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8 signs make you to become a target of crime

Those who have intentions like theft or grabbed just 7 seconds to observe the signs as the way to go on the stand and accessories to decide whether you have the right target or not. So what should you do to not lay in sight of crime while walking down the street?

A study in about the 1980s has learn how the criminal chooses his victim. The researchers took video of a bustling street in New York city (United States) in 3 days then for some crime had been sentenced to watch the video. Then, the scientists ask the criminals select their goals.

Results have shown some non-verbal cues given can make you easy to become a target of crime than others. You let Hello Doctor refer to the signs listed below to avoid it.

1. Speed go fast

Go fast is a sign that you are preoccupied to a matter what it and is not interested in the people around. So, you can become an ideal target of crime. When walking in the street, you keep your average speed or a little faster at least compared with the people around. The more important thing is you need to be focused, alert and calm.

2. Footsteps limping

Usually you will go limp if there is blistering the skin of the feet or have wounds in the legs. In this case, the crime will think you hard resistance if attacked, and will choose you as a target. So, you try to keep step it’s all okay.

3. Go no line

A gait not sure or not right straight way will turn you into a target of crime because people with this gait usually do not have much ability to fight back when attacked. To have the gait more stable, you make my hands rhythmically follow in the footsteps and put the heel to land first and then to toe.

4. The figure lazily

If you move slowly, le foot, on the road or standing in a languid, people who have bad intentions will think you are tired and no energy to resistance. This is the reason you will catch the sight of the bad.

5. Not straight

Back and shoulders not straight and shows you who is the coward and weak, it’ll scare the bad guys to italy. You keep back and shoulders straight as well as slightly lifting the chin up a bit to show the confidence of themselves.

6. Carrying many things

People who have bad intentions for that women handbags many bags on hand are the targets easy to attack the most. These people are often too busy with his belongings should be difficult to react.

In addition, the habit of hands in pockets is also why you could not contrive, when the problem occurred. So, let’s you arrange the furniture neatly to two hands free when walking the streets.

7. No eye contact

The element of surprise is the key of the attacks should those who have bad intentions always find a way to make you not to notice them. So, you can protect yourself by looking straight into the eyes people have suspicious behavior, to inform them that you are to italy.

8. Wearing headphones

When wearing headphones, you will not hear the sounds around should easily become the target of crime. If you don’t hear the sounds around you can be attacked from the rear that don’t recognize the name crime. To avoid this, please adjust the volume on the headphones so as to still hear everything happening around.

You need to show the robustness and ability to handle his situation if do not want to become the target of crime when out in the street. Just change the way walk and his limited carries many furnishings, you will minimize the risk of surprise attack!

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