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7 mistakes when using the microwave which you don’t know

You usually keep the raw capacity, rarely toilet or place objects on the microwave? This can be the mistake when using the microwave cause you to accidentally damage things around and increase the risk of disease, you know!

The microwave of today has become great motivation for you when to the kitchen to defrost, reheat and food processing. However, as the widgets are no longer so strange but there are many mistakes when using the microwave you might not know about and easy to ignore.

If don’t know use the microwave properly, you will not be able to processing the food as desired, as well as no guarantee is lifetime for the oven. Let’s Hello, Doctor see if you can make the mistake when using the microwave not to overcome and find ways of optimal use of kitchen appliances this way.

1. Do not use microwave raw vegetables

May not know but you can totally use the microwave at home to processing the dishes from the simple to the complex with vegetables. Vegetables can retain nutrients most when exposed to temperature and amount of water at least.

If using the microwave steamed broccoli, you can help minimize the loss of vitamin C and anti-cancer glucosinolate compared to other methods.

You can give the broccoli to the bowl used in the microwave and add a little water. Let’s choose to use porcelain bowl or tray small porcelain are best to have a lid. With 450g broccoli (about a bong), you will need to add 2 – 3 tablespoons of water.

2. To many things up in the microwave

Case kitchen space limited, you will take advantage of the microwave as a table to to put the jars, spices, cups, plates, or even face-up that all the pot, pans, pots and pans… This is a habit that is extremely wrong because when in operation, the microwave will release the heat rays affect the objects around.

Important principles you need to remember is to keep the space above and around the microwave empty and ventilated.

If the space is too narrow and you are forced to leave, then remember to tidy them away when the begin to open the microwave. When you’ve finished, you wait until the microwave oven cool down completely then go to the back up.

3. Use the box contains plastic

Unless the plastic box your food have label “use is in the microwave”, you absolutely do not use plastic containers in order to in a microwave oven. Many of the chemicals in the container can be the cause of health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even infertility. The chemicals can be released into foods through cooking process.

You should choose the feed box made of glass or ceramics. These materials not only ensure safety in the microwave oven but also help you to increase your appetite.

4. Boil the water for too long

When you boil an amount of water less too long in the microwave can cause overheating. The water is over temperature, there are no signs of boiling, but will release heat if moved. When taken out of the oven, the liquid to shoot up and cause burns to your boiling water can shoot into the eye causing corneal burns and even blindness.

To ensure safety, you should limit do not boil water in the microwave, because you won’t know is that when liquid is boiling too heat. If in case you need boiling water that don’t have time to boil by the usual warm, you can still boil using the microwave, but an absolute must adhere to the following safety guidelines here:

  • Avoid boiling the water too long.
  • Use a wooden spoon in the glass to reduce the temperature of the liquid is heated.
  • To face stay away when carrying boiling water from the oven.

You can learn more: why you should not stand near the microwave oven is in operation?

5. Not cleaning the oven regularly

The crumbs leftover food can stick on the oven and become putrid, the production of harmful bacteria. These bacteria can spread to food and make you sick. In addition, dirt, food residues can also reduce the performance of the furnace, causing your microwave fast broken over.

You need the toilet in the microwave at least once each week and wipe the outside of the oven every two days.

Many people busy not washing regularly is also a common mistake when using the microwave. Even when looking at the microwave didn’t look at all dirty to me, you should still schedule a regular cleaning. You can use wet cloth wipe the oven from inside out to remove bacteria in the oven.

6. Hard-boiled eggs in the oven the wrong way

The egg is a special food because it is a protein liquid. When meet heat, the eggs will freeze the water block and heat power should cause an explosion, break the solid protein in the shell, making the egg explode spattering in the oven.

You can fix by giving the eggs into a bowl, used for microwave oven, pour the water submerged the eggs with 1/2 teaspoon salt, to high power for 10 minutes. When the oven is off, you bring the bowl the eggs out, take the eggs, remove to cold water and peeled as usual. Water and salt the outside will heat support cooked eggs more quickly, limiting the water vapor formed inside the egg.

7. Do not change the capacity of the oven

When using the oven, you can only use a power level common to apply for any type of food to be easy to manipulate. However, the change of the capacity of the furnace for each type of food will help you save time and retain the nutritional value of the dish. Here are a number of power levels suitable for each type of food that you should pay attention:

• Low power: used to defrost the food as light as cake, chocolate…

• Average power – low: used to defrost food, this capacity is designed to defrost evenly the food section.

• Average power: for the food that needs long cooking time even with how to cook the traditional stews. Long time, with the average capacity will help the food more tender.

• Medium capacity – high: use to cook the food, especially with long time as the meat, the fish… advantages is cooked evenly the surface of the food.

• High capacity: used for heating food with time as fast as water, rice, feed and processed.

The appropriate capacity will help the food reach the nine match, keeping the nutrients and taste delicious.

To processing is the delicious food and ensure nutrition in a microwave oven, you should carefully review the instructions for use for each type of microwave oven to be manipulated using the right. In addition, you should also pay attention to a few small tips during processing to use the microwave more efficient.

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