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7 habits not good for health in the bathroom

Regular bathroom hygiene is essential (will be even better if you use some hygiene products, bathroom safety), but you can inadvertently spread the bacteria around the house through some habits not good for health in the bathroom.

Charles Gerba, ph. d., microbiologist and professor at the University of Arizona said: “the bathroom is often considered the room contains many bacteria, most in the house. So, people usually pay attention to it most every time cleanup”.

“But the only clean toilet and hand sink is not enough,” he added, “Also need to scrub the walls around as well as hand hygiene after each use the bathroom”.

Some of the common errors that people encounter in the bathroom, which increases the risk of spreading bacteria is:

Mistake number 1: Use your phone in the toilet

Perhaps you already know one of the bad habits in the bathroom is using the phone. American actress, Gabrielle Union, acknowledged himself to have the habit of checking the app on your phone such as Twitter, Words With Friends while in the bathroom at the end of the day. So, the better off you should keep the bathroom into an area of “say no to phone”. Bacteria, or all the molecules are in the stool, can also be released into the air and linger on the surface of the phone, then spread out the area outside the bathroom.

Mistake number 2: hand Washing is not properly

Gerba said: “hand Washing is effective way and most economical way to avoid being infected with the disease and is the gold standard to remove bacteria on the hands”. However, if hand washing is not the right way, you can carry the bacteria in the bathroom out.

So wash your hands how is right? Need plenty of water and soap for at least 20 to 30 seconds. And don’t forget the toilet thoroughly under the nails, where potential bacteria no less.

Mistake number 3: Using soap

No one denies the popularity of the soap cake shape when you wash hands, but you should use milk or gel for washing hands. The reason is because the soap cake are easy to accumulate bacteria.

Gerba explains: “You hygiene a digital soap tray, and think that’s enough, the song itself new soap is the breeding place of bacteria”. In other words, when holding the bar of soap up, you have accidentally put the bacteria in contact with the hands instead of wash it.

Mistake # 4: Skip the hand sanitizer

Although not a substitute for hand washing, but if it is not “god time, right place”, you are required to use hand sanitizer (the type of solution hand hygiene do not rinse with water) instead. Gerba recommends that you should use this type of product can protect a maximum of 24 hours with each use.

Mistake number 5: general Use handkerchief

The paper towel disposable have the ability to control the spread of bacteria better hand towel fabrics used back. However, many people do not have the habit of using paper towels (not to mention, towel paper product is not environmental protection). If so, you need washing cloth handkerchief at least once a week (more often if you have young children).

There are a few public toilets are equipped with hand dryers, but this is not considered as hygienic. The study showed that the type of this dryer can disperse bacteria throughout the room, even on the hands just washed. So, you had better to antiseptic hands in your wallet at all times.

Mistake number 6: Open the toilet lid, then drain the water after using the toilet

This is the habit of damage that many people suffer. When flushing, the toilet will wash away all the “waste” that you just dealt with. However, along with the push the waste away, they also shoot into the air countless tiny particles of the waste – create a “rain of bacteria”.

With just one flush, bacteria can penetrate into the most remote corners in the bathroom as the floor, sink and even a toothbrush. Cover with a lid when flushing the toilet will significantly reduce the risk of bacteria from the toilet spread, and remember to wash your hands immediately after using the toilet or flushing the toilet.

Mistake number 7: Not cleaning toothbrush

You review brush his teeth away. The simple reason is toothbrush collecting bacteria from your mouth and if you not clean, then the toothbrush will become a repository of bacteria.

In addition to toothbrushes in the toilet will contribute to causing bacterial infections. Fecal bacteria can fly up, dispersed in the air and clung to the toothbrush. They can cause diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, such as diarrhea. Even use the lid to cover the toothbrush didn’t defend brush from bacteria but also create a favorable environment for them to grow.

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