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8 recipes to help you work at home effectively

Although not a freelancer freelance work, you can also have the day working at home without coming to office. How to you can freely manage time effectively without easily distracted by the pleasures or children?

If working at home, you will be able to balance hours of sleep to have more time with your family, friends and do things that you enjoy. However, not to the office can cause you to neglect more work with many pleasures such as watching television, reading, cooking… in particular, you will be more difficult to focus than if you have to take care of her child!

So you need to do to minimize the effects causes of distraction and working at home effectively?

1. Choose the appropriate attire when working

When working at home, the outfit as comfortable as pajamas or dress sleeping will bring the feeling of comfortable and pleasant. However, the proper attire with hours sleep will make the brain not awake and you will also easily feel lazy.

You also don’t need to wear too formal with shirt, trousers or vest when working at home. Instead, byou select the outfit just enough courtesy just as comfortable as t-shirts and jeans mezzanine to be inspired working at home more.

If you want to improve your mood, you can also do a little bit with the flower dress has bright colors.

2. Remove the causative distracting

For the house, not enough space, sometimes the work-room is also the living room, bedroom or kitchen. This will cause you to be distracted by the television, more film, or a soft bed or refrigerator containing the delicacies. So if we can’t arrange a private office, you also need to change the working space stars for these agents cause loss of focus is not in sight.

You can mount blinds, buy more book shelves, put pots of plants to prevent his desk with the bed, tv or dining table.

You also need to be careful with social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube… because this is what can take away a lot of time. You can up social network, relax for about 5 minutes when work stress but don’t let period of time this relaxation lasts too long.

3. Specify working hours in the clear

You need to separate working hours with hours with my family and friends. However, working at home, you still need to ensure the quality of his work. The occasionally suffer the children disturbed or friends hang out, can is why you often lose focus and not complete the job I need to do.

You let the people close to her know the time of his work, so that they avoid bothering you in the now.

After work, you will have a lot of time here with family or friends. In hours of this entertainment, you won’t need to worry about anything about work.

4. Arrange the room to work at home reasonable

However, you may want to occasionally go back in my room to get a reference or adjust the air conditioning to move the limbs, but these things can be very time consuming. So, you put the things I need most as documents, paper or pen nearby. This arrangement not only help you save a lot of time but also avoid the distraction from the work being done.

You also need to cleanup the place of his regular by cleaning the laptop, remove the paper sheets no longer used and rearrange pens and books. When the work site neat and clean, you will be inspired to work with.

5. Don’t do many things at the same time

Many people believe that the habit of doing many things at the same time will help you save time, thereby increasing work efficiency. You may want to shorten the work time by just checking email just read the contract with the customer. Actually, you can hardly do any work, what a way to look good if scattered his attention so.

To manage work effectively, you should keep the work I need to do in the day and addressed each in turn the one.

6. Breaks often when working at home

Even when you need focus, you also should not work continuously for a very long time. The habit of sitting too long can affect your health physically and both god of you. Just need to get out of work a few minutes as you can reduce stress and have more energy to focus more.

You can break by way of to the kitchen, coffee or out on the balcony watering the plants to change the view around to see I’m too stressed or tired.

7. Up available work schedule for tomorrow

At the end of the work, you make a list of things to do tomorrow like work, transport kids to school, complete projects, go to meet friends, do housework… this Habit will help you plan for the working day at his home in the most reasonable way possible.

For example, if you know you need to go medical and finish writing a paper tomorrow, let’s go to the clinic in the morning, then writing in the afternoon. How to arrange this will avoid for you the status is work in the morning, then have to stop to go to hospital, then again take time to return to work in the afternoon.

Routine pre-arranged what I need to do also help you not get distracted by the chores need doing like washing dishes or laundry. When spent your own time to do these things, you will be assured work according to work schedule than that don’t worry when you see the dishes or the dirty clothes pile.

You can learn more: Tell your “secret” to arrange the work schedule effectively.

8. Change the working space

Sometimes working at home doesn’t mean you have to stay in the house that can pick a more interesting place to work. You can come to one place to create much more inspiring for themselves as cafe or library to complete the work. Sometimes a little change like that can help you get more new ideas, more focus and tackle tasks more quickly.

Working at home can bring much freedom and inspiration, but not easy because you need to learn how to control my time to be able to work effectively. When accustomed gradually, you will feel very happy and full of energy when made by the owners themselves, as well as work time to achieve high efficiency.

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