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8 interesting facts about blood type O not everyone knows

According to research, those who carry blood group O will have a higher risk of plague, tuberculosis, mumps than those who wear the other blood groups.

Human blood is classified for the first time in the early 1900s by Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian doctor. This discovery not only serves for the purpose of medical that according to the concept of many cultures, this is also factors that affect health, luck, personality, and even love. You can learn some more interesting facts about the characteristics of blood group O through the share below of Hello, Doctor.

1. Blood type is determined how?

Blood groups are classified based on the presence or absence of the antigens separately on the surface of red cells. Specific blood group will have antigen A, blood group B have antigen B, blood group AB will have both 2 types of antigens whereas blood group O was not there.

These antigens will stimulate the immune system to recognize the antigen when the disease is blood transfusion not compatible. This is why you need to understand the blood type of yourself to if need blood transfusion, this process will be take place safe.

2. Characteristics blood group O

There are 4 blood groups basic A, B, AB, O. Each type is divided into Rh+ and Rh-, corresponding to the protein Rh or not. Blood group O has no antigen A and B in the red cells, but has both antibody A and B in the blood plasma. This blood type also is blood group popular in the world with around 37 – 53% of the population belonging to different races have this blood group.

3. Blood professional for

Blood group O+ can transmit for all 4 groups, but only the infusion is for the type of blood protein Rh (O+, A +, B+, AB+), whereas blood group O – can be transmitted for every blood type by blood group has no antigen A, B and Rh should not be the immune system of the recipient attacks. Therefore, blood group O is the blood type is often transmitted in the case of an emergency, even when not know the blood group patients. In addition, this is also considered blood safest to transmission to the infant inherent immune system is not yet complete.

4. People with blood group O can only receive blood from people with the same blood group

People with blood group O+ can receive blood from people with blood group O+ and O-, while those with blood group O – can only receive from people with the same blood group O-. In emergencies when the blood group O – is deficiency, blood group O+ can be replaced.

5. Health risks for people with blood group O

According to scientists, the composition of the blood also affect the health. Although these effects are still being studied but there are also a number of theories given have been recognized. Scientists suggest that people with blood group O will be vulnerable to attack by these types of bacteria and viruses such as mumps, plague, cholera, tuberculosis, than those who wear the other blood groups.

In addition, a number of studies also said that people bearing this blood group will have risk of gastric and duodenal ulcers, 35% higher than those with blood group A, B and AB.

6. A number of health benefits

Those who carry blood group O are at risk of coronary heart disease lower than those with blood group A, B and AB. Not only that, the research also showed that those belonging to the other blood groups will have a risk of pancreatic cancer, more than 25% compared with those who have blood group O.

Yet, people with blood group O are at risk to diseases of the circulatory system, and cognitive disorders lower. However, even so, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still very important in the prevention of disease whether you belong to the blood group any more.

7. People with blood group O can need a special diet?

Today, on the media spread quite a lot of information about the diet suitable for each blood group to enhance health. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to prove this. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that you only follow a diet consistent with health instead of follow diet matching blood group.

8. Blood type O personality affects how?

The influence of blood type to personality is still the problem should be studied in more depth. However, in a number of countries, especially Japan, still has a number of interesting perspectives about this. Tv programs, newspapers and magazines in this country even posted the personality test according to blood group and compare the compatibility of the love between the blood group. The Japanese believe that people with this blood group are those who are generous, passionate, sociable and very successful financially. Not only that, people bearing this blood group is also very suitable for the coast, with those who carry the blood group A.

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