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7 benefits when we hug each other

You know the hug set apart by the sense of expressing emotions, also is the natural tonic for the body? According to scientists, embracing not only help tighten the relationship, but also bring many benefits for health.

When feel excited or happy, sad, or want to comfort each other, the hug will help us to feel is to share, encourage and motivate. Hug also brings many unexpected benefits for health, help us live better and happier.

Let Hello Doctor learn the 7 benefits when we hug each other to share warm hugs to your loved ones, friends… more often than me.

1. Hugging helps to reduce stress

When relatives or friends are faced with difficulties in life, experiencing loss or pain, you just pat on and gently hold them to my bosom. The scientists said hugging each other, can help all people to hug and be hugged relieve stress.

In a study there are 20 couples participating, the entire number of men have to undergo an electric shock is very unpleasant. At the same time, the woman took him by the hand of man is her husband or her lover. Results the study showed that in women, the activity of these brain regions are related to stress signs of decline.

When we hug someone to motivate and comfort, these brain regions are related to the stress of the we will also be soothed.

2. Hugging each other dispel fear

Scientists discovered that the person or have feelings of inferiority will feel less anxious and less feel more isolated when someone is touching her. Research has also shown that even when hugging inanimate like a teddy bear will also reduce feelings of anxiety and fear significantly.

You can buy a pillow or teddy bear to hug to sleep when left alone. You will dispel the feelings of fear and loneliness in a gentle way.

For children, stuffed animals were a “friend” special that she can share everything, happiness and sadness. Many people come to adulthood still liked to play with stuffed animals because of the emotions adorable when he was little. This is the simple secret help soothe negative emotions when you have bad mood or feel tired.

3. Hug each other to avoid illness

Hugging helps to reduce stress and thus help us more healthy. Research results with the participation of 400 people mature suggests hugging can help reduce the risk of disease significantly. The participants of the study that in their daily life, get plenty of help often less sick than those who are less share and embrace.

At the same time, if you are in a state of illness which often give and get hugs from everyone, then your illness will likely progress in a positive direction over. Along with emotions, are comforted, you seem to also feel the pain also reduced slightly.

Hugging and kissing when being sick is a source of great encouragement to help patients overcome the pain that the disease is at cause.

4. Hug each other to strengthen cardiovascular health

In a study, scientists have classified 200 adults into 2 groups: one group will fist lover within 10 minutes, then hug each other for about 20 seconds, the group left, then just sat next lover and kept silent throughout the 10 minutes, 20 seconds there. As a result the group was holding hands and hugging each other take blood pressure and heart rate more stable than the rest.

How you can show love by hugs or holding hands will be very good for cardiovascular health.

5. Hug each other, bring more happiness than

When we hug each other, touch each other or just sitting near someone, the amount of the hormone oxytocin in our bodies will increase. Oxytocin, also called “hormone cuddly”, bringing feelings of happiness and help reduce stress.

Scientists have discovered that oxytocin has a very strong impact in women. Oxytocin helps reduce blood pressure and concentrations of hormones that cause stress named norepinephrine. A research indicated that oxytocin can exert the most effective in women who have a good relationship with your boyfriend or husband and when hugging newborn child into his heart.

The couple should hold each other to sleep more often to fostering love and enhances feeling for both.

6. Hugging can help relieve pain

Research shows we can see less pain than when exposed to someone with hugs. Accordingly, a group of people suffering from muscle pain fibrosis have to undergo 6 treatment in which the patient will be lightly touching the skin. The results showed that after 6 the data like so, the patient will see a decrease in pain and quality of life also gradually increased.

7. Hug each other to shorten the distance of communication

We still often communicate with each other by speech or facial expression. However, by the exposure on the body, you can send messages and signals to communicate in a way more sincere.

A stranger can show a lot more expressive with other people in the encounter by expressing sincerity through the hug. Body contact by hugging each other can reveal a myriad of feelings such as empathy, consolation, gratitude, happiness, sadness, and sympathy.

The scientists said we should hug each other as often as possible to share, motivate each other and strengthen health.

If you want to love myself and the people around as well as reduced stress, improved communication, healthier and happier, be awarded the warm hug to people you love. Hugging each other will spread inspiration and source of positive energy that helps your life and the people around are always full of fun!

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