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7 things you should remember to avoid the consequences of traffic accidents

Consequences of traffic accident can cause you to fear when reading the news on social networks or relatives met with an accident. With the real state many people fast overtaking the current, how to you can ensure safety for yourself?

The vehicles, however, convenient but also very dangerous because of the risk of traffic accidents can happen at any time. To avoid the consequences of traffic accidents, you not only obey rules of the road but also must know how to handle dangerous situations. Please note 7 following important things, you will ensure safety for themselves and go along yourself.

1. Stay focused while driving

While driving, you should only focus your eyes on the road and not perform any other action. Consequences when you don’t focus when driving can is fall car due to the obstructions on the road, hit with other car could not stop when needed…

You should avoid letting yourself be distracted when driving because things like spotting a clothes shop side of the road, talking with the person sitting or after eating.

2. Stop the car when the phone

You should not use the phone are driving though with any reason because your phone will cause you to neglect work driving. Whether talking on the phone or listen to music, you will also lose focus when driving and prone to traffic accidents. Moreover, if wearing headphones to talking on the phone or listen to music, you will not be able to hear sirens from the other cars and couldn’t dodge the car.

To avoid the consequences of traffic accidents, please turn off your phone before you start driving to avoid the phone ring while driving and cause distraction.

If you need to call or the road, please pull over the car then use your phone. At the same time, let’s you limit the maximum listening to music while driving.

3. Do not drive when drinking alcohol

After drinking beer, driving skills, your car will not be as when awake, because the ability to judge the situation on the roads decline and vision is also weakened. You vulnerable to traffic accidents because of no visible obstructions on the road, difficulty keeping balance, or not awake enough to adhere to traffic laws.

In addition to the consequences of traffic accidents, you will also have to close some fines pretty big if police detected alcohol concentration in your breath.

If you drink beer, you should choose another alternative for about the like take a taxi or go by car a person awake.

4. Adhere to the speed limit allows

When driving too fast, you increase the risk of having traffic accidents because cars are going with fast speed are difficult to stop abruptly. The consequences of traffic accidents when speeding is injuries do not avoid the obstacle as suddenly as passers-by, dogs and cats or another vehicle from the alley ran out. In addition, you also easy to fall car due to wheel slip when driving fast.

Each road has a speed limit given, so you need to observe the signs for traffic to know this limit.

To ensure safety, you should be running with a velocity of about 30 – 35km/h in the residential area.

5. Avoid the construction work was in process

These works are public or bunkers can cause vision is restricted and you will be hard to judge these situations happen on the road. For example, you will hardly feel the potholes on the road or the car go in the opposite direction to timely avoid. In addition, you can also hurt or a flat tire due to screw or ground stone from the fall out.

Sometimes, you may need to change your way to work or school every day if the old road has construction work was in process.

If not, avoid the the site, you go real slow where there are works to promptly stop when there are obstacles I did not see before.

6. Strictly adhere to traffic laws

In addition to the speed limit, you also need to comply with the law other traffic to avoid an accident is not worth having. These rules include stop lamp red, right bar, do not run the opposite direction, wearing a helmet… the consequences of traffic accidents when you break the law may be broken limbs, or even traumatic brain injury.

Spirit strictly adhere to traffic laws not only help you avoid trouble with the police but also ensure safety for yourself. So, you need a helmet, run the right lane, obey traffic light signals…

Even when you comply with the law traffic is still at risk for accidents because encounter people going the wrong law. You should look around to be able to promptly handle.

7. Stay away from the driver reckless driving

There will be times when you encounter a number of drivers run red lights, zigzagging, or spend the road while in traffic. The driver this can hit and make you fall car or injured. To avoid the consequences of traffic accidents due to the drivers careless, you let’s drive slow down, pull over the right sideline and let them pass in front. The more you stay away from those who drive carelessly, it will be safe.

If you clash to driver reckless driving which to blame yourself, keep calm and quickly leave that place as soon as possible.

If note the important things on here, you can minimize the risk of experiencing the consequences of traffic accidents. Not only to ensure safety for themselves, consciously drive carefully also helps people to join the same traffic you peace of mind over again?!

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