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8 signs that you can live the life

The sign forecast you can live the life comes from routine daily life, personal interests and relationships around. Are you curious to know if I can live longer than 100 years?

The progress on education, health and technology in the field of health care can make a positive contribution to improving life expectancy. However, the daily routine can also influence whether you can live life or not. Let Hello Doctor watch through a number of signs have been proven to be may portend for the longevity of you in the future.

1. You live longer than with the young at heart

You have often heard someone say that age is only the numbers? This is not just words of consolation when every year you re-add the old one without a reason for it.

Important issue is that you feel his age rather than actual age of her. A study has participants in the age about 65, shows: people who feel younger than actual age from 2 – 3 years of age have less risk of death within 8 years after than those who always feel older.

Thinking optimistic, always find yourself youthful and healthy would be spiritual medicine valuable can really make you live longer.

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2. You live longer than when drinking regular tea

A study with more than 40.500 people in Japan showed that people who drank at least 5 cups of tea per day significantly reduced the risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

You should also note that the tea bag filter will not give the same benefits. Milk can also reduce the protective effects of tea for the circulatory system. Therefore, you should still drink tea with lemon or honey is best.

Both green tea and black tea both contain high levels of catechins that relaxes blood vessels and protects heart health.

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3. You live longer than when taking exercise

The habit of walking at least 30 minutes every day will make you live longer than the little ones walk. Those who are overweight can improve their heart health by adding 10 minutes of physical activity on the schedule daily.

Strength in the lower body is also synonymous with balance, flexibility and strength good. When you get older, these factors will be key to help you reduce the risk of falls as well as the other injuries.

You can enhance the health and flexibility for the legs, with simple walking, jogging or exercises, squat, lunges, jump…

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4. You live longer, thanks to the food purple

The fruits are purple as grapes, blueberries… all have shades of dark nature due to containing the compound polyphenols. This compound increases the flexibility of blood vessels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and protect the body against Alzheimer’s disease.

In the food color purple also contains anthocyanins help protect cells, reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of some types of cancer and protect skin from being hurt by sunlight.

You should supplement foods such as purple sweet potato, blueberries, eggplant, mulberry, purple cabbage, mulberry… into the daily diet to enhance health.

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5. You live longer than when more friends

Life will be happy and filled with joy than when you are sharing with the people around. Many studies have found that people who have many connected friends will often live longer than the average age.

According to a study on longevity in Sardinia – a small island of the mediterranean, you can see the majority of people here are living more than 100 years old and the main secret is located in friendship. Every day people greet each other when out on the street and if someone is sick, the next door neighbor, will visit question right.

The connection with people was important but will be even more wonderful if the people around you are healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you should find a healthy activity to exercise together.

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6. You live longer than avoiding sweet drinks

Fresh water with gas will increase twice the risk to lead to metabolic disorders, the cause leading cause of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. A study by the University of Miami (United States) found that people who have the habit of drinking soda daily are at risk for cardiovascular disease to 61%.

More serious, sweeteners, natural and artificial can make you addicted to the food and sweet drinks more. Then, your body will be increasingly more dependent on the food didn’t bring nutritional value whatsoever, but also makes you suffer from many severe physical diseases.

Even filtered water can also make you change the way add to the natural flavor. You can add few slices of lemon, orange or fresh fruit in a vase of water in the refrigerator to beverage.

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7. You live longer than when the pet

These lovely animals will help you less lonely and become more fun, more dynamic. Research shows cats can reduce the risk of heart attack to 30%. Meanwhile, dog owners can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

In older people, hobbies, pets also enhance the ability to activity of the sympathetic nervous system helps the body calm and relax. Pet also increases the sense of responsibility, help you adjust better lifestyle to more health and extra care for a “member” anymore.

The pet in the house not only bring positive atmosphere in the family, but also as a therapy simple help you prevent disease and live longer than.

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8. You live longer when you have short naps

A study population made on a small island in Ikaria, Greece, with those who live on the 100-year-old has found the secret to live life, located in siesta. The results showed that those who spend at least 30 minutes nap per day will reduce the risk of mortality from cardiovascular to 37%.

Naps can help the elderly improve sleep at night. A nap of 30 minutes in time frame 1 – 3 p.m. in conjunction with the post moderate exercise such as walking and muscle relaxation in the evening will help to improve sleep quality more.

A nap will help you stay awake and maintain performance after a morning tired. Instead of drinking coffee has many side effects, you should take the time nap to regain alertness in a natural way.

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Well, we all want to live longer to enjoy life and be beside those we love. Let’s maintain healthy habits and optimistic thoughts, you will always young despite time!

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