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7 experience travel help you stay safe

There are days pressure, fatigue that makes you just want to pick up your backpack and go? Then you need to learn before the experience travel to be able to confidently experience, explore, and forget about the troubles, a way of wholeness.

One of the hobbies of today’s youth is trekking. Such trips can help you have a lot of experience as well as know more how to handle the unexpected situations in the process. Tuy course, you need to consult more experienced travel safe because even the travel professional is also easy to be careless, accidents happen unfortunately. Below are some of the experiences that you need to remember to ensure safety for yourself and the people around.

1. Learn the language where needed to

If you are planning to stay somewhere in the about long time, then learning the language of that place is extremely useful. Experience travel will help you confident and more comfortable when traveling abroad. Because, you don’t go in groups and don’t even have a tour guide along.

You don’t necessarily proficiency in languages was, however you need to explore the model commonly used sentences required. For example, ask for directions, how to order food in a restaurant, or sentence patterns in case of an emergency need to call for help.

Learning online on the net is by just quickly just cost savings but also effective if you want to prepare the capital in your native language necessary.

2. Understand all of the information points to

In the big city, you should know the safe areas and dangerous areas for tourists. There are a number of places prone to pickpockets, robbery that you need to stay away from. In particular, for those where there is the political situation unstable, then you should not have ventured to come to visit.

You can ask the staff, reception safe places to go shopping, walk around… Let’s choose the places where high security and low condition occurred, theft, robbery.

3. Minimalistic your luggage

You need a detailed list of the necessary supplies to carry on the road. Experience travel that many people adhere to that you can only bring essential things and most important, do not bring too many things cumbersome and bulky. You should only have your entire belongings in a backpack. Let’s remove what is not really need because if you wear too heavy will make you tired and affect health.

To luggage can be neat but full what is needed, then you should take the normal extract to hold toiletries as well as carry the instrument in the form of mini handy.

4. The travel necessary

Depending on the place to which you can strategy to remove the unnecessary things. Experience travel cold places such as Da Lat is need to bring warm clothes as well as scarves.

For car: You need to bring tool kit, replacement such as spark plugs, inner tubes,…

Personal items: clothing, a warm jacket, mask, scarf, gloves, rain coat, helmet, windshield, toiletries, devices contact. You should carry charger backup avoid running out of battery when on the road.

Medical instruments: Oil, wind, medication, insect bite, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, cotton tape. A number of drugs typically used as antibiotics, antipyretic, digestive enzymes…

Drinking water and te food: You should bring drinking water, dry food to fight hunger when not find is where to eat and drink. In addition, you can bring sleeping bags or tents if to the land of too few people or no motels, hotels.

You should only bring those items really necessary and compact. In addition, you need always carry identification and should photo to avoid the case of lost or misplaced luggage.

5. Experience travel when the weather is bad

When the hard or bad weather such as heavy rain, then you need to move with slow speed. If the rain is too big, then you have to shelter from rain, then go forward. When moving in the high mountains, then you need to issue landslide and attention, find a safe place to stop and review the situation then continue your journey.

In addition, if you go on the road there is thick fog, you must turn on the headlights or fog lights to signal for the car is inverted. Case, the sun was late at night then you should not go through the path desolate, deserted to avoid robbery.

Experience travel safety that you need to remember is not to go into the backcountry if it gets too late because very easy to encounter the bad objects attack as well as pay attention carefully when the weather is not favorable.

6. Divide the work when going in groups

The majority of the travelers often focus groups to have more fun. When she then you have to assign for each person in the group have roles and certain positions. If is the first time you go you should go in small groups of about 3 – 5 motorcycles to easy to control the number of members and should only go to the route near.

When going in groups, you learn enough about the places to eat, play, sleep, to outline the specific schedule and specify the time derived exactly, learn the stop and must always have a contingency plan for those unplanned incidents such as damaged car, it rained.

You need unity with all members of the delegation about the pace go safe for the whole group at the same time not be allowed to arbitrarily separate unions. You go in groups you need to control and take care of each other.

7. Schedule notice to relatives when traveling alone

Self travel and not depend on anyone, you always have more opportunities sightseeing in the most beautiful moment, again easy to adjust the schedule if necessary. However, you have to contrive things that no one supports.

To ensure not to encounter too many mishaps along the way, remember the basic rules like not to the deserted area at night, to send information about his journey to relatives or friends, carry the business card of the hotel or write down the address where you will stay.

The most important thing is to always leave the information for at least a loved one or friend know where you are going, what to do. If you get in trouble, they also can timely support.

Instead of travelling in groups with tour companies, maybe you like to travel to is the freedom to experience more. Remember the experience of travel to help you limit risks while traveling shape self-sufficient and no trade union guidance, okay.

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