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7 important things about health that hands are want to talk with you

The world, every 10 people, 1 person ever experienced the feeling of numbness of the fingers or even arms. The condition is numbness of the hands can occur only temporary because you are too tired or could also be the signs of a health problem more serious.

Hello Doctor will help you learn more about the things that the body is trying to tell you through these signs, okay.

1. Tired and exhausted

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The expression: When you lift heavy objects or to the wrist in the posture is not comfortable, then pressure placed on the nerves located close to the surface of the skin increase. This leads to feelings of numbness on the surface of all the fingers.

What do you do? Make sure you get enough sleep and rest in moderation; you can also try hand massage.

2. Lack of vitamin

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The expression: The lack of some certain vitamins (such as vitamin E, B1, B6 and B12) can often cause feelings of numbness in the fingers of the left hand or left foot.

What do you do? Let’s find additional ways to add vitamins for the body. You refer to the opinion of experts to determine the right dosage that you need to supplement, because a number of vitamins will cause negative side effects if used too much.

3. Spinal injuries

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The expression: The problem of the spine can be manifested through little finger of the left hand. This is the consequence of placing too much pressure on the spine, this has caused great influence on the nerves.

What do you do? Stretch your back as often as possible; try to exercise yoga, fitness or swimming. You should also avoid sitting in one posture for too long.

4. Carpal tunnel syndrome

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The expression: carpal tunnel syndrome is often manifested through the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. From some of the certain action is repeated in the life and activities of you can make the tendons, hand swelling up, from which cause numbness of the hand.

What do you do? You should practice the simple exercises and stretch the joints often, this will help prevent the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

5. Problems in blood circulation

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The expression: you suffer from numb fingers on right hand may occur due to pressure on the nerve surface, or due to trauma in the hand joints and shoulder joints. Sharp pain in the right hand can also be signs of a number of cardiovascular diseases, these diseases affect the general flow of blood to the extremities.

What do you do? To improve the condition of the blood vessels in the extremities, you should practice the exercise gently or walk with moderate speed. If experiencing the more serious problems related to blood circulation, then you need to see the medical professional to be examined and treated promptly.

6. Buerger’s disease (Disease blockage of blood vessels)

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The expression: this Disease is mostly common in people who smoke. Blood flow is interrupted due to use and absorb nicotine continuously, thereby leading to the lack of minerals in the body. This disease will first cause numbness in the fingers, then spread to the entire arm.

What do you do? There is no way to complete cure this disease. But the sure you need to do is to quit harmful habits, especially smoking.

7. Diabetes mellitus

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The expression: A in the first sign of diabetes is feeling of numbness extending from arm to foot. This happens due to the reduced blood flow to some region given area of the body or due to damage to the nerve endings.

What do you do? Diabetes mellitus type 1 is treated by insulin injections. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is often related to diet is not healthy, so first of all, you should perform blood test and consult your doctor.

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