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7 sounds, you should note when caring for the body

Sob, legs, or the strange sound appears in the ear may just be the normal signs not too disturbing. But, sometimes these sounds can alert you should adjust the way body care, you know!

You can detect the disease through the skin, condition nails pins, nails, urine… Not only that, if to italy, you will notice the body also has the ability to alert the health problems by emitting the characteristic sound. Let Hello Doctor learn the 7 body sound emitted below in order to timely prevent the more serious problems okay.

1. Screech through my ears

This sound may appear after a long day, when you lay back down on the bed and suddenly heard a loud hissing strange to go through the ear. Hiss usually is caused by blood going through the jugular and carotid artery located behind the ear.

You will get this sound when there is something like a pillow to block noise from the outside into the ear. However, if you hear audio appears in the daytime, it may be due to allergy or infection. The eustachian tube linking the nose and throat with the middle ear if the blockage is considered to be the cause blocked sounds from outside.

Symptoms hear the hiss through the headphones will usually disappear, but you still used to be ear drops to reduce the feeling of congestion discomfort.

2. Voice, wheezing when you cough

Symptoms coughing, wheezing is often a sign of asthma. The allergen is also one of the causes inflammation of the airway, do tighten the muscles and cause you to have breathing problems. At this point, you should soon see a doctor to be intervention, timely treatment of complications related.

Case you cough lasts more than 4 weeks or cough wake up at night, it is often a sign of asthma or acid reflux. Please timely seek to body care, to prevent coughing, wheezing progressing heavier.

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3. English d f in the belly

The sound emitted from the abdomen is due to air, food and liquid move in the process of contraction of the smooth muscles around the digestive tube. Normally, food will make bumpers reduce noise in the stomach but when stomach is empty, you will hear belly that cries more clearly.

If the stomach empty for a long time, the muscles of the stomach continued contraction stronger than the first. Meanwhile, a lot of gas and food has digested will be compacted down gastric emptying, making you more and hear loud cries.

Phenomenon belly call is the way to body to cleanse itself and get rid of excess food or bacteria out. This process usually lasts about 10 – 20 minutes and repeated after two hours until the stomach is loaded food.

4. English record a cracking in the neck

Don’t worry, because the audio sounded like a crack coming from your neck. The neck consists of many joints connected with each other. Each joints are filled with fluid and surrounded by a membrane the synovium.

Action bend the neck will stretch the membrane, including synovial fluid, reduces the pressure on the synovial fluid and forms gas. English fracture that you hear is when the gas pops out of the joint fluid. This condition is not dangerous but you should go to the doctor if you feel pain, especially when the pain spreads down an arm. This can trigger the affected nerve root, which changes the pressure of the nerve roots and cause pain throughout the limb.

If cry record a cracking in the neck accompanied with pain spreading down one side, then it proves that the nerve roots were affected. You should soon find how to take care of the body to rest and eliminate the feeling of aches discomfort.

5. English record department when the shoulder moves

If with hands up cabinets that hear the loud cries emitted in the shoulder, the more likely is due to your arthritic shoulder. Movements on high repeat as often as cleanup on a high shelf can lead to inflammation in the synovial bags between the ribbed tube and rotate the top shoulder blade, causing record bureau that you hear.

English record department at the shoulder, this will normally disappear. However, if you feel the sound still comes feeling intense pain then that is a sign of a tear in the cartilage along the loaf pan in the shoulder joint. In this case, you should go to your doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

Audio record department of out in the shoulder when you make the move raised himself, but if still prolonged then can signal a tear in the cartilage along the loaf pan in the joint shoulder.

6. Sob long

Phenomenon hiccup occurs when there is too much air in the mouth spills over into the larynx, causing vocal cords close suddenly in a few seconds with strong intensity. A number of factors often leads to the hiccup comes from the way body care, about face eat drink have problems such as eat more spicy food, hot beverage drinking has many gas,… status, mental stress, laughing too much or strong emotions also can cause you to be hiccup.

Typically, the stock hiccups are harmless and will go away after a few short minutes. You try holding a mouthful of water, bend over and swallow sips of water into the throat backwards from the bottom up to reduce hiccups effective.

If you see the hiccups last too long, then you should check back how to take care of the body daily and to the hospital to see if I’m suffering from hiccups chronic or other health problems, other not.

7. The gnashing of teeth kin kitts

The habit of grinding his teeth too much as sleep do affect the aesthetics of teeth. Then, you will see the enamel layer gradually lost, and to expose the layer of dentin, making teeth look yellow, more susceptible to sensitivity, shaken, even broken teeth.

Teeth grinding can stem from factors related to emotions such as anxiety, stress, anger, frustration, stress… A number of drugs psychiatric treatment as antidepressants also can cause side effects lead to symptoms teeth grinding while sleeping.

If you often suffer from teeth grinding, you just put a bit of sugar before bedtime to help remedy this situation. Don’t forget to listen to music, warm bath or exercise care of the body to relax and reduce the risk of teeth grinding during sleep.

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In many cases, the sounds of the body are normal but sometimes can also be warning signs you are having serious problems should not be ignored. Be early to the doctor for tests and treatment to take care of his body better you!

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