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7 self defence martial arts, simple help you get rid of love green whiskers

The survey found that those who suffer harassment from verbal rudeness to acts of rape in Vietnam can be up to 87%. Therefore, you need available in the world of martial arts self-defense necessary to protect themselves anytime, anywhere.

Surely you’ve ever felt not easy in the slightest when have to walk alone at night, especially you as the weaker sex. When intuition have people who are tracking, you need to apply the skills of self-defense necessary to avoid being attacked. When he, sometimes you need to use the self defence martial arts to protect yourself.

Many surveys show that about 35% of women in the world ever is sexual harassment under the different forms. In particular, in Vietnam this number can be up to 87%.

If previously learned the martial arts, self-defense, you will feel more confident at the same time have safety strategy for themselves. For many cases, you just need to run. However, if there is no time to run away, you had to resort to the skills of self-defense to save myself. Let’s look at the self defence martial arts, top that you should keep in mind to avoid the case, the risks do not desire it.

1. Fruit punch key

Self defence martial arts, use car key is one of the easy and common to protect yourself. The key will become weapons of self-defense useful when you clutched in his hand. You should not use the nails because it makes your hand hurt. In addition, you can also tie the key on a cord as shoe laces to make weapons.

How to perform self defence martial arts kick punch key

– When performing self defence martial arts, the fist key, you let the key into the slot between the fingers, and attack enemy by punch to the face. How to hold hands correctly is should not be to the thumb is located in the index finger because there will be high risk of fracture. Let the thumb on the index finger and middle finger. You will get punch force, the most powerful if you practice correct posture this.

– With lanyard key hold halter top with clip fastening key is down. You see it as the hammer with the hammer-head is the key. Raise your hands up high and directed at bad guys to beat down strong.

When feeling insecure, you need sure to hold the key in hand and using the fist key to attack opposite the name love the green whiskers.

2. Attack on groin

If lovely beard green for the first online interface, you can apply self defence martial arts strikes into the groin of the opponent. This will cause the bad guys pain, paralysis and then you can try to escape real fast. This technique is effective at any distance, makes the attacker fall and is one of the self defence martial arts are popular all over.

How to perform self defence martial arts strike to the groin

– When performing martial arts, self-defense, the most important thing is that you need to keep your balance with both hands in defensive posture, i.e., bent elbows with hands in front.

– Dang legs and keep your feet always lie on a diagonal, similar to the standing posture in martial arts. Self defence martial arts, this will help you reduce the likelihood of being knocked or pushed.

– For a distance of one arm, use the feet or legs, a hard kick up the groin of the opponent. However, if the enemy gets too close, then use the legs to lift high knee strike strong into the genitals of the enemy.

If you near name bluebeard then use the knee. If in the a arm, you can use the foot or lower leg to strike the groin enemy.

3. Attack with the palm of the hand

Self defence martial arts, this can cause injury to the nose or throat of the enemy. To perform, stand in front of your attacker as close as possible.

How to perform self defence martial arts attack with the palm of the hand

– To hand pros, you will slightly bend the wrist. To perform martial arts, self-defense this, you need to remember two positions need to be crazy, backwards to the is the nostrils and neck of name love the green whiskers.

– Action strong, definitive by pushing the palm of the hand, crazy backwards in the name metamorphosis, and then quickly withdraw the hand about to he is staggered, disoriented. Then, you go quickly fled the scene to call for help.

In the martial arts, self-defense, then the way curved wrists to cock backwards from the bottom up the nose for the palm have hit rate and the ability to hurt your opponent quite high.

4. Attack with the elbow

If your attacker is in close range and you can’t have enough power to throw a punch or kick, then you should use elbows instead of the self defence martial arts, other basic.

How to perform self defence martial arts attack equal elbow

– When performing martial arts, self-defense, this let’s you keep the body balance with the supporting leg firmly to ensure a powerful blow.

– Then, you use elbows, fastest and most powerful possible, banging on the throat or nose of him. Let’s run fast to get away while this person was still trying to breathe normal again after blow your.

Case guys love the green whiskers attack in the rear, then you also apply the gave this in turn can turn people off to the rear to create momentum for the elbow stronger.

In case your attacker comes from behind, you just lift the elbows up and move out and perform martial arts, self-defense with a power aimed at the attacker.

5. Escape while clutching the rear

For the case of attackers coming from behind, you will want to use this technique. Focus on the lower body and create space to release yourself.

How to perform martial arts, self-defense when attacked from behind

– When performing self defence martial arts, this you bend forward from the lumbar part of you. This changes the weight of you makes the enemy difficult to hold you over.

– Use the elbow from side to side of the attacker.

– When he, the bad guy will be pain, and let go. So you can turn around completely. Please apply more action, attack the groin to the enemy, knock people down, then you will have time to escape.

When your opponent hugs from rear, but can still comfortably use it, please use the uppercut elbow to hurt the enemy, help him let loose hands are hugging you.

6. Escape when the arm trapped

If the attacker comes from behind and locked hands, you will not move as freely as when just hugging you from behind. At that time, you need to find a way to arm be free.

How to perform self defence martial arts, when the arm trapped

– First, you should prevent he move the hand higher up into pieces martial arts head lock. Tilt the hips to one side and used a hand to groin opponent.

– Put your hands on your chest and use the hand to lift the elbow of the enemy up then squeeze through to escape from the arms of him.

– Use leg kicks in a row into the groin as well as face of the enemy to zap him and quickly escape.

When you are attacked from behind but can’t use the self defence martial arts, other, such as using the elbow to strike, then let’s tilt the hips to use a hand sharply into the groin of the opponent.

7. Escape from when locked the head a side

When attackers lock your hands around your head from one side, the first instinct of you is to avoid choking. This is a necessary survival skill because if you don’t act quickly, you will hardly control back with the enemy.

How to perform self defence martial arts, when locked the head a side

– With hand any of you further, then let’s use it to hit in the groin for the slap shot by hand until you can afford to spin out when the enemy let loose the hand.

– When is no longer connected apart from the rear, use feet strong kick in the leg enemy, causing him to knock the legs down so you have enough time to flee.

You should always remember the self defence martial arts to create a sharp and fast as possible into the weak position points on the body bad guys. That is the position as the eyes, nose, diphtheria, lowering the joint above and the joint below the knee.

If you can avoid an altercation, you should find a way to run or call for help from others. However, for the case of force majeure, then you need to fight back. In particular, women back as need memorized the self defence martial arts, this simple to be able to escape when the unexpected becomes the attack target of your beard green.

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