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7 possible causes of why you suffer from edema feet

Edema legs caused you any inconvenience during the travel? You can suffer leg edema in an unusual way during pregnancy, drinking too much alcohol, or even the sign of many dangerous diseases.

There are many reasons why your legs are swelling unusual. Leg edema can be caused by factors such as surgery or pregnancy. Typically, this condition is only temporary and you need not so bother.

However, leg edema can cause you to feel not comfortable and annoying. In addition, this can also be a sign that you are suffering a dangerous disease which. Therefore, you need to find out the possible causes of why you suffer from edema feet. At the same time, you should take measures to reduce swelling to be able to more comfortable and continue daily activities offline.

1. Leg edema since pregnancy

Swelling edema during pregnancy, or also known as edema, which is caused by excess fluid spills into the tissues of your. This is a condition that occurs very common during pregnancy. Swelling can increase up to the end of the day or into the summer day. After birth is complete, this phenomenon will disappear automatically.

However, if pregnancy without foot swelling accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, urination, irregular, nausea, and headache, then you should go see now. If you see swelling, edema occurs in both the hands and face, most likely you are suffering from preeclampsia. This is the condition blood pressure to rise dangerous for both mother and child.

To relieve discomfort, you can try to massage the legs gently. In addition, you should drink plenty of water and have healthy diet, and should stroll regularly to the blood circulation steadily both feet instead of standing in one spot for too long.

2. Leg edema because of the hot sun

Foot swelling often occurs in hot weather is due to the your veins dilate as a part of the process of natural cooling of the body. Fluid goes into the tissues nearby as part of this process. However, sometimes your veins can’t carry blood to the heart. This leads to the accumulation of fluid in the ankles and feet.

You can reduce swelling by soaking the feet in cool water, drink plenty of water. In addition, you please wear comfortable shoes and rest with your feet elevated. If severe edema, you need to wear it pressed. Walking and other leg exercises simple also helpful for you.

3. Leg edema due to drinking alcohol

Drinking beer can cause you to swollen feet because your body retains more water after drinking. The usual phenomenon edema will disappear within a few days. However, if the swelling does not reduce down in this time then you should go to the clinic. In this case, it may be a sign of some problem with the liver, heart or kidneys, or simply are you drinking too much alcohol.

To treat foot swelling due to alcohol consumption, then you need to drink more water at the same time cut the amount of salt in the diet. You can rest with the legs being lifted high and soak your feet in cool water.

4. Leg edema due to lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition that occurs when the lymphatic system, especially lymph nodes in the pelvic is hurt, which affects the circulation of lymphatic fluid down the leg, foot. The condition lymphedema occurs with those who suffer from obesity, cancer. You can control this condition to reduce swelling and control pain. With regard to lymphedema is severe, then you may have to surgery.

You need to eat a healthy diet and take your medications as directed by your doctor. When the infection is hands, legs and feet, you should be treated as soon as possible. In some cases the need to use diuretics to reduce edema.

5. Leg edema due to injury

When you are injured at the legs, for example, such as fractures or sprains then the body will react by swelling, inflammation. Blood will be cornered at my feet to recover from his wounds. Depending on the severity of the injury, the doctor may suggest a pain medication no prescription or prescription. You may need to wear the brace. For severe cases may require surgery.

To remedy edema of the legs, you should rest and avoid pressure on the injury. You can also raise your feet up and cool compresses injured area to reduce pain, reduce swelling.

6. Leg edema for kidney disease

The kidneys have the task to balance the amount of fluid in the body remove excess fluid. When the kidneys are weakened, no longer functioning normally, the body will prone to water accumulation leads to the legs is edema. The following symptoms may also appear as difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, feeling tired and weak, difficulty sleeping…

The choice of treatment kidney disease can include smoking, high blood pressure, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering drugs… in Addition, kidney failure can be treated by kidney transplant or dialysis.

7. Leg edema due to liver disease

When suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, the liver may form scar tissue and limited blood flow into the liver causing increased blood pressure, swelling of the legs. Cirrhosis of the liver can also impact the production of the protein albumin, a contributing factor causing swelling of the legs. This may be due to hereditary factors cause. Viruses, alcohol and obesity have also been linked to liver damage.

Measures aimed at the treatment can be weight loss, abstain from alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer. In addition, you need to use the drug as directed by your doctor, even is to conduct the surgery.

Condition leg edema is not always worrying. However, understanding the cause of foot suffering from edema will make you feel more secure and can detect the other serious problem. Therefore, you should go to the doctor if you feel anything unusual, okay.

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