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7 rumors you should not believe when sunbathing

You said that people with dark skin color don’t need to apply sunscreen? This is one of the rumors that you are at risk for cancer of the skin when sunbathing it!

Summer with the warm sun rays can be ideal time for many people sun bathing, make the skin becomes dark brown, healthy and full of personality. You can hear a lot of rumors deviations revolve around story solarium staining of the skin, or simply want to supplement vitamin D for the body.

Fact, you don’t necessarily have to sunbathe new have healthy, beautiful skin as desired. Let Hello Doctor read the rumors wrong that you should know to avoid self-damage skin when sunbathing it!

1. You need to sunbathe to get vitamin D

Maybe you’ve heard that sunbathing is a useful and necessary to absorb vitamin D. However, this is not the only way to your supplement this vitamin. You can supplement vitamin D through diet or supplements reasonable but not necessarily sun exposure so much because of the risk of harm to the skin.

You can ruin the skin, increasing the risk of skin cancer as well as signs of aging just because listening to rumors to new solarium has enough vitamin D needed.

2. Tanned skin, new healthy

There are quite a lot of people believe that they need to own a tanned skin to avoid skin condition sunburn as well as harm about other skin such as acne. Especially in the summer vacation on the beach, sunshine and wind like this, people test different bath to owned, ebony, strong and healthy. However, this is not true.

Tanned skin itself has shown that the skin you are devastated. After that, the skin is distribute the pigment melanin to the cells on the surface of the skin to protect. Not only that, you also have the risk of DNA mutations while sunbathing.

If exposed to direct sunlight too much then your skin not only darkening go, but also thicken and have the risk of grainy, quickly aging.

3. Ebony don’t need to use sunscreen

Those who have white skin are often very important to use sunscreen because they are afraid of being black. However, there is a big misunderstanding for those who have dark skin color when they think they don’t need to use sunscreen. They argue that because have brown skin, so no sunscreen is also.

Fact, although melanin is added in darker skin that can bring better protection, but it does not stop all uv radiation is harmful.

You can get cancer and skin aging if not used to sunscreen. Own brown skin does not mean that you can sunbathe without any protection whatsoever.

4. Sunbathing is the only way to have brown skin

There are many who feel they will become healthy and more attractive with a skin darker in color, healthy shine. However, you do not need to put yourself into the risk of skin cancer just to have brown skin like the Italian. Sunbathing is not the only way to have brown skin personality.

Can you dye brown hair to possess skin tones as you want instead of sunbathing too much damage to the skin.

You can learn more: Dye, brown safe at home.

5. Only UVB rays are harmful

The sun has two types of UV rays are UVA and UVB. Many people mistakenly think only UVB rays are harmful because they relate to the condition of sunburn or even skin cancer.

However, UVA rays can be considered the “silent killer” because unlike UVB rays, you do not feel the effects of it. Actually, UVA are devastating on every floor of the skin silently. This is the leading cause lead to wrinkles and increase the risk causing skin cancer.

If you think that tanning beds mainly depends on the UVA-rays should be safer than sunbathing outdoors, then you understand wrong. Sun beds can be dangerous that is banned in some countries. In the U.s., have to 6,200 cases of melanoma each year related to solarium in the house.

The sun emits two types of ultraviolet rays which are UVA and UVB, both of which destroy skin if the skin lacks protection.

6. Skin cancer is not serious

Many people believe that skin cancer is not serious problem, for example, simply small scars on the face. However, skin cancer to cause serious effects than you think.

According to statistics, then 1/5 Americans suffer from skin cancer and not all are able to live healthy. In particular, there are figures also showed an average people die from skin cancer every hour in the United States.

Fact, there have been many people die from skin cancer. This also is the type most common cancer that you are at risk must when sunbathing.

7. Solarium safe if not burn in the sun

This case is not really clear, however, any tanned skin in a way also can cause you to have problems not good for the skin.

Sunburn acute very painful and also can increase the risk of melanoma. Sunbathing can increase the risk of skin aging and cancer. Many people ignore the effects that because they can’t see the signs now.

There are no health benefits when you bath to dye the skin. If you really want to have tanned skin then you can use the cream for tanning.

Sunbathing is not the right way not only black but also caused a lot of bad effects for health, such as burn the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. You need to carefully consider the time of sun bathing, safe and good for health. At the same time, you should be careful with the rumors wrong when sunbathing to protect the health and skin beauty, please.

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