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9 breathing exercises to help you sleep better

These breathing exercises not only does it relieve stress but also help you to go to sleep after a tiring day of work. If you don’t want to use sedative drugs have many side effects, you try the simple breathing techniques this way.

You may find it difficult to sleep when suffering from stress or worry too much the problem has not been solved during the day. If prolonged, this situation, you will be more tired because not enough sleep. To go to sleep easily, you have to close your eyes to the way the cups with the causative neglect the outside. Then, you focus on the breath and apply one of the 9 following breathing exercise to get more restful sleep.

1. Breathing exercises to the beat 4 – 7 – 8

Here’s how to practice breathing exercises to the beat 4 – 7 – 8:

– Open lightweight lip out.

– You exhale all the way. When breathing out, you make it sound like when you are whistling.

– Closed lips back, and then use the nose inhale for 4 seconds.

– You hold the breath for 7 seconds.

– Breathe out again for 8 seconds and also create a whistling sound.

– Repeat 4 more times the above steps. When accustomed, you gradually increase number of repetitions to 8 times.

Breathing exercises to the beat 4 – 7 – 8 developed from techniques ancient yoga help you relax and replenish oxygen to the body.

2. Breathing exercise Bhramari Pranayama

Try breathing exercise Bhramari Pranayama according to the following steps:

– Close your eyes and breathe deeply.

– Use the palms of the hands face ears back.

– Put both index fingers on the eyebrows and the remaining fingers are placed on the eye.

– Using fingers press gently into the sides of the nose. You remember focus on eyebrow area.

– Close the mouth and then exhale slowly through the nose and create the “um”.

– You repeat the above steps 5 times.

Bhramari Pranayama has been proven in clinical studies to be able to reduce breathing rate and rapid heart rate should will help you relax and sleep better.

3. Breathing exercises three parts

To practice breathing exercises three parts help sleep better each night, you follow three steps:

– You inhale a breath, long and deep.

– You breathe out, and focus to feel his body.

– After performing the above steps a few times, let’s you slow down the process of breathing out his to time the exhale twice as long as the duration of inhalation.

Breathing techniques three parts is extremely simple but has the effect to help you sleep, so you can apply the time feel tired.

4. Breathing exercises the diaphragm

To perform breathing exercises the diaphragm, please follow the following steps:

– Lie on your back and listed a pillow under your knees to keep the legs slightly bent.

– Place one hand on your chest and rest hands on the abdomen.

– Breathe slowly and deeply through the nose. You take a breath so that your hands on big hold, but the hand on your belly move with each breath.

– Chúm slight lip back, and then slowly breathe through the mouth.

– Gradually, you will be how to breathe in and out without moving the chest.

Breathing techniques diaphragm has the effect of slow breathing and reduce the oxygen demand of the body, thus helping you sleep better.

5. Breathing exercises Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Here are the steps guide you in breathing exercises Nadi Shodhana Pranayama:

– You sit down, legs crossed.

– Put your left hand on the knee and place the thumb of the right hand on the nose.

– Breathing out, then use hand to block the right nostril. Breathe through the left nostril.

– Open hand in right nostril, out, block the left nostril and breathe through the right nostril.

– You continue to perform the above steps for 5 minutes and finish the exercise by breathing out through the left nostril.

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A 2013 study that discovered that those who practice breathing exercises Nadi Shodhana Pranayama less stressful.

6. Buteyko breathing exercises

To Buteyko breathing exercises, you practice the following steps:

– Sitting on the bed, mouth slightly closed, and breathe through the nose with natural speed in about 30 seconds.

– You feel the rhythm of breathing in and out of her.

– You gently block both nostrils with your thumb and forefinger and closed mouth until you can’t hold on longer.

– You shut your mouth and take a deep breath by the nose again.

Many people don’t realize his breathing is tight. Buteyko breathing exercises will help you to feel and control his breathing better.

7. Breathing exercises Papworth

In the method of breathing Papworth, you need to focus on the diaphragm to breathe in a more natural way:

– You sit up straight. You can sit on the bed if you want to sleep always after.

– You breathe in, breathe out deeply, then count from 1 – 4 each time to inhale or exhale. You can breathe in through the mouth or nose, but need to breathe out through the nose.

– You concentrate on pacing up and down of the abdomen and listening to the sound of his breath.

Breathing exercises Papworth just help you relax and contributes to reduce the habit of yawning and sighing.

8. Breathing exercises Kapalbhati

Breathing exercises Kapalbhati involves the following steps:

– Inhale deeply through the nose as if you are enjoying a pleasant aroma.

– Slightly pucker as when you are about to blow out the candles.

– Through the lips slightly chúm, you let the breath out slowly 3 times more than when you inhale.

– Repeat until you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Breathing exercises Kapalbhati help reduce shortness of breath and improves the exchange of gas by removing the CO2 excess.

9. Breathing exercises Box

In this breathing exercise, you focus intently on the amount of oxygen you are breathing in, breathing out:

– You sit up straight, inhale and tried to exhale all the air in the lungs.

– Inhale slowly through the nose and count to 4. You just count just inhale more air into the lungs.

– Hold breath and count to 4.

– Slowly breathe out through your mouth and focus on pushing all the oxygen out of the lungs.

Breathing exercises Box are common techniques in meditation can help you find the mental focus and relaxation.

Meditate properly in combination with the breathing exercises not only help you sleep but also has many benefits for general health. So, let’s practise every day in order to have quality sleep, okay!

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