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7 reasons why you should not catch the disease, according to “doctor Google”

You often ask “doctor Google” because not waiting in line or spending any a cost to health advice. However, this doctor also can diagnosis wrong makes you bewildered or treatment is not effective.

Have you ever hesitate east clinic, to pay for too expensive or the process medical trouble should be had thanks to doctor Google diagnosis help? This may cause you to catch the disease and buy the drug wrong, even harm themselves without even knowing it!

1. Doctor Google have the diagnosis scary

When thanks to doctor Google getting sick, you can get the diagnosis very scary even though only a symptoms small. A cough can also be signs that you are suffering from inflammation of the lungs. A headache can also be due to you suffered from hypoparathyroidism, mumps or mass in the brain tumor. The diagnosis this will bring up the worry not worth having and that your spirit is crisis.

2. Website found on Google is not reputable

The quality and reliability of the website you found on Google is not always reliable. There are many sites giving health information only to have more readers and increase page views, rather than putting extreme accuracy of information. Even some of the pages also give information not clear origin and has not been proven.

To avoid the case read to the site isn’t reputable, you should consult health information in the English page or English can the hon.

The hon is certified by Health On the Net Foundation awarded to the website about health reputable, just take advice, not diagnosis instead of the doctor and there is obvious source of information.

About the hon this usually appears at the bottom of the medical website. A number of websites about health English are the hon, you can refer to as WebMD, Healthline, Mayoclinic…

Hello Doctor is one of the websites had the hon

3. You may be confused because of the mixed opinions

The Internet contains loads of mixed opinions about how health care, diagnosis or medication. So, when thanks to doctor Google getting the disease, you are easily overwhelmed by the dozens of tips in opposition to each other. So, you will become more confused and not able to find out how to care properly for themselves.

4. You can self-diagnose wrong for themselves

When checking his symptoms with dr. Google, you can get wrong results. The diagnosis process requires a lot of expertise and sometimes you have to do some tests as well as need to be tracked some time to get a proper diagnosis.

The habit of looking for information or do a number of tests according to doctor Google does not guarantee you a reliable diagnosis.

5. Doctor Google makes you delay medical examination

The symptoms reflected in your body are in place unwell and need care immediately. If the decision to believe in the diagnosis of the doctor Google you can will postpone the examination to find out the disease and get the appropriate care. Sometimes, this delay can cause illness turn to the serious stage and becomes difficult to cure.

6. Doctor Google give some wrong advice

When unwell, you will please listen to the advice not reasonable or the cure at home has no effect on the network. You might think that you can cure cancer with herbal tea or buy the drug is not fit to drink.

How self-healing at home can make you experience some of the side effects of the drug, or allergic to some herb, oil or food.

7. Doctor Google is not trained for medical

The doctor must undergo 5 – 7 years learning theory, just practice to be able to discover diseases and medication properly because medicine is a very difficult field and directly affect human lives. Doctor Google doesn’t have this knowledge base should be able to many mistakes when getting sick, and give advice on health care.

Patient with doctor Google, however, convenient and fast, but can not replace the diagnosis and only prescribed by your doctor orthodox. If too trust what you read on the internet, you can cure the wrong way or even harm the health of themselves.

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