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7 use of fulvic acid that you might not know

Not less expert reviews fulvic acid acts as a nutritional supplement useful. You can absorb this compound when in contact with the soil.

Humic substances in soil and sediment is divided into two main groups, including humic acid and fulvic acid. In the past decade, many scientists discovered the humic substances contained in dust and dirt, particularly fulvic acid, can actually improve the intestinal health in humans. In the past, people often absorb the amount of this organic from the soil. However, today, you can already use it through food supplements.

In addition, with respect to human health, fulvic acid also works to support you absorb and use the other nutrients better, such as:

  • Probiotics
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals
  • Electrolytes

Besides the ability to support the body absorb the potent antioxidant characteristics, molecular structure of fulvic acid help active substance has the additional ability to resist the damage due to free radicals cause. So, today, types of active ingredients this organic has become more popular in many medical methods, including:

  • Slow down the aging process
  • Improve digestive health
  • Protect brain function

So, more specifically, fulvic acid works to improve the physical status of the user? Let Hello Doctor read through the article below.

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The mechanism of action of fulvic acid

The unique thing about fulvic acid comparison with other creatures as well as other compounds found in the soil is the ability to move through the cell membrane easily. This helps active ingredients be absorbed by the body properly. Then, it will start to work to strengthen the ability to absorb and metabolize other nutrients of the body.

In addition, fulvic acid also acts as a substance transport ion, from which the support cells absorb minerals and eliminate waste quickly. Not only that, this active ingredient also has the ability to activate the immune system to protect the body before the microorganism (infections) such as bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In practices, fulvic acid can also be applied at cultivation. The effect of this substance is to improve the ability of plant growth due to increased permeability of the membrane plant, thereby increasing the amount of nutrients absorbed from the soil.

7 benefits of fulvic acid: you might not know

Fulvic acid is found in nature, as products of the metabolism of microorganisms. This means that compounds on synthesized when organic matter decaying plants and millions of bacteria that are beneficial for health be freed. That is also the reason why fulvic acid has some uses as follows:

1. Improve intestinal health and immune function

Thanks to fulvic acid, many nutrients that help improve intestinal health which are absorbed and used better, including:

  • Trace minerals
  • Electrolytes
  • Beneficial fatty acids
  • Silica with the ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen
  • Prebiotics (nutrients for intestinal bacteria) and probiotics

These compounds help to nourish the digestive tract, while also strengthening the fertility of beneficial bacteria, thereby forming environment, intestinal bacteria beneficial to humans. Anyone need a digestive system works effectively to:

  • Build immunity
  • Process control hormone production
  • Regulate the appetite
  • Reduce the stress response

In addition, a number of studies also showed that consumption of fulvic acid can help you relieve digestive disorders and other related problems, for example:

  • Intestinal bacteria grow out of control (SIBO)
  • Of inflammatory bowel disorder
  • Respiratory infections or urinary tract
  • Flu or the common cold

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2. Help enhance digestion and nutrient absorption

Electrolytes with trace minerals and other important roles with respect to:

  • The process of metabolism
  • Digestive health
  • Absorb nutrients

With the presence of fulvic acid, the body almost always get enough of the active ingredient on. In addition, the type of organic acids also support significantly improved the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, relieved many digestive problems like:

  • Constipation
  • Bloating flatulence
  • Diarrhea

Added to that, active substances coming from earth and also efficient transportation of minerals as well as nutrients to each cell. The ability to penetrates easily through the cell membrane help accelerate absorption the nutrition of the body.

Another benefit of fulvic acid is to restore the optimal pH of the body. By the way, alkaline the body and prevent environment, the acidity is too high formation, types of organic acid, this can prevent many disease progresses. At the same time, it also improves the ability to protect against bacteria, fungi, yeast, as well as other creatures.

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3. Protection awareness

According to a study in 2011 published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, thanks to antioxidant properties, strong acid, fulvic acid can become the embodiment potential for the prevention of diseases related to cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s.

Two factors contribute to the progression of cognitive disorders include:

  • Damage by free radicals caused
  • Protein Tau (proteins that stabilize microtubules)

Some experts said that fulvic acid can change morphology, micro fibers of Tau protein by “cutting” them. At this time, the performance of this type of protein this particular decline leads to the disease state difficult to develop more.

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4. Enhance the ability to detoxification of the body

The molecular structure of fulvic acid is the polymer chain contains the aromatic ring with multiple carboxyl group can release hydrogen ions. Thanks to the characteristic structure, thus, this organic compound is also capable of toxic waste, by creating electrical charge attracts free radicals, heavy metals as well as the other toxins in the body. Metal after the reaction with acid will be the compound salt which dissolves in water. This means that you can easily excrete them through the urine or sweat.

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5. Reduces inflammation and lesions caused by free radicals

The existence of free radicals within the body is essential, because they are responsible for:

  • Deal germs
  • Power supply
  • Adjust hormone

However, the flip side of free radicals that accelerate the speed of the aging process, to create conditions for a number of pathologies arise. A number of factors related to lifestyle risk level increases damage by free radicals triggers, such as:

  • Often exposed to physical or environmental pollution
  • Poor nutrition
  • Some bad habits include:
    • Smoking
    • Direct contact with ultraviolet rays (UV) from sunlight
    • Regular use frozen food or processed

With the ability to support absorption and use of antioxidants, fulvic acid contributed to the segment against the negative impact of free radicals as well as detoxifying the body. In addition, the types of organic acids will also help prolong the life as well as permeability of cells by providing a large amount of electrolytes useful for many organs such as the heart, muscles, brain, digestive system…

6. Improve energy levels and relieve pain

Some people said that the after absorbs fulvic acid, the body they can manifest increase in energy. This can be derived from the benefits of this active ingredient bring, including:

  • Enhance the excretion of toxins of the body
  • Remission and degree of inflammation
  • Limit the damage due to free radicals
  • Provides more electrolytes, as well as the other nutrients for cells

So, for some experts, fulvic acid relatively useful in reducing neuropathic pain, chronic headache, joint pain caused by arthritis or bone pain and body related to aging. In addition, there is also some evidence that the existence of organic compounds this also helps to reduce swelling, reduce inflammation, soothe and relax muscles, improve blood circulation.

7. Heal and protect the skin

Two other possibilities of this type of compound comes from the soil and sediment has been recognized as:

  • Support protect the skin
  • Wound healing or irritation arising from eczema, insect bites, scratches or rashes caused by fungi or bacteria

A study published in the Research Journal clinical dermatology and cosmetics, the ability to improve the symptoms related to eczema of fulvic acid are comparable to the method of medical treatment.

In the past, this compound has been used as medication for rash to help treat the condition viral infection, bites of spiders and foot injuries in athletes. However, currently, this app is not yet enough convincing evidence to be published as well as widely applied in practice.

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