbugs bed biting is not okay. Let’s find how to treat bed bugs, bed on the mattress to remove these detestable creatures is out of place in your now!

Bed bugs bed has a very small size, only about 5mm but have the ability to reproduce very quickly. Aphids can be quite “smart” because they are usually hiding very difficult to detect and, in particular, bedbugs bed back live long to enjoy the last few months. These creatures, however little, but it will make you experience not less trouble from the bite, redness, swelling and itching all over.

Want to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress, then you need to have patience because it will take quite a lot of time for them to disappear completely. Even if not done the right way, you also cause the bed bugs to the bed spread over a wide area and difficult to remove.

Try to apply the 8 ways below to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress in a natural way, okay.

1. Washing to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

To kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress, you first have to change the entire bedspread linens and things related such as:

  • Blanket
  • Pillowcases
  • Curtains
  • Clothes left on the bed

Bed bugs the bed can move in space so if you want to kill them, need to ensure clean laundry all the items nearby.

After washing, you should use the drying mode to kill the bed bugs or basking in the sun to completely dry cloth. You absolutely do not get to the cloth is damp because that will be the favorable environment for bed bugs to multiply back.

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2. Cleaning dust to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

In addition to dry clean the pillow cover, blanket, mattress…, you should also clean the dirt from the surrounding environment to limit the proliferation of bed bugs. Make sure you don’t forget to clean between the bed and the area under the bed.

Bed bugs bed can hide in anywhere in your bedroom, especially in the dark corners, including the tables and chairs in the room. Even, sometimes you will find bed bugs beds in the electrical outlet again.

You should clean bedroom space at least once per week, if possible, use the vacuum cleaners will give better efficiency. You also don’t forget to clean the vacuum cleaner to avoid the risk of cross-contamination, okay.

3. Is steam to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

A few items probably will not be dry under high temperature and even vacuum cleaners also can’t help getting rid of bed bugs complete bed. At this time, you can use to how to clean with steam if problems with bed bugs bed still has not improved.

Use of steam at high temperature is very effective to destroy the little creatures hated as bedbugs bed along the larvae of it. Scientists have discovered bed bugs the bed can be destroyed quickly in a temperature of 60°C.

The table is to help push the steam wool core deep inside the small area, the depth to which the sanitary appliances usually can’t reach.

4. Use baking soda kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), also known as the drug salt is a raw material commonly used in the food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical industry. This is the white powder, slightly salty, alkaline, high hygroscopicity, but less soluble in water.

Baking soda works by drawing water from aphids bed, causing it to dry and slowly die. You can spread a layer of baking soda around the place bed bugs bed attack from the wall to the corner shop, anywhere you think bed bugs, bed are staying.

You should only to baking soda in it within 1 week, then use the broom or vacuum clean them. You repeat this process a few times to completely remove bed bugs, bed on the mattress.

Baking soda is raw material easy to find and purchase which have many uses such as teeth whitening, clothing, oral hygiene, acne, treat sunburn, treat calluses lumpy, soothe wounds, insects bites… in particular, you can use baking soda to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress very effective, too.

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5. Use mixture to kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

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You try making a mixture of powder kill bed bugs bed by a number of natural materials. Chili powder, cayenne and ginger combination with the concentration of the essential oil of oregano can kill bed bugs, bed very effective. Please try to reference the formula as below:

  • 1 tbsp chili powder, cayenne
  • 1 morning glory ginger crushed
  • 1 tablespoon essential oil of oregano
  • 250ml cold water

You for mixture of chili powder, cayenne, ginger and oil of oregano on cold water in a pot and boil for about 7 minutes. Then llearns the mixture take the water and put into bottle and then spray around the area there are bed bugs bed shelter.

You can spray the mixture of chili powder, cayenne, ginger and oil of oregano within a few days until the aphids bed on the mattress completely gone.

6. Use tea tree oil kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

Tea tree essential oil has antibacterial, antifungal and virus. Not only that, the tea tree essential oil could also be used to kill many types of insects, including aphids, bed.

You should use of tea tree oil to kill bed bugs bed early before they attack over a wide area. Please dilute 20 drops of tea tree essential oil 100% pure in spray bottle with cold water and then spray evenly throughout the room.

Your attention to squirt many solution of tea tree oil in the area around the bed as well as wall, wardrobe, curtains and other materials made of other fabric. Let’s repeat this once per week until the aphids beds were all destroyed.

7. Use lavender oil kill bed bugs, bed

Lavender oil not only in the type of soap or essential oil helps to relax, you can also use essential oils is to destroy bed bugs, bed very effective, too. Also similar to tea tree essential oil, extract essential oil of lavender is resistant to insects should be very toxic to bedbugs bed but extremely safe for humans and pets.

To a solution of bedbugs bed on this mattress, you just fill the tank contains water and add to it 15 drops of lavender essential oil. If possible, you should add 15 drops of peppermint oil to enhance the effect.

Lavender essential oil can help destroy the eggs and larvae of bed bugs bed. You can apply spray this mixture every day to effectively kill bed bugs best bed.

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8. Use mint leaves kill bed bugs, bed on the mattress

You can use mint leaves to eliminate aphids bed on the mattress due to the in mint leaves contain essential oils insect resistance strong. In this way, you take crushed mint leaves dry out, then spread the leaves all over the area you suspect there are bed bugs bed. If there are many bedbugs in bed, you just need to increase the amount of mint leaves more.

You can be sprinkled dried mint leaves crushed once per week until the aphids bed on the mattress completely gone. Then you need to change into new leaves as old leaves as if to long they will also lose all the apps.

In order to completely destroy bed bugs, bed on the mattress, you will need quite a lot of time. When discovered bed bugs bed lurking in the house, you can try to apply a few ways on here to avoid bed bugs spread more serious. In addition, you also don’t forget to schedule laundry and clean up regularly every week to clean your living space often.

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