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7 things you can do when The Earth Hour

You don’t know what I should do to The Earth Hour in a fun way? If you turn off the device power, you can spend time relaxing and enjoy life closer to nature than that!

Earth hour is an international event by the international Fund for The protection of Nature (World Wildlife Fund) launched and falling on a Saturday end of month 3 every year. On this day, people often turn off every electrical device in the house within an hour from 20: 30 to 21: 30, to save energy and reduce environmental emissions.

Although the event in response to Earth Hour requires you to turn off the lights but this time around not boring as many people think. You let Hello Doctor find out what activities are fun and healthy that you can do within an hour turn off the lights this way.

1. Turn off lights and electrical devices

Turn off lights and electrical equipment is not required is the first thing you need to do if you want to enjoy The Earth Hour. Action this little will create a positive effect on the status of climate change today, from that help you have a better living environment.

However, turn off the power in a sharing reduce the power consumption greatly, but also can affect normal activities if you do not prepare in advance. You make dinner soon, complete unfinished work, do all the chores like laundry or vacuuming ago 20h30 to can safely turn off electricity in the house.

2. Enjoy the beauty of nature

After a week full of deadline close button and the emergency work, you often forget she also needs time to relax and enjoy life. Moreover, the technology equipment around also makes you hard to relax when constantly have to get the message about the work.

Earth hour is an opportunity for you to take your laptop or your phone over the side to escape work and spend time gazing at the natural beauty around. You can walk around the city or simply out in the garden watching the moon, stars and breathe in the fresh air.

3. Lit up the candle light shimmering

If you have to turn off the lights, you can light a candle or oil lamp to have light, sparkling and fanciful in the house. To space more interesting, you invite your friends or relatives come to together telling ghost stories, playing games or chatting by candlelight.

You can also use a candle to cook a pot of tea or a delicious dish to enjoy. A simple change in habits, such as using candles instead of lights can help you reduce stress is good.

4. Practice night photography

If you have a camera, then Earth Hour is when you test the ability to take pictures in the dark of the machine. Please prepare the camera and try to explore the scenery outside the window his room, you know, will there be a photo of art to show off to your friends!

If no camera, you can also improve your photography skills night of his phone by taking a picture, moon, stars or the surrounding nature.

5. Strength training

You take advantage one hour turn off the lights to perform fitness plans are cherished for a long time but haven’t done it because too busy. There are many ways just physical training to just enjoy The Earth Hour, you can choose, such as yoga, jogging or practice some exercise in the evening.

You can find out more a number of evening exercise at post: evening Exercise: 15 minutes helps you sleep better.

6. A good night’s

Earth hour falls on Saturday evening, one evening last week very suitable for you to enjoy life after a tiring week. So, you take care of yourself by going to bed early. This not only helps you compensate for the evening lack of sleep during the week but also for you a refreshing mood over the next morning.

7. Enjoy it

If you already have his other half then why not the same person in response to Earth Hour by her in the candle light? Both can try the sex help couple easy sublimation together. This will be an interesting change in living habits and two you will have unforgettable memories.

The small changes you create in Earth Hour not only reduce the burden on the environment but also inspire those around to live more green. This inspiration not only wrapped up in an hour off the power, but also including the action to protect the environment every day as do not litter, reduce the use plastic or recycling those everyday items too.

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